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Build Your Own Mobile App for Free with Infinite Monkeys. Can Bibispy end loneliness? Lost over a foreign town Have you ever found yourself alone in a town, walking in the hills around the houses in the hopes of reaching a summit and being able to see the town in its entirety? This happened to me just a little while ago, and when I reached the scenic viewpoint, in the middle of an intense fog that barely let me make out the roofs of the houses I was overlooking, I felt at that moment lost in the most remote part of the world, in an environment that was not my own, far from everything, like a stranger.

Spying to get acquainted with and analyze people At that time, I felt rising up in me the desire to spy, with the help of the application Bibispy, on a random phone in this population that was unfamiliar to me. Of course, it was impossible since in order to be able to spy on a smartphone with the help of the Bibispy app, you need to have been able to install the program on the device beforehand. Looking for our motivations and putting them into practice.

A comic strip against geeks. Is this comic strip for or against geeks? I’ve never hidden the fact that I’m a fan of the comic strip for geeks, “The Joy of Tech“. The strip I’m touching on in this article today can be read freely at this address: and it left a mark on me for various reasons. First off, here’s an image of it: Artificial means of communication No need for Twitter or sending an email for someone’s birthday: why not quite simply go meet up with the person, kiss them or hug them, and tell just tell them that we love them? Certain people may miss the physical contact we lack nowadays, primarily those who enjoyed it in the old days and don’t have it anymore. The virtual is taking away human contact A program like Bibispy, a spy application for cellphones, may be one of those technological advances that turns against the very inventors of these technologies. Locate your beloved, even in Shanghai.

I have already mentioned my stay in China and my cottage getaway in a completely environmentally friendly, wooden cottage on the treetops. Last week, the end of my stay in France approached, since I left a few days later. Being in China, for a business trip, I was in the huge house of Johnnie Walker in Shanghai: a luxurious palace made of gilt and glass, where patrons come to enjoy Chinese whiskey and cognac, calmly.

The luxury of this house lies in its space: when all your life has been “small” or when you are constantly crowded into small apartments with your wife and children, you realize how much of a luxury, space is; a desired wealth. This palace is this kind of wealth: the huge wooden floors, windows where you can see your reflection, spacious rooms in which you sip your glass on a table for four. Alibaba Group Around me, the wealthy Chinese entrepreneurs. Me: a single European, white skin, far from wealthy. And yet, I had with me my smartphone in which I get internet. Shangai. 10 arguments put forth by those against giving cellphones to minors.

Do kids really need a cellphone? Several questions really underlie this debate: Is it best for kids to get used to new technologies, including new generation smartphones, in order to more easily keep up with the progression of society? Should we instead protect them from the concerns of adults and unnecessary stress?

Does it depend on the child, his progression, and his age? Here are the ten arguments put forth by those against giving cellphones to minors: 1. The top application to spy on a smartphone : — BIBIspy — Text messages, calls, GPS & more : safe cellphone monitoring. BibiSpy is an espionage software, but that doesn’t mean it is illegal. In this article, let’s take inventory of the different functions of the application “BibiSpy,” allowing total surveillance of a compatible cellphone or smartphone.

Photograph tracking I’m talking about the photos on the device; they can be backed up on a server that only you can access. URL tracking This is the internet browsing history done on the phone. As a reminder, BibiSpy works on smartphones that get internet. You’ll have a summary of all the sites the phone’s browser goes to. Email tracking BibiSpy tracks incoming and outgoing emails. Phonebook access Backing up all the smartphone’s phone numbers and caller IDs proves itself useful and acts as a life preserver for anything in the device’s memory. GPS location tracking This tracker lets you know the device’s position by way of the famous Google Maps program.

Text mesage tracking Once again you’ll know the content of written messages either sent or received by the device. Phone call tracking Listening to calls (PRO version of BibiSpy) 1. 1. Peut-on dormir avec son chat ? - Morphée dans tous ses états. Tous ceux qui ont un chat savent que dormir avec un matou n'est généralement pas une mince affaire. Jean Michel Normand dans un article du Monde a superbement décrit la nuit passée avec la bête : « Il commence par s'installer confortablement aux pieds de son (ou de ses) maître(s).

Puis, juste lorsque l'on trouve le sommeil, il s'allonge contre vos jambes puis se pelotonne fermement derrière votre dos – c'est très sympa mais on ne peut plus se retourner – avant de s'installer sur le traversin et d'exprimer son profond contentement en émettant un ronronnement reconnaissant. C'est attendrissant, un chat qui ronronne. A cinq centimètres de l'oreille gauche et en pleine nuit, cela ne le reste pas longtemps.Le sommet est atteint lorsque l'animal, se sentant décidément en confiance, entame une toilette méticuleuse. Il peut alors arriver que l'on empoigne le gentil félin pour l'éjecter, imitant parfois le geste ample du demi de mêlée libérant la balle vers les lignes arrière.

Children-lie by dragonfroid on DeviantArt. Astounding how a child can lie to his parents. It’s scary how a boy can lie to his mom or dad as soon as he’s old enough to do it. Mine, like many others, shamelessly tried to hide from me: – his girlfriend– his habits of drinking alcohol and taking narcotic drugs– the meetups he’d have with “clients” to sell them drugs (See : Lies and dangerous games of our children) Spying with BibiSpy I needed to resort to a program like BibiSpy to be able to record his phone calls and texts, and get a copy of his contacts, emails, and photos.

Like any phone application, I installed BibiSpy on the phone he was using by downloading it from the internet. Spying is not ideal I’m not saying that spying on your son is a cure-all. Avoiding the worst for your son or daughter at all costs. In no cases do I wish for your child to: – become a delinquant– sink into various addictions like alcohol, narcotic drugs, or even food or video games– be pulled into closed circles similar to cults, which put blinders on your child. Minutes: Ten Children Struck Down- By LIGHTNING At A Birthday Party In A Paris Park. Eleven people, including ten children, have been struck by lightning while celebrating a child's birthday at a park in central Paris. Thunderstorms hit Paris on Saturday. This picture shows the storm clouds about Roland Garros tennis arena At least four people, three children and one adult, suffered life-threatening injuries, a spokesman for the French fire-fighting service said. The children, aged between seven and 14, were struck while attending a birthday party in Parc Monceau, just to the north of the city centre, at around 3pm local time.

Meanwhile, lighting struck at a children's football match in Hoppstaedten, western Germany, injuring 35 people, three of them seriously. Eleven people, including ten children, have been struck by lightning while celebrating a child's birthday at a park in central Paris. The children, aged between seven and 14, were struck while attending a birthday party in Parc Monceau, just to the north of the city centre, at around 3pm local time.

In life, there are those who do and those who suffer. Power makes an impression Have you ever noticed the terrible injustice that we ourselves create among men and women? What I mean is, examine how a company will react to a superior or even the head of the company: they’ll pamper him, accommodate him at a great cost, with pomp and circumstance, in a room fit for a king, with breakfast in the fridge, soap and TP in the bathroom, a bed made with hospital corners and a few candies, a magazine; in short, everything for him to be happy. How will this same company react when faced with a simple employee? Totally differently: covers simply placed on the unmade bed, no soap, no food in the fridge; in short, the bare minimum, and all in order to save company money. Company heads personally scare me a little, because of the overwhelming and uncontrolled power they possess.

BibiSpy lets you be perceptive rather than naive Aren’t you fed up with forever remaining the employee in this story we call life? Better to be in control than be a victim. CYBER CRIMES AND THE LAW. In the era of cyber world as the usage of computers became more popular, there was expansion in the growth of technology as well, and the term ‘Cyber’ became more familiar to the people. The evolution of Information Technology (IT) gave birth to the cyber space wherein internet provides equal opportunities to all the people to access any information, data storage, analyse etc. with the use of high technology. Due to increase in the number of netizens(Citizens of the net), misuse of technology in the cyberspace was clutching up which gave birth to cyber crimes at the domestic and international level as well.

Though the word Crime carries its general meaning as “a legal wrong that can be followed by criminal proceedings which may result into punishment” whereas Cyber Crime may be “unlawful acts wherein the computer is either a tool or target or both”. 1. Cyber Crimes against Persons: There are certain offences which affects the personality of individuals can be defined as: 2. 3. 4. Conclusion: Should Apple give the FBI access to all our iPhones? The FBI wants to use the brute force method to hack Farook’s phone, which basically means endlessly guessing the password without the device erasing data after it suspects a hacking attempt. The brute force method is also used by hackers worldwide. Considering how public opinion can sway important legal matters, there is perhaps nothing more perilous than irresponsible journalism. Unfortunately, in an age where click-bait is the name of the game, reporters unfamiliar with their subject matter often spread misinformation.

This, sadly, is especially true for information technology. You may have recently heard from various news sources that Apple previously ‘unlocked’ iPhones for the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) ‘70 times’. Some of the sources aping the news include: NPR: “The fact that Apple unlocked roughly 70 phones in previous cases was revealed during a court hearing last October.” (NPR later issued a half-hearted correction) (Apple doesn’t dispute this figure.) Or perhaps not. SECURITY OR PRIVACY « RAGHVENDRA's Blog. CITIZENS have a right to both security and privacy. The difficulties arise when these two rights are in conflict, as they now are in the battle between the world’s most valuable company and its most famous law-enforcement agency. Apple has refused to comply with a court order to help the FBI unlock an iPhone used by Syed Farook, one of the terrorists involved in the San Bernardino shootings in December.

The company says the government’s request fundamentally compromises the privacy of its users; the feds say that Apple’s defiance jeopardises the safety of Americans . Some frame the stand-off in terms of the rule of law: Apple cannot pick and choose which rules it will obey, they say. That is both true and beside the point. Like this: Like Loading...

The Justice Department says that the scale of China's corporate espionage is so vast it constitutes a national security emergency, with China targeting virtually every sector of the U.S. economy, and costing American companies hundreds of billions of doll. 6 things to check before you buy your phone espionage software. We sometimes see people complaining of having made a mistake in their purchase when looking for good phone espionage software. The following tips apply whether you are looking for free espionage software equipment or complicated equipment. In order to make you avoid such a waste of money, here are 6 points that you should be careful with before purchasing espionage software to install on the phone you want to spy: 1/ Read the instructions and the user manual Before you jump into buying, take time to read the instructions.

In many cases, this is where the problem lies. Once you purchase it, please follow the steps outlined, although it’s not complicated. Finally, check that an ‘after sales’ support team is available to guide you in case of a problem. => Read What is After Sales Service ? 2/ Do not get confused in choosing the software Choose your espionage software according to your needs. 3/ Check the return policy => Read What makes a great return policy ? 5/ Make sure you can install it. Smartphones and Apps Blog: Trace your android mobile phone with an app.

Rooting an Android Device. Advantages and Disadvantages ~ HamFiley. Rooting is actually breaking into your android's system. It is the Android equivalent for jailbreak. It is a means of getting Super user access to all the functions in your device. You can install unapproved apps, remove bloatware, update the android and customize almost everything. How to Root your android: A number of soft wares and apps are available which help you root our device. Advantages of Rooting: Rooting actually grants users access to the very roots of the soft wares and hence allows them Super user access. Run Special Applications. Run custom ROMs. Disadvantages of Rooting: Let us now discuss the disadvantages of rooting: You can BRICK your phone. Un Rooting an Android Device: You can easily unroot your device by using some apps like Universal Unroot. Conclusion: So, now you know all the advantages and disadvantages, rooting your device is completely up to you. Why look elsewhere for something right next to you?

Why look elsewhere for something right next to you? Many times we look far away for something that’s in reality very nearby. This isn’t a new saying, but I remembered it while lying in bed, staring blankly at the portrait of my ex-wife… which unfortunately I’d forgotten about during the divorce. While I’d looked everywhere to remove all traces of my old wife, I’d forgotten the closest place to me, namely my bedroom and my bed. The portrait was indeed hanging from the wall above my bed.

I then made an analogy with BIBIspy, my spy program that I install in each of my cell phones in order to save my text messages, phone calls, emails, photos, and even the GPS positions I pass through. I thought to myself the following: The objects closest to us give us away With BIBIspy, you intend to remove all traces of your passage or your confidential information, without realizing that ultimately they’re being monitored by the closest object to you, one that is very personal; that is, your mobile phone!

Want to know how to locate a cell phone? Smartphones and Apps Blog: A man at the table, Lonely : locate his phone ! John Cox - Smartphones a... Page 4 New listings :: A Well Organized Blogs Directory. Applications vidéo-ludiques - I too was disappointed by men. John Cox - Women and rel... The best, simplest, and most comprehensive spyware for cellphones. Are we all spies in our daily life? Track phone : how to go ? Phone tracker application and localisation. Phone tracker application and localisation. Accepting yourself as a techie without falling into an addiction. Human emotions against machines and social networks.

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