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Learning with 'e's. EDEN Website. The EDEN Executive Committee assigned Dr.

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Ulrich Bernath as Chief Editor of the European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning – EURODL. Dr Bernath gives an insight to his vision for EURODL: Next Generation Teaching and Learn. The annual European Distance and e-Learning Network (EDEN) conference was held in Valencia, Spain June 9-12th with a focus on "Media Inspirations for Learning: What Makes the Impact?

Next Generation Teaching and Learn

" The Center's Director of Research, Erin Knight, attended the conference to present along with Deborah Everhart, research partner and collaborator through the Bb Institute (see below for full title), to present the Participatory Media research project, as well as the continuing research efforts that were initiated from that work, such as the Learner Engagment study. The ongoing research discussed is being conducted as a collaborative effort between the Center for NGTL and the Bb Institute, as well as other instutions or researchers who are interested in participating and helping reach students. For more information, follow the links below: To view the presentation slides To find out more about the ongoing research efforts and/or to participate.

EDEN Annual Conference 2010, Valencia.