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Components. Available glyphs Includes over 250 glyphs in font format from the Glyphicon Halflings set.


Glyphicons Halflings are normally not available for free, but their creator has made them available for Bootstrap free of cost. As a thank you, we only ask that you include a link back to Glyphicons whenever possible. How to use For performance reasons, all icons require a base class and individual icon class. AngularJS.

Responsabilité Administrateur Réseaux. Administrateur système et réseaux. NOUVEAU THEME DE VEILLE pour 2015 et 2016. Chrome SOP Bypass with SVG (CVE-2014-3160) This is a short writeup about my SOP (Same-Origin Policy) bypass with SVG images I've found in Chrome, so that other security researchers can benefit from it.

Chrome SOP Bypass with SVG (CVE-2014-3160)

How Police Listen to You Part 2: E911 Phone Tracking and How to Troll It. How Police Listen to You Part 2: E911 Phone Tracking and How to Troll It Thibault Serlet What Are E911 Pings?

How Police Listen to You Part 2: E911 Phone Tracking and How to Troll It

Modern Enhanced 911 emergency systems (E911) systems automatically track the locations of people who call 911. This technology saves lives, as it allows emergency services to know the precise locations of callers. Many telephone companies maintain Automatic Location Information (ALI) databases which log the location of any cell phone which uses a specific tower to access AGPS coordinates. Whenever a modern cell phone, queries satellites for GPS locations, the ALI database quietly takes note. DevAndClick. New Links. Q&A: Why io.js decided to fork Node.js. Node.js devotees who are dissatisfied with Joyent's control over the project are now backing their own fork of the server-side JavaScript variant, called io.js or iojs.

Q&A: Why io.js decided to fork Node.js

To get the lowdown on what and who was behind this move, InfoWorld Editor at Large Paul Krill on Wednesday asked Mikeal Rogers, who has been involved with the fork and is director of evangelism at cloud hosting service vendor DigitalOcean, about the effort. InfoWorld: Are you the person in charge of the fork? Rogers: Not even close. Fedor Indutny started the fork and the org, but the fork is under an open governance structure, a technical committee. That TC, which met for the first time this week, is: Io.js - JavaScript I/O. RSS 2 HTML. Open Web Platform Daily Digest. HTML5 Weekly: A Free, Weekly Email Newsletter. DailyJS: A JavaScript Blog. Face detection using HTML5, javascript, webrtc, websockets, Jetty and OpenCV.

Through HTML5 and the corresponding standards, modern browsers get more standarized features with every release.

Face detection using HTML5, javascript, webrtc, websockets, Jetty and OpenCV

Most people have heard of websockets that allows you to easily setup a two way communication channel with a server, but one of the specifications that hasn't been getting much coverage is the webrtc specificiation. With the webrtc specification it will become easier to create pure HTML/Javascript real-time video/audio related applications where you can access a user's microphone or webcam and share this data with other peers on the internet. For instance you can create video conferencing software that doesn't require a plugin, create a baby monitor using your mobile phone or more easily facilitate webcasts. All using cross-browser features without the use of a single plugin. Update: in the newest versions of the webrtc spec we can also access the microphone! Tutoriels vidéos - Symfony2. WebDesign. Toddmotto/angularjs-styleguide. L'API Promise d'AngularJS.

Les services standards d'AngularJS $timeout et surtout $http renvoient tous deux des promises, qui sont très pratiques pour gérer des opérations asynchrones.

L'API Promise d'AngularJS

Cette notion de promise existe dans d'autres frameworks, comme jQuery, et AngularJS intègre une implémentation de cette API. Elle peut être utilisée par les développeurs dans l'écriture des leurs propres services pour simplifier la gestion des actions asynchrones. C'est très important de bien comprendre comment fonctionne cette API, qui est probablement la partie la plus ardue d'AngularJS, pour tirer profit de toute la puissance du service $http, et pour gérer facilement les enchaînements d'opérations asynchrones dans une application.

Building a RESTful web service with AngularJS (and PHP) – More power with $resource. AngularJS Cheat Sheet by ProLoser. FrAngular : AngularJS en français. The 80/20 Guide to Writing AngularJS Directives. AngularJS is blowing up right now, and with good reason.

The 80/20 Guide to Writing AngularJS Directives

There’s nothing more satisfying than using AngularJS to turn 1,000 messy lines of Backbone.js and jQuery spaghetti code into a trivial 10 lines. To put it in a broader context, you can think of AngularJS’ place in the world this way: AngularJS is to jQuery as C++11 is to x86 Assembly. However, your quest to capture all the wonderful benefits of AngularJS may be hindered because the documentation is a bit difficult to wrap your mind around.

In particular, many readers have told me that the documentation for directives is pretty intimidating, and a lot of experienced users still don’t quite grok how to use them properly. First of all, let’s take a moment to recognize that you’re almost certainly not the only one confused. For most of you, the reason that you’re writing directives is probably pretty straightforward, such as to integrate with existing Bootstrap modules and jQuery extensions, or to DRY up your UI. 1. 2. 1. 2. 3. 4.