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UX Design & Wireframing Tools As Beautiful As Your Work. What Are Cookies As is common practice with almost all professional websites this site uses cookies, which are tiny files that are downloaded to your computer, to improve your experience.

UX Design & Wireframing Tools As Beautiful As Your Work

This page describes what information they gather, how we use it and why we sometimes need to store these cookies. UXPin: UX Design & Wireframing Tools As Beautiful As Your Work. Light Painting Tool Kit, Light Painting Photography Starter Kit – Light Painting Brushes. Light Painting Brushes Starter Kit!

Light Painting Tool Kit, Light Painting Photography Starter Kit – Light Painting Brushes

This Light Painting Brushes set includes everything you need to start light painting right out of the box! A variety of of different light painting tools for creating many different textures and styles of light. This kit includes a Flashlight, A Universal Connector and tools that are perfect for creating Light Orbs, Light Sculptures, Light Graffiti, Light Painting Portraits, Abstract Light Paintings, or anything you can imagine!


The Official Site of Lowel GL-1 - Hotlight. 30 Patriotic Fonts for Your Fourth of July Designs ~ Creative Market Blog. America's beloved Independence Day celebration is right around the corner!

30 Patriotic Fonts for Your Fourth of July Designs ~ Creative Market Blog

If you are planning to design party invites, flyers, special sales announcements or anything else America-themed to mark the Fourth of July, there are tons of fonts that can add that patriotic feel. Check out 30 of our best patriotic fonts below. 1. Prohibition Typeface Celebrate historic America and its Prohibition Era with this Prohibition Typeface from Fort Foundry. 2. Celebrate America's seafaring history or a collegiate ivy-league feel with Maritime Champion by Kyle Wayne Benson. 3. In love with the 50s? 4. Joel Felix.

Designing for Retina Displays, Optimize Website for @2x Images. Do you know what exactly is Retina?

Designing for Retina Displays, Optimize Website for @2x Images

Do you know what makes it amazing or what makes it a nightmare for designers and developers? Well read on to understand the technology and the various ways you can optimize images to be Retina ready. Understanding Retina In the simplest of terms, Retina Displays mean a high definition display. iOS and Android Photoshop Actions & Workflows. Download: Bjango Actions 3.1 Pixel Snapping On and Pixel Snapping Off These enable and disable Snap Vector Tools and Transforms to Pixel Grid.

iOS and Android Photoshop Actions & Workflows

Please note that you need Photoshop CS6, CC or CC 2014 for these actions to function. New iPhone and iPad icon Actions These Actions create new documents at the correct size for iPhone and iPad icons, with iOS 7’s icon grid and lots of handy backgrounds. New Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad document Actions These Actions create new documents at Retina device sizes, at 72PPI with some handy elements, and no colour profile attached. What to do with all those extra pixels? Custom vs standard For developers only using Apple’s user interface elements, most of the work has been done for you.

What to do with all those extra pixels?

For those with highly custom, image-based interfaces (like all of our apps), a fair amount of work will be required scaling up elements to take full advantage of the iPhone 4’s Retina display. Scaling user interfaces for higher detail displays—or increasing size on the same display—isn’t a new problem. Interfaces that can scale are often called resolution independent. In a recent article, Neven Mrgan described resolution independence: “RI [resolution independence] is really a goal, not a technique. Roundrect roundup, tips on drawing rounded rectangles in Photoshop. Are standard fare on a web and interface designer’s utility belt.

Roundrect roundup, tips on drawing rounded rectangles in Photoshop

So common that the footer on this page itself contains 12 roundrects. So common that it’s rare for web pages or apps to not contain a roundrect or two. Unfortunately, pixel-locked rounded rectangles can actually be fairly difficult to draw in Photoshop. (Pixel-locked, meaning all edges fall on an exact pixel boundary, creating the sharpest object possible.) Experienced Photoshop users will probably already know one or two ways to draw a roundrect. My icon design workflow. There’s quite a few details my app design workflow article doesn’t cover, specifically relating to icon design.

My icon design workflow

Icons are often where design software is pushed, making full use of vector abilities, masking, and constructive solid geometry. It is for those reasons that icons often require different tools and techniques. Creation vs styling I think it is important to separate vector path creation from styling, because the two main tools I use — Photoshop and Illustrator — have vastly different abilities and strengths. Photoshop’s rendering quality and masking abilities surpass pretty much all design tools, but Illustrator has better and more versatile vector tools. My app design workflow. Start low-fi I always start with a non-Retina, 1× document size.

My app design workflow

For an iPad app, it’s 1024×768. For an Android app, it’s a common device size, in mdpi or dp (density-independent pixels). For a Mac app, it’s often 1280×768 (a frankenstein combination of the 13-inch MacBook Pro resolution horizontally, and the 11-inch MacBook Air resolution vertically, ensuring the app will fit on the smallest current Mac displays). For an iPhone app, it’s 320×568, or one of the sizes below. LENODAL.COM : identités (télé)visuelles : blog, médias, forums. Aquaphor de Eucerin sur Beauté Descriptif :Baume réparateur cutané multifonctionnel.

Aquaphor de Eucerin sur Beauté

La crème est apaisante, régénérante, hydratante, protectrice et cicatrisante. L'onguent protecteur pour la peau Aquaphor d’Eucerin apaise et protège la peau et les lèvres sèches, irritées et endommagées en créant une barrière protective pour aider à sceller l’hydratation. Avantages: Protège temporairement les écorchures et les brûlures superficielles. Assez doux pour être utilisé sur les bébés. Sans préservateurs et n'obstrue pas les pores. Assignment 1: Abstracting. Project 1: Realistic to Abstract | Assignment 1: Abstracting Objectives: Develop visual understanding of the differences between subject matter and form. Intentionally transform a representational design into an abstract or non-representational design.

Develop visual understanding on line characteristics. Develop visual understanding on shape and space characteristics and relationship. Develop visual understanding on value characteristics. Vidéos de Marc Donahue. Geologic Desires: Canadian Specimens. Canadian Mineral Specimens For Sale Canada offers a diversity of mineral specimens for the collector. From apatites of exceptional size to zircons in various colors Canada has minerals both common and rare. Most of the specimens we offer have been collected by us over the years. On this site you can find one of our articles which describes the unique scarn deposit at York River, Ontario. This site is now a provincial park and closed to collecting. Minerals from Bear Lake, Ontario Minerals from Greely, Ontario Minerals from York River, Ontario.


Divers. Smj. Web apps. Minerals Description on PHDMinerals rocks for sale. Dubstep.