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DIGI-CARDS DOWNLOAD CARDS GETTING READY FOR 2016 ELECTIONS. DIGI-CARDS CONTINUE TO SAVE MILLIONS FOR CORPORATIONS. When the Digi-cards download cards concept started in 2004 as a “Digimusicard”, it was created, as its name indicates, for the music business.


Little-known to Gerardo Alton-Ortega, the creator of this product, the business was going to be in business. Yes, about 70% of Digi-cards revenue comes from corporate and small business sales. The versatility of the product has been able to replace old methods of marketing and advertising, thus allowing companies in all realms of the business spectrum to reduce costs in fields like printing, advertising & marketing, development, etc. The times of distributing a huge bag of marketing and merchandising products during conventions are over, now most delegates distribute Digi-cards with all the secure information and multimedia. DIGI-CARDS DOWNLOAD CARDS AND DISC JOCKEYS (DJ) A LOVE STORY. DJs AROUND THE WORLD ARE NOW EARNING A LIVING FOR THEIR TALENT It is not a secret that Digi-cards download cards have saved the livelihood of many recording artists and musicians around the world by increasing their income and giving them control over their product and music, but what about the DJs?


It is also not a secret that there are more DJs around the world than professional singers and bands. Every nightclub, most bars, social events, weddings and other party gatherings normally hire a DJ for the entertainment. Many have risen to become superstar DJs and producers; others spend their weekend nights working late to earn a living. Top Things You Can Do With Download Cards Digi Cards by Digi Cards. By Digi Cards advertising & printing Are you someone planning to promote you and your brand or concert in a unique way?

Top Things You Can Do With Download Cards Digi Cards by Digi Cards

Are you someone who fancy selling music on a creative format that is both rare and stylish? Enjoy a world of opportunities to share, distribute & sell your music. If you are a music artist or an entertainer, you cannot really miss any opportunity to publicize your product.

Enjoy a world of opportunities to share, distribute & sell your music

And believe me, music download cards are a fabulous way to leverage the so-called digital market of music out there—you can utilize them to sell music at fests, musicales, concerts or anywhere you happen to be networking with both existing and new fans. Besides, the performers can share, distribute their music and can even give it out as a freebie to their audience. VITAL DIGITAL GLOBAL LAUNCHES NEW PRODUCT DIGI-TAGS. Vital Digital Global is always at the vanguard of technology and product development, like every other quarter the company is proud to present a new product and brand: Digi-tags.


MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITIES FOR RECORDING ARTISTS. For the past decade the music industry has seen the biggest shift in the way business is conducted but no matter the changes the end result is always song or album sales.


One of the common denominators on this equation has to be digital distribution since it is here to stay and even though many artists blame it for causing the pizza slide effect it is the only option in a modern world so adapt and overcome. So how do recording artists make money by selling songs and albums using the digital distribution? There are three options: First one (let’s list them by order of appearance) Third party online stores like: itunes, CD baby, etc. Pros: It is now very easy to upload content to them and have your space on their online store servers in exchange of a percentage of the sales, you also get the prestige of having your music on their store. Digi-cards Download Cards 14 points for corporate use. Digi-cards Download Cards Gateway Welcome Video. RECRUITING IN THE 21ST CENTURY.

Digi-cards download cards and Digi-codes download codes have thousands of applications, most of them marketing/advertising as well as multimedia distribution, how about recruiting?.


Based on the high redemption rate that our download cards give our clients this was bound to happen, from recruiting university hopeful students to even military candidates. Digi-cards download cards have placed themselves as one of the most innovative en versatile products for marketing in the last few years, their ROI (Return on investment) is the best of any other marketing or multimedia/e-file distribution physical product and the options for information and data gathering are huge.

CEO Gerardo Alton-Ortega a former U.S. marine remembers all the recruiting catalogs, flyers, posters and merchandising he got in college and as he simple put it “Now I would rather get only one Digi-card with all the information necessary and all the goodies and perks on it” sounds like a plan doesn’t it? Download Cards Digi-cards in Miami Beach, FL 33139.

Ideally, music has got a very easy way of being distributed to its fans.

Download Cards Digi-cards in Miami Beach, FL 33139

Now, with Apple, one can easily sell music to share it to different places on iTunes download cards. ITunes music stores can easily redeem songs or albums without a problem. Why go for Custom iTunes downloads Custom iTunes download cards are facilitative in this area as artist managers make use of them to manage music maintenance. In addition, music promoters use the Custom iTunes download cards to distribute music to funs all over. In addition, radio, contests and giveaways also get music and videos physically in the same way. Digital Download Cards for Music, Video, Ads - Digital Music Download Cards By Digi-Cards. Digi cards Download Cards Mobile. Get A Multimedia Download Cards And Gain Access To All Kinds Of Content Easily. Multimedia download cards are growing more famous than ever among burgeoning digital service providers.

Get A Multimedia Download Cards And Gain Access To All Kinds Of Content Easily

A Digi-card custom download card can easily meet your downloadable product needs from a website. The adroit and adept staff at the digi-cards providers have decades of experience working with custom-created artwork. Whether you are in need of custom download card to save your music album or any other multimedia content like videos, PPT, files, documents and more, the experts can easily turn your imagination into reality.

Multimedia Download cards are on a growing trend and will stay around for a considerable time. Moreover, the fact that the internet is involved allows you 24*7 access to the content. Thinking Of Buying Music Download Cards?? Here Are Some Top Benefits You Should Know. Digital Download Cards: A Boon to Your Online Business.