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How Air Conditioners Work & When They Don't Work To post a message or a question visit my message board Are you sweating and want to fix or at least learn about air conditioning, either home or car then you are at the right place. If your looking for AUTO air conditioning help go here. A/C trouble shooting tips How to read and understand A/C gauges jbabs Air Conditioning Help jbabs Air Conditioning Help
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Making the Most of Basement Rooms March 5th, 2009 Headroom is a problem in unfinished basements. Turn obstacles into design features. Creating longer views in basements adds the perception of space. Every time I design a basement room, I think of my cousins' rec room, where as a kid I spent many of my holidays. This subterranean wonderland was a place of freedom. Making the Most of Basement Rooms
s On-Line Appliance Repair Guide: Dryers
Home Repair - Maintaining and Repairing Your House Now that the snow has melted, is your wood deck looking a little tired? Well, Refinishing a wood deck is a great early summer project that will improve your outdoor living space and extend the life of your deck. And your deck is a significant investment in your home. Deck refinishing can be broken down into a few steps such as: Home Repair - Maintaining and Repairing Your House
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