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Collectifs d'artistes

Georg Parthen ¦ Landschaften. Designer. CENTRE FOR THE AESTHETIC REVOLUTION. The 'sea' fountain at the entrance of Camino Real with Mathias Goeritz' pink sculptural wall in the background.


Mathias Goeritz' see through sculptural wall at the entrance of Camino Real Mathias Goeritz's sculptural wall at the opening of the Camino Real Hotel for the Mexico 1968 Olympics "The screen that helps shape the forecourt of the Camino Real Mexico City developed initially from an intellectual process. I thought about joining some oversized Albers squares to make a screen, and after arriving at a design, with some trepidation I had it painted black to contrast with the surrounding walls , which were white.

Then, after living with the space for awhile, I found it too formal, too serious, and too conceptual.