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ALBUM REVIEW: Radiohead – The King of Limbs at PMA. How do you review a Radiohead album?

ALBUM REVIEW: Radiohead – The King of Limbs at PMA

There’s a sense of insignificance in trying to talk about this band, a sense of shouting to be heard amidst a chorus of fans and critics. Swirling conspiracy theories, hubbub about release method, endless speculation. This is a band that people want to talk about. More than any other artist, Radiohead seems to inspire listeners to contemplate what it all means rather than just how it sounds. Whoa dude. In some ways, Radiohead cultivated that urge to philosophize with the release of King of Limbs. Radiohead is in a unique position where everything they do is a media event, and it’s not their fault.

In many ways, King of Limbs is a study in two parts – a skittering, free jazz first half followed by a ballad-based, reverb-soaked finish. This is heady music, no doubt about it, and certainly not jammed with sing-along choruses, or even many definitive hooks and melodies to latch on to. Julianna Barwick. Bio: florine and sanguine available on itunes emusic and if you'd like to be on the MAILING LIST please send an email to thank you BOOKING INQUIRIES: Panache Booking- Michelle Cable 415-246-5405 PRESS INQUIRIES: Member Since: July 26, 2005 Members: julianna barwick Sounds Like: Describing this hazy, hallucinogenic album from Brooklyn's Julianna Barwick, you can neatly take Panda Bear's trippier tracks as a jumping off point, as Barwick loops and layers beautiful vocal harmonies with a similar slow-motion deep sea vibe.

Brooklynite Julianna Barwick’s voice is high, lucid and vaguely spiritual, like that of a child in a Christian-themed horror film. Record Label: asthmatic kitty. The King of Limbs : Where are you? BŪKE AND GĀSS. Buke And Gass: Handcrafted Instruments, Throttling Sound. Hide captionBuke and Gass performs live from the Rock 'n' Roll Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Buke And Gass: Handcrafted Instruments, Throttling Sound

Abby Verbosky/NPR Buke and Gass performs live from the Rock 'n' Roll Hotel in Washington, D.C. The band Buke and Gass has a throttling yet joyful sound and a handcrafted sensibility that enraptured listeners this year and landed its album Riposte on NPR Music's list of 50 Favorite Albums of 2010. A Brooklyn-based duo, Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez play with customized homemade gear that includes heavy-duty amps, a "toe-bourine," a kick-drum with noisemakers and, of course, the modified baritone ukulele ("buke") and guitar-bass hybrid ("gass") that inspired their name. It's this mix of ingenuity and musical experimentation that makes their metal- and prog-rock-infused music so unusual and unpredictable. "We're trying to solve a problem," Sanchez tells All Things Considered host Robert Siegel. Hide captionAron Sanchez of Buke and Gass plays the "gass" at the Tiny Desk. Ergonomic People. Buke And Gass: Tiny Desk Concert.

"Your Face Left Before You" "Sleep Gets Your Ghost" "Revel In Contempt" "Medulla Oblongata" Arone Dyer had no particular reason to be smiling so much.

Buke And Gass: Tiny Desk Concert

She wasn't feeling well. It's Buke and Gass' homemade quality that draws you in at first. The duo's debut album, Riposte, just recently made NPR Music's 50 Favorite Albums of 2010, and with good reason: There's unbridled creativity at play, as the speakers are joyfully pummeled with unexpected delight — exactly the way they are at this Tiny Desk Concert.

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