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How To Make A Vintage Miniature Kitchen Sink. I have had a request for centimeters for my sink in the vintage kitchen I am just going to go through it again adding the centimeters to the instructions. I am going to get as close as I can just by using my ruler to convert. In miniatures your"eye", what looks "right" to you can go along way. Here goes . . . . . This is how I made the kitchen sink for the kitchen room box. I made the sink from wood, gesso and a jelly container, the small single serve kind from restaurants. We are going to add on to the sink top by gluing more wood to the top of it for a thicker edge, for a back of top and for drain board ridges. From almost 4 mm (3/32") basswood cut a strip 11 mm (3/8") wide and 109 mm (4 1/2") long. This piece is glued toward the back of the sink top, on top of the of the sink top.

From almost 4 mm (3 3/32") basswood cut a strip 4 mm (1/8") wide and 109 mm (4 1/2") long, also cut 2 strips 4 mm (1/8") wide and 45 mm ( 1 3/4") long. Sink Cabinet Glue the sink top onto the cabinet. How To Make A Vintage Miniature Toaster. How to make a miniature toaster, 1:12 scale. This toaster is in my Kitchen Room Box and my First Apartment Room Box. It's modeled after the classic ToastMaster toasters. I've given a diagram with measurements. If you would like actual patterns, please e-mail me. Set A: cut 2 pieces #1 from 1/16" thick basswood Set B: cut 3 pieces #2 from 1/16" thick basswood Set C: cut 2 pieces #2 from 3/32" thick basswood The two 3/32" thick pieces from pattern#2 are the toast slots.

I hope you like your new toaster, this fits in the late 1930's up to now, I've seen these in the stores. Dorm Room Miniatures Tutorials. Miniature Dollhouse Mattress. How To Make A 1 Inch Scale Shabby Chic Bed & No Sew Mattress. I saw this bed on-line at a full-size furniture site and thought it would be a good candidate for card stock. For this tutorial I am making a twin size. You can adjust the size for whatever you need, the instructions would be the same. I hope to have a picture of it painted by the end of this blog, I am waiting for the glue to dry. We are going to make the mattress and box spring first.

I was lucky when I found this fabric, I shop Goodwill for fabrics I can use. I saw this shirt and thought, "mattress". For the box spring cut 3 pieces of foam core. This is my box spring and mattress. Trace around the bottom of the box spring onto card stock, cut out the card stock. Ever so slightly round the corners of the mattress and box spring by rocking them on your table. Apply glue stick to the card stock. Glue the card stock to the bottom of the box spring using a tacky glue, I am showing you what I use. Apply tacky glue to the sides and glue the fabric to the sides. Clip the corner from each side.