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Facebook Twitter Etsy Tips. 5 Ways Etsy Sellers Get Social Media Wrong. Social media has quickly become the place for creative business owners to promote their products and connect with their customers.

5 Ways Etsy Sellers Get Social Media Wrong

Social media marketing provides Etsy sellers the unique opportunity to have a direct relationship with their customers who love their products. It’s not a matter of if you do social media, it is how well you do social media that counts. Social media can benefit Etsy sellers greatly, but only one misstep can leave a long-lasting, negative impact. My Etsy Tips for New Sellers. The decision to open an Etsy store came about over two things.

My Etsy Tips for New Sellers

The first, is that both me and my boyfriend enjoy crafts, and there is only so much handmade needlework one household needs. And second, we’re in the midst of planning our wedding. And everyone knows that can be an expensive business. So it seemed only natural to hop on Etsy, the place to sell handmade goodies, and try to rustle up a few quid to add to the pot. And so our Etsy shop, Capes and Crafts, was born. 1.

Big Bang Theory Cross Stitch in Hoop £8.00 2. 3. Game of Thrones Baratheon sigil pattern £2.00. How to Sell on Etsy: Build Your Own Creative Business. Welcome!

How to Sell on Etsy: Build Your Own Creative Business

Please be sure to check out the FREE marketing tools I offer creative business owners. Thanks for being here! Welcome back to the Build Your Own Creative Business 31 Day Series! This is {Day 11} of the program (click here to catch up from Day 1). Today we’re going to discuss how to sell on the handmade marketplace, There are alternative options to Etsy, such as Artfire, Meylah, Storenvy (<- this is a favorite I’ve been keeping my eye on), Indiemade, Retailr (I have a secondary online storefront there), etc., and they’re all definitely worth looking into. How to Start An Etsy Shop- Etsy Tips & Tricks. This series has been a long time coming!

How to Start An Etsy Shop- Etsy Tips & Tricks

I happen to have this amazing friend, Christine, who makes & sells beautiful jewelry in her Etsy shop, All My Heart Shop. Seeing how amazing & successful her shop has grown since she first started has been such an incredible thing for me to witness & I couldn’t be happier for her. Seriously, I think I get more excited about things to do with her shop then she does. A while back I asked her if she would be willing to share all of her tips & tricks about Etsy here on the blog & from that point on we have been brainstorming things she could share & today is finally the day where we start the series & I’m so excited for her to be able to share her insights with all of you who have ever thought about opening an Etsy shop or those of you who have an Etsy shop who are just wanting to learn more.

There will be many many posts in this series dealing with everything from SEO, selling tips, packaging, social media & so much more. Five Easy Tips to Build Your Brand on Etsy. Most Etsy sellers I know have big dreams.

Five Easy Tips to Build Your Brand on Etsy

You too right? You want to make something happen. You want to build something amazing starting with absolutely nothing so you can say “I rock, you know it.” Building that dream is a whole lot like a fantasy/adventure video game that requires players to reach certain levels and collect various achievements to continue on the quest. If you want to beat the game and go all the way, then the first key you need is perseverance. There are other keys too, such as being great at customer service, learning how to price your products for profits, and getting great at social media. You can and should get started by piggy-backing off of the already established brand name of Etsy, but eventually YOU need a brand of your own. Truthfully, can you think of a single widely successful business of any type that doesn’t have a well known brand?

1. Use your logo everywhere! - Inspiration and Creations: ETSY TIPS - Research. ETSY TIPS PART 5. - Inspiration and Creations: ETSY TIPS - Research

Research After my first 6 months on Etsy when I had sold ...well ...nothing! I felt that familiar sinking feelin' that perhaps my work just wasn't what people were looking for. Having completed no research before opening my Shop (more of whim really) I had pulled price points out of thin air, used a few generic tags and shot my product photographs on my phone....Yes I know! BIG no no! Shipping Tips. This is a follow-up to the excellent Seller How-To: Shipping published last fall on the Etsy Blog.

Shipping Tips

I’ve repeated some of the Customs Forms information below and added some new tips and helpful links on duties and taxes. Shipping internationally will go smoothly most of the time. Every so often a package can get stuck in customs. Make sure your customers are aware that you can’t be responsible for these delays. It can be hard to track a package once it leaves your country if you’re not using expedited mail classes, or courier service such as FedEx or DHL.

Do not mark your package “gift” if you’re mailing an item you’ve sold to a customer. Postcard Wishes – Fun Guest Book Alternative by cutthecakedesigns. Easy Shipping for Etsy Sellers. makes it super easy to send out all your packages with this nifty little scale and lots of other goodies.

Easy Shipping for Etsy Sellers

There’s one thing that has always driven me crazy about selling everything online…going to the post office. It can take forever! A couple months ago I started using and shipping everything right from home. It helped me keep my sanity through the holiday season rush. 20 Tips for Selling on Etsy. I know how it is because I’ve been there!

20 Tips for Selling on Etsy

You want to increase your sales or start selling on Etsy and you could use a little help. When I started selling on Etsy in 2008 I had no idea what I was getting into…ha! I read everything I could find and stumbled through opening my own shop. You might not want to read a whole book on it before you go ahead and jump in there, so I’ll share a few tips that I’ve learned along the way. 1.