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Bookbindingworkshops. Book Tutorial. Introduction Equipment & Supplies The Rule Cutting Folding Sewing Sewing Cont'd Connecting Thread Trimming The Spine The Cover The Cover Cont'd Joining Finishing Embossing Screening *Do NOT duplicate this webpage or use any of its contents without my written permission.

Book Tutorial

DO let me know how you go with it and send me pics of your books! Return to Foster Type. Coptic Binding 1. The Coptic stitch is incredibly versatile and is useful for those books which aren’t cased-in or sewn through a leather (or other material) spine.

Coptic Binding 1

To prevent the holes in the metal from tearing the sewing thread, eyelets are used. Technique Mark, center punch and drill 4 1/8” holes in each piece of metal. (See images 1 and 2) If you are making the soldered ‘Peter Pan’ project, the procedure is the same as follows, but you are also drilling through layers of copper foil tape and solder (NOT glass).

Curiously crafty. Welcome to the wonderful world of journalling! I promise, if i can make one then you can too. the following instructions will make a journal that is 5 3/4″ x 4 1/2″. (view more journals here) Materials: Louloulovebooks. Making a Casebound Book. Michael Shannon. What we'll make: Your very own Moleskine-like-notebook/journal/sketchbook.

Michael Shannon

Moleskine Reloaded. Table of Contents I.

Moleskine Reloaded

Introduction The size and durability of the Moleskine Pocket notebook is perfect for my sketching needs, but the paper is not ideal. Although both “sketchbook” and “watercolor” versions are available, neither is well-suited to my particular requirements. And so, I have developed a process for replacing the paper (aka Moleskine Reloaded) while retaining all the other wonderful attributes of the Moleskine. These instructions describe exactly how I do this process, but one can of course vary the project extensively to suit other notebook sizes, papers, or covers. Owl and Lion. Publicações serrote. Ribbon binding. I thought as I haven’t been making so many books recently and yet I am still passing myself off as a bookbinding blog, I ought to at least show you some of the books I have made during the last year.

Ribbon binding

Be warned, there are a lot of them! You can see them all together by clicking this link to my Flickr page And I really must get my Etsy shop up and running…. Ribbon binding – a tutorial I am often asked to explain how I make my books so I thought I would prepare a very basic tutorial. This method will make an A5 sized book. Materials 40 sheets of paper This can be from a shop bought sketch book, cut to size or even printer paper. Rosemary travale super blog - Soft Cover Wrap Around Notebook. How it was done:1.Cut the 25 sheets of paper to 5 x 8 inches.

Rosemary travale super blog - Soft Cover Wrap Around Notebook

Put them into 5 stacks, with 5 sheets in each stack.2.Using the bone folder, fold each of the stacks in half.3.Using the sewing machine on the widest stitch setting, sew down the center of the crease on each of the five plies.4.This is what each of the piles will look like. 5.Fold the pages in half again and pile them up neatly, with the sewn side facing out.6.Using a press, or something to keep the pile of sewn papers together, put an old board on either side of the pile and insert it all into the press.7.You can see here the paper clamped inside of the press with the two pieces of scrap board on either side.8.With a brush, spread a generous amount of glue across the paper. 11.Now cut two pieces of card stock that measure 5 x 8 inches.

ROSE NEWTON. Shala Coptic Binding. I I've been doing some bookbinding lately, mostly just playing with, and in the research for that I found a great way to bind magazine for prosterity and organisation.

shala Coptic Binding

It's called Coptic binding. It's an ancient binding method used in Egypt to bind books. The main advantage it has over the other methods of bookbinding for perserving magazines is that with coptic binding you can open your magazines up flat. Which for hobby magazines is ideal. SWhat you need: Awl cover boards, I usually just use heavier weight paper for scrapbooking, a lot of times it's already the right size, but you can use chipboard and decorate it to suit your tastes, this is also a wonderful way to make mini sketch books. magazines to be bound size 18-20 tesperstry/ribbon embroidery needle heavier weight thread, I use my husband's heavy nylon for leather, hemp would work, something strong though. TJ bookmaking tutorials.

Bookmaking tutorial links from around the Web Here are some links to book and box making tutorials from around the web that you might find useful.

TJ bookmaking tutorials

It is by no means all inclusive and is an ongoing project that I will be updating regularly. Please let me know if you find any broken links or if there are any tutorials that you think should be on the list If you're interested in making your own flush mount style albums, check out my visual guide here. Also, you check out the bookbinding and equipment tutorials that I have created here. Can't find enough inspiration here? If you have found the information offered on this website useful, please help support it's continuation by making a small donation. Perfect binding: Perfect binding - A unique and interesting way to perfect bind a book by the Go To Guy Perfect binding - A tutorial for perfect binding from Hamish MacDonald Perfect binding - A great tutorial for perfect binding from comic book artist Toby Craig Hardcover and simple binding: Albums: