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About me

14 november 2020

About me

Hello!   My name is Dorothy Kovacs, I'm 43 years old, and I work as an editor about  My job is to keep track of updates in the segments of clothing, accessories and handbags.

The idea behind BestReviewsTips was going to develop a technology that could collect all of this information and analyze it, doing all the hard work for you so that you can easily track the disposition of the crowd. Our group appears through major online stores and merchants in actual time, always keeping up to date with the latest products and costs. Our mission is to make shopping simple and pleasurable, and also save you time and money. We're happy to see the increase of the BestReviewsTips community and we're working hard on continuous improvement to satisfy our mission.

 In addition to presenting a segment on clothing, I love to sew too. Many times I had been advised to start my own workshop. Monetization of a hobby - now's theme is terribly conjunctural, super popular, fashionable and, naturally, it's often the topic of discussion. Opinions on if to earn a hobby business are different. Someone says that the word combination"monetization of a hobby" itself is two mutually exclusive terms. So when you start turning a hobby to cash, the hobby itself becomes a project, and it has nothing to do with enjoyment. Someone claims that it has to be done by all means which absolutely from any hobby you'll be able to create a business enterprise. In fact, as always, somewhere in the center.

Over the past two years I've come across the subject of monetization of a hobby many times and certainly not in terms of tangent: in business endeavors in private consultations (on business modeling, which I conduct to this afternoon ) and, needless to say, in stories that I write in my blog. I could confidently state that everything isn't as ironic as it sometimes appears in the countless Internet jobs and"blah-blah classes" from new tutors and"businessmen. Even simply because not every person that has a hobby can turn into a prosperous small business project. At least, on their own. The simple truth is that in the event you do what you truly love, you're a happy person. The fact remains that anyone can confront both delusions and chances. And another thing is that so as to achieve something, you have to perform actions, not merely read, consider and strategy.