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Industry & Association News & Practice Tips. U S Food and Drug Administration Home Page. Department of Agriculture – Brands Inspection. Cornell Law School...Lawyers in the Best Sense. Farming & Agriculture News from Farming Monthly Magazine. Agweek. Bumpers College of Agricultural Food and Life Sciences. Modern Farmer - Farm. Food. Life.

AgWeb. Wallaces Farmer by Farm Progress - Agriculture's Leading Publisher. Farming - Farm Industry News and Innovations. Successful Farming. LSU AgCenter. The National Agricultural Library : Free Texts : Download & Streaming. By United States.

The National Agricultural Library : Free Texts : Download & Streaming

Dept. of Agriculture collection eye This online collection features selected catalogs from American nursery companies. For an overview of the entire collection, visit the Henry G. Foreign crops and markets Program aid (United States. War Food Administration publications (United States) Information sheet (United States. Experiment station publications American elevator and grain trade by United States. The National Archives Catalog. Search the online catalog and other National Archives resources at once for information about our records.

The National Archives Catalog

We’re excited to announce that in the National Archives Catalog you can now: Enjoy the updated homepage featuring background images from Catalog records Add your comments on digitized records, descriptions, and authority records Find what you need with a more intuitive advanced search Efficiently browse search results with better “Next Page” link placement Track your citizen archivist contributions with updated user account pages Add data from scanned records to your developer toolbox with increased API functionality We Want to Hear from You! Let us know what you think – what you like and what you don't! Discover a glitch? Contact us at for comments, suggestions, and problems you may experience while using the catalog.

Home. Online Archive of California. Agricultural Council of California. Minimum Wage Coalition Letter Opposing SB 3 March 29, 2016 TO: Members, Assembly Committee on Appropriations The California Chamber of Commerce and the organizations listed above respectfully OPPOSE SB 3 (Leno), as amended March 28, 2016, which has been labeled a JOB KILLER.

Agricultural Council of California

SB 3 will potentially impose a 50% increase in the minimum wage over the next six years for employers with more than 25 employees which, when combined with the most recent minimum wage increase that was fully implemented in January 2016, will be an 87% increase in the minimum wage in just 8 years. By 2023, SB 3 will then increase the minimum wage according to national inflation, with no “off-ramps” if the economy is struggling or businesses are suffering from other increased cumulative costs. Not All Regions of California Can Absorb an 87% Increase in the Minimum Wage: Not all areas of California are enjoying the economic recovery. Recent Study Suggests Increasing the Minimum Wage Does Not Target Those In Actual Need: Agriculture and Resources – California Chamber of Commerce. California owes its emergence as one of the world’s major economic powers in part to the abundance of its natural resources.

Agriculture and Resources – California Chamber of Commerce

The future of the state’s economy depends upon a balanced and sensible approach to dealing with current and future water needs, the state’ resources and endangered species, while promoting the productivity and competitiveness of California’s agricultural and allied industries. Related Issue Pages:EnergyEnvironmentalWater Provide agricultural employers with a conduit for communicating with lawmakers and advocating environmentally sound development and use of agricultural and natural resources in a manner that provides optimum economic benefits while protecting property rights.

Supported veto of bill to limit an employer’s due process rights to seek an appeal of an Agricultural Labor Relations Board order and require the employer to post a bond for the entire economic cost of the order (AB 561 of 2015). Prevented increased agricultural costs. Endangered Species. Home. Agriculture and Food Safety. America is the global leader in agriculture.

Agriculture and Food Safety

The agricultural sector provides jobs for more than 21 million American workers, or 15% of the total U.S. workforce. Agriculture and agriculture-related industries contributed $776 billion to the U.S. gross domestic product in 2012, a 4.8-percent share. U.S. agricultural exports more than doubled from 2006 to 2013 and continue to rise. To maintain its role as a global leader in agriculture, the United States must ensure that federal food regulations are efficiently developed, based on sound science and the best data available, consider actual health risks, and avoid unnecessary burdens to the nation’s farms, 97% of which are owned by families.

The U.S. Liste des revues électroniques. Europress. Does pasture-finished beef make the grade? (Research Brief #77) Posted October 2008 Printer-friendly version (PDF) Finishing beef animals on pasture can potentially reduce the overhead costs of facilities and equipment compared to confinement finishing.

Does pasture-finished beef make the grade? (Research Brief #77)

Researchers at UW-Madison set out to learn if beef animals finished on pasture can make the Select and Choice quality grades for conventional meat markets. The researchers—Jeff Lehmkuhler from Animal Sciences and Dan Undersander from Agronomy—investigated the performance of steers on pasture with and without supplements. The researchers compared crossbred beef steers typical of Wisconsin beef farms to crossbred Normande steers. The researchers compared a diet based exclusively on pasture with three supplementation strategies. Forty-eight steers were grazed each season. Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.

National Institute of Food and Agriculture. Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program - Grants and Education. Agriculture and Forestry : Ropin' The Web. U.S. Department of Agriculture.