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Comparison of Five Email Subscription Solutions for WordPress. Update: MailPoet now offers post notifications! Check out the video. Are we just as good as the choices above? You be the judge. We love when our websites send automatically a daily or weekly newsletter with our latest posts. It’s more common to see post notifications than newsletters written manually in the WordPress community. Post notifications has several names depending on who’s talking about it: Email subscription to post updatesEmail alertsPost notificationsAutomatic newsletter, or auto newslettersRSS to Email I personally always called them “email alerts” because Lorelle said so a few years ago. Wysija Newsletters pluginFeedburner email alertsThe legendary Subscribe2 plugin“Email subscription” delivered by JetPackMailChimp’s Rss to Email: free under 2000 subscribers This is my own selection.

Let’s take a look at each to evaluate the pros and cons. Wysija Newsletters Here’s a short video demo on how you can set this up quickly with our own plugin: We’re for sure a little biased. Pros: Better social icons. Richard Legg - Instant Traffic Shortcuts. Attention: Struggling Internet Marketers… Forget Expensive PPC Costs ... Imagine Wall-To-Wall Traffic Floods Of Laser-Targeted, Hungry Visitors Coming To YOUR Site From FREE Google Traffic... "Learned More on SEO And TrafficJust Mindblowing!... " Jit From: Richard Legg If you've spent any time trying to build an online business, there's probably one thing that you've struggled with more than anything else ...

The lifeblood of any online business, the simple truth is ... But for most people starting out online, there is a huge shortage of both. Imagine for a second though ... What if you could put up a brand new website, have it up and running in 5 minutes and on the front page of Google in 24 hours or less... Sound impossible? The truth is, SEO companies and other "gurus" have made search engine optimization out to be much more difficult than it really is. "Richard's Site Beat Mine In The Search Engines On Launch Day! " Why am I saying that? Best Wishes, Trouble Shooting | Subscribe2 HTML Plugin. Over 6 years ago I briefly wrote about trouble shooting failed emails in Subscribe2. And 6 years later I still get this same issued raised time after time. So, I thought it would be good to write a step by step guide to how you might go about testing and trouble shooting. So, to start with some assumptions. I’m presuming you are using WordPress and Subscribe2 and you are using current release versions.

I’m also presuming that you have followed the installation instructions for Subscribe2 and that you do successfully get some emails from your blog, for things like registrations and comments (if you aren’t getting these either then you have a wider failure in sending emails and you need to call your hosting provider). Now we can work on some steps to try to get things working: Firstly, visit the Subscribe2->Settings page in the WordPress administration area. Digest Mode Digest mode sends a summary of posts made in a time period. You need to check that the WordPress cron system is working.

4 Plugins That Enable Your WordPress Site to Send HTML Emails - Did you know that WordPress doesn’t HTML emails? It’s true. There’s no option to turn on to send HTML emails, which means that if you want to brand the communication generated from your site, you’re out of luck. You may be so used to emails sent from WordPress that you no longer notice that they are ugly, plain text messages with raw URLs. Improve Business Branding by Enabling HTML Emails This is where plugins come to the rescue. You cannot afford to send unbranded emails on behalf of your business, not even once. If you’re in your user’s email box, you need to make the best impression possible, because you may not get another chance.

For several years there have been many hacks floating around to allow WordPress to send HTML emails, but they can be difficult and messy to implement. 1. Install HTML Emails and you’ll be able to convert the default plain text email notifications into fully customizable, attractive HTML emails. 2. 3. 4. Google: new TLDs do not get better rankings. In a post on Google+, Google’s John Mueller said that there is no inherent ranking advantage to using the new TLDs (top level domains). Some people think that new TLDs such as .club, .xyz, .realtor, etc. rank better on Google than traditional TLDs such as .com. John Mueller says that they can perform well in search, just like any other TLD can perform well in search. However, there isn’t any kind of initial preference over .com: “[The new top level domains] give you an opportunity to pick a name that better matches your web-presence.

If you see posts claiming that early data suggests they’re doing well, keep in mind that’s this is not due to any artificial advantage in search: you can make a fantastic website that performs well in search on any TLD.” If you want to get high rankings on Google, you need good content and good backlinks. Test SEOprofiler risk-free. Stop Words 404 Error Page Search Engine Optimization SEO Marketing Services. Google and other big search engines ignore common words such as 'the', 'of', 'where', as well as certain single digits and single letters. These words are called "filter words". They are ignored because they tend to slow down a search without improving the results. Of course, every search engine has its own list of filter words. We've found out that the following words seem to be ignored by most search engines: What does this mean to your site?

Search engines consider keywords in the title, in the body text and in link texts of a web page as an important ranking criteria. Be careful when you choose your keywords for the title and the rest of your web page. Many search engines recommend limiting the number of letters in the title and in the meta tags. Some words can get you banned on search engines While filter words might dilute the effectiveness of your other keywords, some words might get your web page banned on search engines. Summary <TITLE>Sorry</TITLE> WordPress SEO Tutorial • The Definitive Guide • Yoast. By Joost de Valk — Last update June 4th, 2015 The Definitive Guide To Higher Rankings For WordPress Sites WordPress is one of the best, if not the best content management systems when it comes to SEO. That being said, spending time on your WordPress SEO might seem like a waste of time, it most definitely is not.

Optimizing your site to the best practices outlined in this article will help you improve your rankings, gain more subscribers and have a better website in general. As we take quite a holistic view on (WordPress) SEO, meaning that we think good SEO should be engrained in all aspects of your online marketing and PR, this guide covers quite a lot of ground and is therefor a long read. Check out the table of contents below for some quick jumping around. Updates to this WordPress SEO article Tip If you want more in-depth info on how to optimize your site, buy the ebook written by Team Yoast on WordPress website optimization: Optimize your WordPress site for just $19! Table of Contents. TablePress | Tables in WordPress made easy. TablePress: The New Best WordPress Table Plugin? - ManageWP. I have been a fan of WP-Table Reloaded for a long time. For over a year it has served me very well by allowing me to easily create complex tables from within WordPress. It comes loaded with a glut of great features such as simple importing and live table sorting/search functionality.

The feature set is impressive and the plugin is completely free and available for download from Having said that, I’ve always kept my eyes open for a better WordPress table plugin, because in my opinion plugins often thrive when placed within a competitive environment. With 2012 drawing to a close I can finally say that I have found a plugin that not only matches WP-Table Reloaded but in fact surpasses it in terms of features, performance and usability. Introducing TablePress TablePress is in fact the direct successor to WP-Table Reloaded. First, please tell us a little bit about yourself. My name is Tobias Bäthge and I’m from Magdeburg, Germany. I’ve always been interested in mathematics. WordPress › Modify Attachments Meta « WordPress Plugins. When embedding a file/image/video/something to a page, or you try to edit them in the Library, you'll be allowed to make changes on some meta data.

Currently timestamp for uploading of the file and menu order are configurable, although they are still not well validated for wrong input. Metabox like shown here: file name of the attachment (without the extension, of course);Control over which user roles can edit these fields;Validation error messages should be displayed;Use anonymous functions, instead of worrying what'll happen if a function is defined by someone else;If a user types invalid input, they should be warned.

Currently nothing happens - attachment is updated without updating with the wrong data. As I'm lazy as hell, I'll need your help to think of new features to implement! 7 Simple WordPress Tricks That You Thought You Know - Make Tech Easier. Preferences. WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files. Redirect Notice. ▶ UK Top Uni Web Design 09/2010 - YouTube.

PStill - PS/EPS to PDF converter. ▶ Advert Manager: Add, Edid and Move. DreamCubeCms - YouTube. 10 WordPress Plugins And Tools To Publish Your Own Online Magazine. Your content should be presented as well as it is written. Whether it’s the articles you’ve painstakingly written and researched, work that you have commissioned from professional writers, or submissions from community contributors who have spent their free time creating useful and interesting content, it should always be presented to the reader in the best possible format. And, as good as your WordPress website is, and as cool as your theme looks, you might want an application that is going to allow you to show off your content in the best light and share/distribute it as simply as possible.

Now, one way around this issue is to simply configure your website as a magazine. With the right free WordPress magazine themes, you can get most of the way there. But what if you really want the website to show off your content, not your content to show off your website? Issuu Website | Plugin & Plugin Organize Series Website | Plugin & Add-On Magma Website | Plugin WP jQuery Pager Plugin Storify Plugin. Change Mozilla Firefox language settings. How to change your WordPress Permalink Structure • Yoast. In the past we frequently recommend people change their permalink structure.

In this post, we’ll explain why you should consider changing your permalink structure and how to go about it. Why change your WordPress permalink structure? A common thing we see in permalink structures are the usage of dates. For websites that post content that is related to current events, such as news sites, this makes perfect sense. However, for most blogs, the content is usually “timeless” as it tends to cover subjects that doesn’t relate to a specific date in time. Using dates in your permalink structure also tends to have another side-effect, namely a lower CTR for older posts that may very well still be relevant.

Changing WordPress permalink structure There are two steps in changing your WordPress permalink structure. But what about all those old posts that still have dates in their permalink? Please note that the tool currently only supports Apache-based servers and not Nginx. Best Social Media Follow Buttons WordPress plugin - 2015. Do you want to increase your social media following? The sidebar of your blog plays a major role in conversion & decreasing page-views. A usual practice is to place Email Subscription & social media follow buttons in the blog sidebar. The placement is usually above the fold, which in turns increases the number of views and get more CTR. There are many other places like after the post, author box, footer where you can place follow buttons for your social media profile, but nothing beats the sidebar placement.

Today, I will be sharing many cool plugins that let you add social media follow buttons in the sidebar. Meanwhile you might like to check out: Best Social Media sharing WordPress Plugins WP Flat Social Profile Blocks I saw these social profile buttons few days back, and instantly fall in love with it. This plugin cost only $14 & is available on CodeCanyon. Monarch: Monarch is a multi-purpose plugin that offers Social media sharing & Social media follow buttons. Pros: Cons: - Reverse IP Lookup - DomainTools. Taxonomien für alle: Tags, Kategorien oder beides? - Onpage -SEO Book.

Wir analysieren Ihre Seite! Fordern Sie jetzt ein Angebot an! Individuelle Beratung für jeden einzelnen. Holen Sie das Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% Darf man auf einer Webseite Kategorien und Tags gleichzeitig einsetzen? Gobschlächtige Verurteilungen helfen jedenfalls nicht weiter. “Kategorien” werden bei Webseiten auch “Channels” genannt und man könnte sie als Töpfchen beschreiben, in die die Artikel oder Produkte geworfen werden. Ihr merkt schon, worauf ich hinaus will: Kategorien strukturieren unsere Seite und die Tags dienen der feineren Sortierung – auch über die Kategorien hinweg. Beispiel: ein typischer Shop Machen wir mal ein Beispiel aus einem Shop-Bereich.

Und so kann es auch online sein: Es gibt eine Kategorie mit Hosen, eine mit Hemden u.s.w.. Gleichzeitig hat aber jedes Produkt noch weiter Eigenschaften: Das sind dann natürlich die Tags. Nun gibt es Ladengeschäfte, die haben ihre Organisation rund um die Marken aufgebaut. Vorsicht beim Wildwuchs Und folgende Regeln könnten gelten: Do You Optimize Your Title Tags for Twitter? I know, I know, that sounds so awfully familiar. But this post is *not* about using your keywords in title tags. We’ve talked enough about title tag SEO (and most of those old tips still apply btw!)

Today’s post is about making your title tags retweet-friendly, about encouraging Twitter comments and making it to Twitter trends. 1. Simple Mathematics This one is pretty simple and obvious: be short, be catchy. We only have as many as 140 characters to fit the title + URL + your credit to the twit without it to be stripped. See: The (shortened) URL of the tweet will contain minimum 13 characters.Now add your Twitter handle that follows the tweet: at least 7-8 characters (mine is 10 including @) + 3 characters for RTNow add your post title (for example, this post would result in 45 characters and it is not long at all!)

Look how much your readers can do if they have character-flexibility! They might add a call-to-action (which means more clicks!) 2. Example: Results in this: @SEOmoz #QA Takeaways: Michi Kono » Blog Archive » Who Else Wants to Hide Their Wordpress Folder? Tonight, I solved a very old problem in WordPress security among novice users. I will show you how to hide your WordPress admin directory while still being able to use it! When I say “hide,” I mean you can rename the wp-admin folder to whatever you want! The Code (for people who don’t want to read) Copy and paste the following into your .htaccess file (located wherever your WordPress folder is) to “rename” your wp-admin folder! If you are having trouble editing your .htaccess file, you should Google around for that as it’s beyond the scope of this article (or post a question in the comments and maybe another person can help).

Change YOURSECRETWORDHERE to something else. RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / ##### ABOVE THIS POINT IS ALREADY INSERTED BY WORD PRESS ##### Michi’s code is BELOW #####RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} wp-admin/ RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ! Note: there are a few drawbacks to this hack. The Explanation But it’s on the right track. We’ll get to that password thing in a minute. Geld verdienen mit Bloggen, ein Erfahrungsbericht | The Most Flexible Recent Posts Widget Plugin for WordPress | Web Training W. WordPress SEO: The Only Guide You Need. 5 Essential Spreadsheets for Social Media Analytics. 10 WordPress Plugins And Tools To Publish Your Own Online Magazine. How to embed a "live" webpage in WordPress blog posts.

Like Button. How to embed a "live" webpage in WordPress blog posts. WebPagetest - Website Performance and Optimization Test. Task Information Collections - TIC: The Firefox extension. PlanetHoster - Noms de Domaine. Reverse dns and ip lookup - Google-Suche. Default-Reverse-DNS-Einträge oder nicht? -

Post a Tweet on Twitter. Major IP Address Blocks For Switzerland. WHOIS, DNS, & Domain Info - DomainTools. How Accurate are Alexa, Compete, DoubleClick and Google Trends? How Important Is Alexa Ranking? 7 Best Free WordPress Social Media Plugin - Modern WP Themes. §. WordPress › Support » Modify upload date? 5 crazy SEO mistakes not to make in WordPress | Wordtracker Academy. Print-Clearly | Sync a Twitter feed with a Facebook Group. Exclude Posts from Feedburner Feed in Wordpress Categories. Like Button. 8 Effective Plugins for Optimizing Your WordPress Site for Mobile - WPMU DE. HomePage. Unterschied ECM und DMS - Enterprise Content Management - ECM | Suitpossum: Post-Crisis Adventures in Financial Subversion: What are the 10. 9 Blog Commenting Services -- their Pros and Cons - Write Speak Sell :: Wri. How Accurate are Alexa, Compete, DoubleClick and Google Trends? 7 Simple WordPress Tricks That You Thought You Know - Make Tech Easier.

10 Things You Need to Know About Windows 8.1. Major IP Address Blocks For Switzerland. Task Information Collections - TIC: The Firefox extension. Cos shop - Google-Suche. PROGRAMM - Strukturierte Produkte Messe. ▶ How To Install and Activate Microsoft Visio Professional 2013 FREE[Educat. Softwarefehler verrät Hunderttausende Domaininhaber | Channel IT News auf f. Bootstrap (Framework) – Wikipedia. ▶ UK Top Uni Web Design 09/2010 - YouTube. How to Add Wi-Fi to a Desktop Computer.

7 Best Free WordPress Social Media Plugin - Modern WP Themes. Court Says That Google's Scanning Email Content To Place Ads Could Violate. – Be a publisher. Guest Post: Stupid Politician Monkeys. Visual Editor Shows Several Align Right Images in the same Line « Graphene. George Dorgan sur Twitter : " is down for some locations. It appears that #Hostgator #Launchpad name servers got hacked. WordPress › Modify Attachments Meta « WordPress Plugins. 5 Essential Spreadsheets for Social Media Analytics.

Reverse dns and ip lookup - Google-Suche. Default-Reverse-DNS-Einträge oder nicht? - - Reverse IP Lookup - DomainTools. WebPagetest - Website Performance and Optimization Test. WHOIS, DNS, & Domain Info - DomainTools. Der Name Ludwig und seine Namensbedeutung. D-Link DNS-327L - Preis ab €115,49 kaufen - CHIP. PlanetHoster - Noms de Domaine. Semalt - Webmasters Analytics Tool.