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Reizen door Kazachstan 2015

The Kazakhs are an extremely hospitable people.

If you come to a Kazakh home unexpected you will be received as if you had been invited. Since early childhood principles of respect of guests and older people as well as peacefulness and tolerance are instilled in every Kazakh and these are the national features of Kazakh culture and tradition. Bayan Olgii, the western-most aimag in Mongolia, is closer to Kazakstan than it is to Ulaanbaatar, and 90 per cent of the population is ethnic Kazakh.

The Kazakhs have a a language, culture and religion distinct from the rest of Mongolia, and even if you've spent months in other provinces, Bayan Olgii will feel like a whole new country (it does to most Mongolians, as well!). " mongol " - official film trailer - 2007. Mongol (Teljes film) Kazakhstan CIA WFB Map. KAZACHSTAN Geschiedenis. Kazachen stammen af van Turkse nomaden, die circa duizend jaar het steppengebied tussen de Volga en Tjan-San-gebergte domineerden.

KAZACHSTAN Geschiedenis

Abay Kunanayuli. Kazakhstan Travel and Tourism. Why Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan Travel and Tourism

Travel to this large, empty land is attractive to just a few pioneers outside of the business community. Tourists in the region often skip Kazakhstan, opting instead for the more well-known Silk Road destinations of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Unknown = unloved, since Kazakhstan has a lot to offer those who take a chance, venture further and dig a little deeper.

Kazakhstan’s nature is second to none: altitudes range from the lowest point in the former Soviet Union to a 7000m high peak. The Silk Road Travel Guide. Kazachstan Foto's. Kazachastan is een leeg en uitgestrekt land.

Kazachstan Foto's

Maar leeg en uitgestrekt kan ook heel mooi zijn. Almaty - RTL Travel Share Your Planet. Nationalgeographic. Miljoenenstad. Almaty – General Info - Almaty. Almaty in Kazachstan informatie - Almaty stadsgezicht. Zenkov kathedraal Panfilov Par. Almaty - old government house. Almaty - presidential gardens gate. KIMEP university. Almaty - gate into dendropark. Schrift & vertelcultus. Kazakh language, alphabet and pronunciation.

Kazakh or Qazaq is a Turkic language spoken in Kazakhstan, Russia and China by about 11 million people.

Kazakh language, alphabet and pronunciation

There are also Kazakh speakers in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Russia and Iran. Kazakh at a glance. Kazakhstan. Petroglyphs within the Archaeological Landscape of Tamgaly. Petroglyphs within the Archaeological Landscape of Tamgaly Set around the lush Tamgaly Gorge, amidst the vast, arid Chu-Ili mountains, is a remarkable concentration of some 5,000 petroglyphs (rock carvings) dating from the second half of the second millennium BC to the beginning of the 20th century.

Petroglyphs within the Archaeological Landscape of Tamgaly

Distributed among 48 complexes with associated settlements and burial grounds, they are testimonies to the husbandry, social organization and rituals of pastoral peoples. Tamgaly Petroglyphs Photo: Thomas Simonei. Tamgaly gorge ancient rock carvings kazakhstan 1. Tamgaly Petroglyphs Photo: Thomas Simonei. Oblast almaty. 7 Spiritual Sites Showcasing Kazakhstan's Religious Melting Pot. As it is everywhere else in the world, religion is a hot topic these days in Kazakhstan.

7 Spiritual Sites Showcasing Kazakhstan's Religious Melting Pot

From the president to my psychic aunt-in-law, everyone is debating about what the real religion of the Kazakh nation is or should be. Islam was imported from Arabia around 1000 years ago. The doctrine got infused with the eco-spirituality, shamanism and ancestor worshipping that Kazakhs practiced before that time. Nowadays, the 2 religions are harmoniously combined and their various intermediate forms are growing in importance and variety. Besides Islam and pagan religions, different variations on Christianity and Buddhism also thrive in Kazakhstan. All things considered, the religious beliefs of Kazakhstanis can best be described as a postmodern jumble, as the following 7 places attest. Train in Kazakhstan. Taking the train in Kazakhstan is a great way to get around this vast country, provided you have enough time to roll through endless steppe country and great expanses of desert landscape.

Train in Kazakhstan

For general information about what to expect on a train journey in Kazakhstan, check the page on trains in Central Asia, which includes the Central Asian rail network map for route planning and more information on timetables. Here we delve into the specifics of train travel in Kazakhstan, as provided by the Kazakh national train company Temir Zholy. There is good timetable information online.

You can try this site as well. Remember that, like in Russia or China, all trains run on the time of the capital, in this case Astana. Beware: in summer, most trains are sold out days in advance. Taraz. Ayshah bibi, de 11e/12e-eeuwse tombe van een adellijke Oeigoerse vrouw op 18 kilometer ten westen van Taraz.


The Chronicle of Taraz. One of the ancient city Kazakhstan is Taraz, the remainder which hidden under with construction site of the modern city Taraza. The Mentioning about this city ed in chinese source of the medium 1 v. before n.e. and is bound it with political historian one of the first state on territory Kazakhstan, referred to as "Kangyuyskim association". Already the important trade role played in this time city on route of the Great Silk way.

Turkestan / Albums. Khoja Akhmet Yassawi Ashgabat. Ahmed Yasawi. Mausoleum van hodja ahmed yasawi. Geloof. Central Asian collection of RME. The start of the collecting: a true epic of a scholar's staunchness and self-sacrifice. The Museum's Central Asian and Kazakhstan department began in 1900. Central Asia at that time remained poorly explored by and little known to, Europeans. It had been practically barred to travellers because of its remoteness and religious isolation, which caused the natives? Hostility against strangers. First expeditions to Central Asia aimed at collecting ethnographic material should be entrusted to the artist S.Dudin, a brilliant master of documentary photography, who had the experience of this type of work in archaeological expeditions in Central Asia and was regarded as an authority on Central Asian applied art. Creation of the regional department and F.A. Lammert’s Weblog. TULPAN trailer. Bajkonur 2. Bajkonur 1.

Aralsk city, Kazakhstan facts, history, pictures. Aralsk overview Aralsk (also spelled Aral - Kazakh spelling) is a city situated in Kzyl-Orda oblast (region) of Kazakhstan. Aralsk city was formerly a fishing port and harbor on the coast of Aral Sea. Aralsk city was an important supplier of fish and other products of the sea to the neighboring regions. Aktau panorama. Aktau city, Kazakhstan facts, history, attractions, photos. Aktau overview Aktau (also spelled Aqtau) is the capital city of Mangystau oblast. Aktau is situated in southwestern Kazakhstan, to the east of Caspian sea. Aktau presents a unique case in the history of town planning. A maximum of comfort has been provided for its residents despite the harsh climatic conditions. Kaviaar. Vegetarische imitatiekaviaar van algen op een toastje.

Atyrau - North West Kazakhstan. Steppe of western Kazakhstan in the early spring carole. Uralsk, Kazakhstan. Uralsk - North Western Kazakhstan. Old Russian Home, Uralsk KZ. Aktobe, March 2012. Van uralsk naar astana. Eetcultuur. Steppe west kazachstan in het begin van de lente door Carole. National Geographic Travel Daily Photo. Kazakhstan Facts, Kazakhstan Flag. Kazakhstan Facts Flag Map Stretching across Central Asia, Kazakhstan is a landlocked and mostly dry land. Flat in the west, it rises to high mountains in the east. More than a hundred ethnic groups live in Kazakhstan; 28 percent of the population is Russian—most live in the north near the Russian border. Second in size only to Russia among the former Soviet Republics, Kazakhstan contained the main Soviet test area for nuclear weapons. In the 15th century the Kazakhs emerged as nomadic stock herders of the steppe, speaking a Turkic language and practicing Islam.

Flag of Kazakhstan. Emblem and Flag of Kazakhstan. Republic of Kazakhstan. Information on Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan language. Astana. Astana. Astana - esil river bathers. Astana - baiterek. Dolinka-(reuters) Dolinka-(Reuters) Dolinka museum (Reutersmedia) Dolinka- (Reutersmedia) Dolinka - (Reutersmedia) Mare kazakhstan (National Geografic) Dolinka. Clans en hordes. Oorsprong kazachen en andere groepen. Moscow-bishkek. Astana en Almaty - RTL Travel Share Your Planet. Kazachstan wil graag serieus genomen door de rest van de wereld.

Met de vele oliedollars heeft de grote leider president Nazarbajev daarom een nieuwe hoofdstad in het noorden gebouwd. Astana wordt langzaam maar zeker een soort Dubai op een Aziatische steppe. Het maakt het land er niet mooier op en het zou beter vertrouwen op haar overweldigende natuur. Met de trein reist Chris naar Almaty, het vroegere Alma Ata, in het zuiden. Vanuit de trein zie je al wat een prachtige natuur het land te bieden heeft.