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Web-Dorado is a web development company offering a wide range of high-quality services to its customers and specializing mainly in Joomla Extensions, Joomla templates, WordPress plugins, WordPress themes and Drupal modules.

Facebook Feed WD WordPress Plugin Review - 27 Jul Facebook Feed WD WordPress Plugin Review I have been trying to close my Facebook account but couldn’t do it.

Facebook Feed WD WordPress Plugin Review -

As I’m yet to find its alternative which can help me in quick networking. I had to start with this to bring the importance of Facebook in the prime frame here. Now as we agree on its importance part, using it for social networking for a business profile, isn’t that easy. The primary element which will help you build a huge fan base over the platform is staying unique.

Now everyone is devoting their efforts to the content part but one area is being ignored. This WordPress Facebook Feed plugin is all about the same. In any normal scene, it will not look like a major thing, but if you’re trying to achieve a completely unique look for the website and the overall platform, then it can surely make a difference. Facebook Feed WD Review Let’s begin! About Facebook Feed WD Plugin This is the basic the plugin targets and its real gems are the customization options. Getting started. Google Maps WD WordPress Plugin Review - 25 Jul Google Maps WD WordPress Plugin Review There is no limit to the things you can do to woo a visitor and count it as a conversion.

Google Maps WD WordPress Plugin Review -

For a local shop owner or a business owner, publishing a map location is one of the easiest things to help the visitors to know the details of your local presence. There are two ways to make it happen. First, you can claim your business on Google Maps (which you should) and add all the right information to that listing. Second, you can use third-party plugins to improve that listing further and showcase the improved details on your business website. While the first one is dead simple to achieve, thanks to how simple Google has made the process, the second one is slightly complicated than it looks.

Make Event Management on WordPress a Breeze. Does the thought of managing and promoting events on your website give you a headache?

Make Event Management on WordPress a Breeze

Forget the headache! These WordPress tools will take all the heat and hassle of their efficient management. Almost all companies, organizations, and individuals run a series of different events online. The reason behind such a widespread popularity of organizing and promoting events on the web is their ability to engage and reach out to many more people. The types and frequency of the events vary, depending on different factors, but all those events have something in common. Cool Responsive WordPress Themes for Summer

There is no shortage of responsive WordPress themes in the WordPress repository.

Cool Responsive WordPress Themes for Summer

It is updated almost every day with themes designed for multiple niches and purposes,so that everybody can find a perfect match for their websites. However, with choice comes confusion, and choosing the right theme for a website can be time consuming and headache inducing. Over time, the requirements for a “perfect” theme have changed a lot, and nowadays responsiveness is the first and most important feature that all website owners are looking for. That’s reasonable, because mobile phones and tablets are overtaking the web.

If your website template is not adapting to various screen sizes, chances are you’re missing out on a lot of potential traffic. With such a high demand for responsive WordPress themes, I made a short list of new WordPress themes, which, apart from being responsive, also feature a good-looking design, advanced functionality and stand out with lots of customization options. Coral Dark. 25+ WordPress Social Media Plugins 2016. Fortunately, there are numerous WordPress social media plugins that you can implement on your site both free and paid.

25+ WordPress Social Media Plugins 2016

We have searched the web for the best plugins to maximize your social presence. For your convenience, we have list want we believe to be the most functional closer to the top of the page. It’s also wise to select a plugin that not only allows sharing of your posts but comprehensively integrates with social media platforms to enhance professional social media management. In this article, we shall discuss 20 popular social media plugins that you can use to ensure your site enjoys the full benefits of social media management. 24+ Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress. 11 Jan 24+ Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress 2016 edition Posted at 21:33h in Plugins by Pawan Kumar One simple way through which you can hope getting tons of traffic at no cost is by implementing social media buttons on your blog.

24+ Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

These social sharing buttons should be elegant enough to grab user’s attention so that they find themselves driven towards sharing what they just read on your blog now. Coming to the point directly here I’m sharing the best social media plugins for WordPress that are doing pretty well in 2015. Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress Also see: Using any of one plugins out of the all I’m sharing beneath is going to work in every case at your end, and they are good enough to do what they are meant to.

A Review of a WordPress Facebook Feed Plugin. Let’s face it.

A Review of a WordPress Facebook Feed Plugin

Facebook is popular and it’s not going anywhere in the near future. And for some people, the ability of being able to make your website more social is very appealing. Imagine including feeds based on your page, public group or even your profile. Well, that’s where this WordPress Facebook feed plugin comes in. 11 Best WordPress Plugins to Automate Social Sharing in 2016. Content marketing is the key to a successful blog.

11 Best WordPress Plugins to Automate Social Sharing in 2016

As a publisher, one must ensure that your content gets discovered and shared through social media to increase traffic and engagement. Social content sharing is necessary for every post or page your publish for your site, so having an automated posting system when these are created is integral to the ultimate goal of getting visibility and social shares. Launch Your Own Website on WordPress: Useful Tips and Tools.

WordPress We live in an era when creating and launching a website takes a matter of a couple of hours.

Launch Your Own Website on WordPress: Useful Tips and Tools

Long gone are the days when you’d need a large team of developers and designers to have a good looking website. Now there is WordPress, and there are tons of possibilities and options to have your website up and running. It’s like literally several clicks away. As the most popular and feature-packed CMS, WordPress gives you thousands of options to run and manage any kind of website or blog, be it a corporate one, or just a personal blog to share a couple of posts from time to time. Reasons Your WordPress Website is not Getting Enough Visitor Attention. It’s really hard to get on the frontlines of blogosphere in this highly competitive online industry.

Reasons Your WordPress Website is not Getting Enough Visitor Attention

With hundreds of new blogs popping out every day the task gets even tougher. Your blog has to be truly amazing to stand out from the crowd and to pique the visitors’ curiosity. If you’ve been blogging for quite a considerable amount of time, but your blog doesn’t seem to drive the desired traffic, then the problem is obvious. WordPress Tools to Supercharge Your Blog. WordPress has changed the way people blog and the phenomenon of blogging as a whole. It has made it possible for everyone to get the opportunity to publish online and transformed the blogosphere in so many ways.

Since its launch in 2003 it has changed boring static blogs into a dynamic, extendable and easy to use platforms, where everybody can get around with no effort. The best thing about WordPress, however, is its capacity to extend and adjust in all possible aspects to better serve the huge community behind it. Although WordPress provides all the functionalities required for easy and hassle free blogging, the good news is that you can upgrade it further to best fit your specific needs.

You can choose a relevant template for your website, give it the right coloring, choose the typography style and equip with the right set of extensions to satisfy your visitors. 5 Best Free WordPress Slider Plugins Compared. No doubt, Slider Revolution is one of the best WordPress plugins ever – a bestseller in Envato marketplace, widely used slider plugin in millions of WordPress websites.

It is probably the best slider plugin for WordPress with its great functionality and awesome support, however, there are plenty of other free and premium WordPress slider plugins now on the internet that offer similar or slightly different features. Adding sliders on a website seems to be a trend by now – sliders give the websites a modern look and make them engaging. Homepage full-width sliders, featured sliders, carousel sliders, and category sliders are used at least once in each new website these days.

As the demand is high, so the WordPress contributors have come up with a number of awesome slider plugins. Plenty of FREE resources and multitude of choices in the WordPress platform make it the king of CMS technologies being used today. 15 Much Needed WordPress Plugins for Your Business Website. Online presence is crucial for businesses. Accept it or not, most of your customers are online and if you want your business to grow a functional, easy to get around and customer-friendly website is a must-have. WordPress is the first choice for small and big business owners, as it’s the most feature-packed content management platform, allowing you to equip it with the functionalities needed for your business and your customers.

Among the seemingly endless number of the extensions available in WordPress directory there is a considerable portion of plugins developed primarily for business websites. Integrate Facebook on Your Website with Facebook Feed WD. Facebook ranks as the third most used website on the internet behind Google and YouTube and the most popular social media service by far. This is why it is so important to integrate Facebook into your website. If you want integrate the service beyond a Facebook follow button and Facebook like buttons, you may want to check out Facebook Feed WD from Web-Dorado. This WordPress Facebook Feed plugin can be used to display a range of content from your website including Facebook feeds, events, videos, photos, and more. Show Off Your Events With These 10 Events Calendar WordPress Plugins.

If your organization runs events – even a small number – it’s important that your visitors to your website can find them easily. Furthermore, if a list of your upcoming events is difficult to search and access, you could see a sparse turnout on the day. One of the reasons we love WordPress is the sheer number of plugins available – and there are a myriad of event calendar plugins on the market to make displaying and administrating your event listings quick and easy. In this post, we’ll give you our pick of the ten best WordPress event calendar plugins – by the time we’re done, you’ll know exactly which one will suit your requirements. Let’s get started! The 10 Best Event Calendar Plugins. A Review of Google Maps WD Plugin for WordPress. Using Google maps on websites has pretty much become the norm. What You Need to Create a WordPress Corporate Website - WPAisle. A website is the first place people refer to when they need to find out any information about a product or a service.

That’s why, for a business to grow, a website is both a requirement and necessity at the same time. If, for some reasons, your business doesn’t have a website yet, then it’s the high time to do something about that. Facebook Feed WD — WordPress Plugins. Here is a Quick Way to Build a Professional Blog. Since people are probably blogging more than ever before, it’s quite reasonable why the number of blogs has gone up drastically within the last couple of years. With the new advanced technologies it gets easier to connect with the outer world and various campaigns are making huge progress in bringing internet access to everyone on the planet. Embed Interactive Google Maps with Google Maps WD. Google Maps is one of my favourite online services. One of the reasons it has become so successful is because of how developers can integrate Google Maps into their own projects. WordPress Google Maps Plugin - Google Maps WD. Best WordPress Plugins That Add Value to Your Website. Seriously, plugins are great.

They help you significantly enhance the functionality of your website and give you so many options to improve its every possible aspect. New WordPress Plugins of May 2016 with Great Potential. WordPress directory is the largest and most reliable source for various plugins and themes. Must-Have WordPress Plugins to Better Serve Your Customers. 7 Free Best Google Map WordPress Plugin - Modern WP Themes. Sauron — Free WordPress Themes.

12 Best Google Maps Plugins For WordPress in 2016 - WPDean. The Best Google Maps Plugins for WordPress. How to Create a Website People Will Love. Impress Your Visitors with These 5 Awesome WordPress Plugins. Popular WordPress Themes Released in 2016. Business Elite Review: One Page WordPress Theme. How to Add Image Galleries to Your Website Using the Photo Gallery Plugin - WPKube. Business Elite - A Cool Free One Page WordPress Theme. WordPress Google Maps Plugin. Google Map — WordPress Plugins. 5 Tools for Making an Appealing WordPress Blog. Photo Gallery - The Most Versatile WordPress Gallery Plugin. 20+ Best FREE Responsive WordPress Themes 2016. Key Steps to Build a WordPress Business Website. 5 Best WP Plugins to Enhance Your Blog!

Event Calendar WD Plugin Review: Control Your Multiple Calendars. WordPress Tools to Start Your Blog the Right Way - WordPress Aisle. Top 5 Best Free WordPress Plugins for 2016 - Event Calendar WD WordPress Plugin Review - 5 WordPress Social Media Plugins to Use in 2016. 5 Ways to Grab Attention to Your WP Site in 2016. 5 Ways to Take Your WP Blog to the Next Level. New WordPress Gallery Theme You Should Know About.

Best WordPress Social Media Plugins for 2016. 5 Plugins Every WP User Should Know About. 5 WP Tools for Your Blog’s Success. 47+ Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes 2016 - 85Ideas. WordPress Tools for 2016's Web Design Trends. 21+ Free WordPress Photography Themes for 2015. 5 Reasons You Should Include Visuals in Your Blog Posts. Theme and Plugin Reviews. How to Make Your WordPress Blog Better in 2016. WordPress Tips. Essential WP Tools for Better User Engagement. 5 Ways WordPress Plugins Can Help to Improve Your Blog. WordPress Tools That Use Visuals To Grab Visitors' Attention. Form Maker - A Versatile WordPress Form Builder. Facebook Live: Why Live Video Matters for Marketers : Social Media Examiner. Add Beautiful Galleries to Your Website with Photo Gallery. Business Elite — Free WordPress Themes.

Wordpress Business Theme. WordPress Post Slider Plugin. Business World — Free WordPress Themes. Post Slider — WordPress Plugins. All About WordPress. WordPress Portfolio Gallery - Web-Dorado. WordPress Instagram Plugin. WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin - Web-Dorado. WordPress Event Calendar WD. WordPress Slider Plugin. Wordpress Form Builder Plugin - Web-Dorado.

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