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Website of the week: Reykjavík Center Map dot comI heart Reykjavík. In today’s economy it’s hard to be a newly graduated architect in Reykjavík.

Website of the week: Reykjavík Center Map dot comI heart Reykjavík

Nobody wants to hire you, the construction business is far from booming and the future may seem bleak – at best. Unless you are willing to think outside of the box which is exactly what the kids at Borgarmynd did. Head on over to to see it for yourself Reykjavík Center Map is a hand drawn interactive map of Reykjavík. The map is available free in the printed form around Reykjavík and on the interwebs at The map features businesses around Reykjavík that could be of interest to all that visit our great city. The work on the map was funded by advertising revenue and grants from the City of Reykjavík and the Icelandic Student Innovation Fund. Reykjavik holiday review by Mirror Travel. Dried fish was fair enough, given my location.

Reykjavik holiday review by Mirror Travel

But the offer of sheep’s testicle and fermented shark meat made me wonder if I’d inadvertently stumbled into a Bushtucker Trial. However, there was no sign of Ant and Dec and my tour group couldn’t have been much further from the stifling Oz jungle heat where C-list celebs normally choke on this kind of “dish”. We were on a culinary tour of Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland and, like a lot of things about this incredible island, it was, well, incredible. Apart from weird grub, this is a land that is blessed with volcanoes, mountains, glaciers, black sand and explosive hot geysers. Travelling across the awesome, empty, post-apocalyptic-looking landscape, I could understand why so many film-makers have used it as a location. But our first adventure did not involve any heroics – just a serene dip in the hot pools of the famous Blue Lagoon ( about £30) and its silica, minerals and algae that are said to be good for your skin. Getty. Knocked up in Reykjavik – 3onthego. Reykjavik It was the 4th of July, over champagne and fireworks on our Manhattan rooftop, where I relentlessly pitched our two party guests and longtime friends on a weekend trip to Iceland.

Knocked up in Reykjavik – 3onthego

“We can go snowmobiling across glaciers, get floating massages in the Blue Lagoon….stay out all night for the big Friday runtur. It’s practically closer than LA. Lucasgilman : Glad we packed the... Learn Icelandic with I heart Reykjavík. Múlti-Kúlti. Tiny Iceland. What should I do if I only had one day in Iceland?

Tiny Iceland

Tiny Iceland would do this; Starting the day at a local coffee house is great. We recommend one of the oldest coffee house in Reykjavík, it’s a small and cozy café called - 10 dropar (Ten Drops). Ten Drops is located at Laugavegur (Reykjavik’s main shopping street). After a good breakfast and some delicious coffee we would walk down Laugavegur street, take some photos at Hjartagarðurinn (The Heart Garden) and as well shopping some souvenir on the way... Update* Unfortunately the Heart Garden has been torn down due to hotel constructions.

Oh, the places we will go.: Jökulsárlón - Iceland's Glacier Lagoon. We knew that the trip to Jökulsárlón would add an additional 4-5 hours of driving time to our day.

Oh, the places we will go.: Jökulsárlón - Iceland's Glacier Lagoon

But how can you come all the way to Iceland and not see a glacier? As we headed further east on Iceland's Ring Road 1, the landscape started to change. Again. We would periodically get a glimpse of the rough ocean to our right. We started to see more and more, rolling black sand. Iceland Review Online: Daily News from Iceland, Current Affairs, Business, Politics, Sports, Culture. My five favorite things about living in Reykjavík. In no particular order… Hot water in abundance A photo the boyfriend may or may not have taken at Sundhöll Reykjavíkur swimming pool (no photography allowed).

My five favorite things about living in Reykjavík

Tiny Iceland. Having spent the wee small hours of the morning galavanting about town, I woke up at the crack of midday to enjoy a breakfast of reheated pizza with Halla and Berglind.

Tiny Iceland

I then headed off to explore the local flea market (Kolaportið) which first came to my attention in the movie Reykjavik 101. I was surprised by how quickly I was able to get around by myself compared to previous visits in the company of a master flea-marketeer. By Patches McGee, aka Naomi Doyle. I took advantage of my early release and headed down to the main square to join the throngs of locals soaking up the sunshine. I laid on the lawn with my book for a while before frittering away the remainder of the day cafe hopping - eating, drinking, blogging, emailing. Thoroughly relaxed, I meandered home as tiny white blossoms from a nearby plant floated around looking for all the world like snow.

Aside from the more obvious sites, he took us to a rock containing 'hidden people'. The lopapeysaI heart Reykjavík. Although it’s hard to imagine, there’s actually a tour operator in Reykjavík that specializes in tours for avid knitters. Knitting is big in Iceland. Everyone is doing it. Somewhat typical Icelandic Lopapeysa. Around Iceland in 10 days. Day One: Reykjavík to VíkI heart Reykjavík. The day has finally arrived: Helga and I have left our beloved Reykjavík and are now in Vík hostel where we’ll spend the night.

Around Iceland in 10 days. Day One: Reykjavík to VíkI heart Reykjavík

This has been an extremely long day, even though we only drove a little less than 200 km. South Iceland is not in any way short of attractions. E15 with IFLM and 66 North. Juggling Around Iceland. I went to Iceand with juggling balls and a go pro. This is what happened.: videos. How to Get Reduced Prices and Save Money When Shopping on Amazon. A Photo Essay: Iceland. Learn Icelandic in Half an Hour (BJ) - Iceland Review Online. Tiny Iceland. As Iceland is a beautiful nation with a welcoming populace and a high quality of life, it’s unsurprising that people fall in love with the nation and want to stay.

Tiny Iceland

In fact, Iceland has been voted one of the top five places to live in the world by the UN for a number of years. But how do you go about making your stay in Iceland permanent? Here we discuss all the ins and outs of applying for residency! Written by The Expat Hub Some General Rules: Bjork, 17 years old, rocking in an icelandic punk band : Music. Learn Icelandic with I heart Reykjavík #01: Sorry, I don’t speak Icelandic but I’m willing to learnI heart Reykjavík. A while ago I made a promise that if I would get a certain amount of likes on a Facebook status I posted, I would start a regular Icelandic language podcast.

Learn Icelandic with I heart Reykjavík #01: Sorry, I don’t speak Icelandic but I’m willing to learnI heart Reykjavík

I obviously didn’t set the aim high enough because 20 minutes later the 100th person to like my status decided that I would be teaching you guys a little bit of Icelandic. Couple of hours later the likes reached 300 so I guess there’s no turning back now. Three great places to stay at in IcelandI heart Reykjavík. When Helga and I were planning our 10 days in Iceland road trip we wanted to stay in many different types of accommodation to be able to recommend something in every category to you.

So we stayed in hostels, hotels, cabins, self-catering apartments and even an old church. Below you will find three of these places, all great in their own sort of way. Dyngja Guesthouse in Höfn Dyngja guesthouse was one of the first places I contacted about accommodation and for a very simple reason: They seemed very cool. As it turned out their website was pretty accurate and both the guesthouse itself and it’s owners were pretty cool indeed.

One of the vinyl albums at Dyngja Guesthouse. Tiny Iceland. This is my second summer struggling with Icelandic (granted the first summer I enjoyed the fact that everyone here spoke English), but I am fully committed to building off my limited vocabulary and tackling this crazy Viking language. For all you language lovers, I hope to take you along for the ride! Written by Laura Hundersmarck. Tiny Iceland. Icelandair Hotel Hérað is located in the beautiful eastern town of Egilsstaðir. It is open all year round, but we find it absolutely stunning in the summer months. The hotel is extremely bright with a huge lounge and bar area styled with retro purple and pink chairs. Icelandair Hotel Herað offers 60 spacious rooms with all the amenities one would expect from a four star hotel: comfy beds, warm and cozy comforters, bright windows and a clean bathroom!

The hotel’s location provides limitless opportunities to explore the beautiful fjords and the wild highlands. Tiny Iceland. Hello, again language lovers! It is definitely time for an update. I spent two months in Iceland and it is time to share a little more of what I learned. My skill level is still pretty low, picked up a few words and usually guessed the topic of the conversation from the from the context. Written by Laura Hundersmarck So far, I can count to ten. Dressing like a local: A few things I could not live without during Winter in Iceland. Tiny Iceland. Bars in Reykjavík - Reykjavík Nightlife.