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Where would you rather be a student ? The school systems

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Questions - Grammar Exercises. An easy way to form (almost) any question in English. A2 Grammar: Comparative adjectives. 192EN.

The American education system - B1 and B2 levels

The American education system - A2-B1 levels. Webquest US. Schools in the USA : Cartoons - Cinema - Directory - Information - Interactive activities - Lesson plans - Videos. Texas city revives paddling as it takes a swat at misbehavior - April 16, 2010 "In an era when students talk back to teachers, skip class and wear ever-more-risque clothing to school, one central Texas city has hit upon a deceptively simple solution: Bring back the paddle...

Schools in the USA : Cartoons - Cinema - Directory - Information - Interactive activities - Lesson plans - Videos

Corporal punishment remains legal in 20 states, mostly in the South, but its use is diminishing... Rules about paddling vary from district to district, but typically only administrators, not teachers, can mete out the punishment, which is done in private. " ( School : Activities to print - Interactives activities - Assessment - Back to school! - Bullying - Cartoons - Comic strips - Cinema - Classroom English - Cliques - Conversation questions - Discipline - End-of-the-year activities - Facts - Games to print - Schools in the USA.

Education. Educational Systems of the UK, the USA and Russia: created with Zunal WebQuest Maker. American Classroom Customs I-TESL-J. Read this, then answer the questions at the bottom of the page.If the teacher asks a question, you are expected to give an answer.

American Classroom Customs I-TESL-J

If you do not understand the question, you should raise your hand and ask the teacher to repeat the question. If you do not know the answer, it is all right to tell the teacher that you do not know. Then he or she knows what you need to learn.There is no excuse for not doing your homework. If you are absent, you should call your teacher or someone who is in your class and ask for the assignment.

Original Text Copyright (C) 1998 by Vera Mello) ( Katie : my school day. Katie : mascots and colors in US schools. The American Flag-English. > BEST RESOURCES: PLACEMENT TEST | GUIDE | OUR BEST WORKSHEETS | Most popular | Contact us.

The American Flag-English

Pledge of Allegiance. Mascots. Even the fake furlong is fixed "The venerable Mascot Grand National has been infiltrated in recent years by contestants who are bent on winning, which is hardly in the spirit of the British sport.


" ( Mascot Grand National hit by boycott "It is an annual race that pits an array of furry dragons, giant farmyard animals, oversized birds, and fluffy poachers and pirates against one another... Dozens of competitors are boycotting the charity race because they believe it has been hijacked by "ringers". " ( The Mascot Grand National "is an annual race over hurdles between the mascots of various football and other sports teams.

It is held at Huntingdon Racecourse in The Stukeleys near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England. " (Wikipedia) General Comprehension. This document is...

General Comprehension

A news report An extract from a film An extract from a documentaryIt takes place in... Camberra, Australia Cape Town, South Africa California, in the USAIt deals with... another school massacre school geniuses something children have to recite everyday at schoolChildren recite the Pledge of Allegiance every morning in front of the American Flag True FalseThe Pledge of Allegiance contains words that refer to religion: "under the Lord" "under Christ" "under God" "under the Holy Spirit"A father says the Pledge should be banned because... Children are tired of standing a long time every morning. This time should be used for education. The Pledge of Allegiance. Search Results community service - The Learning Network Blog. Dress code. Community service. Community service is performed by someone or a group of people for the benefit of the public or its institutions.

Community service

Performing community service is not the same as volunteering, since it is not always performed on a voluntary basis. It may be performed for a variety of reasons: High school graduation and community work[edit] Many educational jurisdictions in the United States require students to perform community service hours to graduate from high school. In some high schools in Washington, for example, students must finish 200 hours of community service to get a diploma.

Other high schools do not require community service hours for graduation, but still see an impressive number of students get involved in their community. Colleges[edit] Though not technically considered a requirement, many colleges include community service as an unofficial requirement for acceptance. Many student organizations exist for the purpose of community service, the largest of which is Alpha Phi Omega. Amy L. Educational Video on Community Service for Kids. 20 Community Service Ideas.