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Small freshwater fish / petits poissons d'eau douce

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Small fish suitable for a specific freshwater tank (empty : 125l = 33 gallons / full and decorated : 100l = 26 gallons)

Poissons de très petite taille compatibles pour un aquarium de 125l (100l réel avec 80 cm de longueur) avec une maintenance en spécifique (= seule espèce de poisson).

Compatibilité avec les Red Cherry.

Cherry barb / Barbus cerise (Puntius titteya)

Celestichthys erythromicron (Danio Emeraude) (Micro)rasbora galaxy / Celestial pearl danios (Danio margaritatus) Mosquito rasbora / Rasbora moustique (Boraras brigittae) Asian Rummy nose rasbora / Nez rouge asiatique (Sawbwa resplendens) Ember tetras / Tétra amande (Hyphessobrycon amandae) Dwarf rasbora / Rasboras nain (Boraras maculatus) Harlequin rasbora / Rasbora harlequin (Trigonostigma heteromorpha)

Silvertip tetra / Tétra cuivré (Hasemania nana)

Golden dwarf barb / Pethia gelius

Paramètres du 125l. Plantation : Biotope asiatique. Top 5 Aquarium Schooling Fish - Best Beginner Schooling Fish. The Coolest & Prettiest Freshwater Aquarium Fish for a Colorful Tank. From the very start, as a beginner in fishkeeping, I’ve always had my eyes wide open for new compelling swimming pet buddies.

The Coolest & Prettiest Freshwater Aquarium Fish for a Colorful Tank

I was trying to find the best and coolest possible fish combination to create a mesmerizing freshwater aquarium with happy inhabitants abundant in color and personality. We can all agree that it is quite interesting to find out about the existence of exotic pretty fish with unique looks and inner worlds, even if you eventually decide not to keep them in your own fish tank.

For the reader’s convenience, I decided to create this list while making sure to include high-resolution pictures and the approximate price. This guide gives a glimpse of the beauty and some very basic care guidelines that will help you uncover the colorful species that will suit your new aquarium best. I’ve tried to list small and big pet examples because I’m aware the fish tank’s size plays a huge role in one’s setup. So let’s stop wasting any more time and get into it! By IoanVladPappa 1. By Brad. Best FISH for NANO AQUARIUMS - Everything you should know. The Aquarium Guide. Skip to content Types of Rasboras By Adam Edmond Rasboras are probably some of the most favorite aquarium fish.

The Aquarium Guide

They do not only look nice, but they are extremely active and can give life to an empty tank. Many beginners choose them as their first fish, as they are easy to maintain and pleasant to watch. Check out other fishes that are easy to maintain and perfect for beginners. Although there are dozens of types of Rasboras, not all of them are commonly found in tanks. Here are some of the most popular types of Rasboras: Table of Contents [hide] Black Line Rasbora If you ever went into a pet shop, you probably noticed this fish.

The name comes from the black line that runs from the head to the tail of the fish. This fish is suitable for small tanks and it can be held with other peaceful fish not trying to bite its fins. Clown Rasbora In nature, this fish lives in slow-moving water, which means a large empty tank is not exactly suitable for them. 10 Small Freshwater Fish for Nano Aquariums (The Ultimate Guide) Nano aquariums can be extremely beautiful if done correctly.

10 Small Freshwater Fish for Nano Aquariums (The Ultimate Guide)

One would think that fish options for nano tanks are somewhat limited (which is true to an extent, of course), but there are actually tons of beautiful freshwater nano fish to choose from. In this guide, we cover 10 small freshwater fish that are perfect for any nano aquarium (and go over all of their care needs). 10 Awesome Small Freshwater Fish for Nano Tanks Here are our top 10 pick for the best freshwater nano fish: 1. As one of the most popular species in fishkeeping, Bettas are prized for their awesome colors and hardy nature. Despite what you may read online (or even hear from per store employees), Bettas should never be kept in small cups or bowls. Minimum Tank Size: 5 GallonsSize: 3″Care Level: EasyTemperament: Peaceful 2. Contrary to popular belief, Puffers are not only a saltwater species.

Cardinal Tetra (Red Neon Tetra) Fish Species Profile. Arguably the most popular of the small tetras, the cardinal tetra is similar in appearance to a longtime aquarium favorite, the neon tetra.

Cardinal Tetra (Red Neon Tetra) Fish Species Profile

Cardinal tetras are an active schooling fish, and they live peacefully in a community aquarium. Although they are difficult to breed in captivity, tetras remain a very popular aquarium fish. Species Overview Common Names: Cardinal tetra, large neon tetra, red neon, roter neon Scientific Name: Paracheirodon axelrodi Adult Size: 2 inches Life Expectancy: 4 years Characteristics.