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Final Recipe (2013) Annapolis (film) As of February 12, 2006, the film grossed an approximate total of US$17.2 million in the United States, and was produced for a $26-million budget.

Annapolis (film)

Annapolis scored mostly negative reviews from critics but found an audience on DVD selling over 4 million copies and staying on top 10 rental lists around the U.S. The movie begins with Jake Huard (Franco) waking up after being knocked down during a boxing match. After returning to his feet and beating his opponent, he returns to the home he shares with his distant father (Brian Goodman), who is also his employer at a naval shipyard, building vessels for the Navy.

It is revealed that his mother died an unspecified time ago, and his father doubts his ability to be anything. As time goes on, Estrada is kicked out for lying to Whitaker and attempting to assault Loo when he informs on Estrada to Cole. List of teachers portrayed in films. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The following real-life inspirational/motivational instructors/mentors have been portrayed in popular films:

List of teachers portrayed in films

Inspirational movies "BASED ON TRUE STORY" - a list by arun-tumi. The Miracle Worker (2000 film) This movie is the story about Annie Sullivan, (Alison Elliott), and her efforts in working with a young sullen Helen Keller (Hallie Kate Eisenberg).

The Miracle Worker (2000 film)

The movie focuses on Annie’s struggle to draw Helen, a blind, deaf and mute girl out of her world of darkness and silence. Helen has been unable to communicate with her family except through physical temper tantrums since a childhood illness took her three senses from her at the age of 19 months old. She is allowed to eat with her hands, knock over or break anything and basically do whatever else she desires. All of this while being looked at with pity by her family. Her family loves her but they are all convinced she is a dumb, soft-brained child with the intelligence of an animal who will never learn anything.

Plagued with vision problems of her own and orphaned at a young age, Annie Sullivan has the right mix of steeliness, empathy and patience to turn her young student's behavior around and teach her language. Departures Trailer. BILAL Movie Trailer (Animation - 2015) The Long Walk Home Trailer. Woman in Gold. The film is based on the true story of the late Maria Altmann, an elderly Jewish refugee living in Cheviot Hills, Los Angeles, who, together with her young lawyer, Randy Schoenberg, fought the government of Austria for almost a decade to reclaim Gustav Klimt's iconic painting of her aunt, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, which was stolen from her relatives by the Nazis in Vienna just prior to World War II.

Woman in Gold

Altmann took her legal battle all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States, which ruled in case Republic of Austria v. Antwone Fisher (film) The film is inspired by a true story, with the real Antwone Fisher credited as the screenwriter, and is based on his autobiographical book Finding Fish.

Antwone Fisher (film)

The film was produced by Washington, Nancy Paloian, and Todd Black, and features a soundtrack by Mychael Danna. Black was first inspired to make the film upon hearing the story from Fisher, who was then working as a security guard at Sony Pictures Studios. [citation needed] The film focuses on Antwone "Fish" Fisher (Derek Luke), a temperamental young man with a violent history who is serving in the U.S. Navy. While on leave in Mexico, Antwone's sexuality is called into question by a sailor he had previously called an "Uncle Tom.

" At a Thanksgiving dinner, Davenport advises Antwone to find his real family. After looking through multiple telephone books, Antwone comes into contact with his aunt Annette (Vernee Watson-Johnson) and visits her. Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal. Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal (Chinese: 钟馗伏魔:雪妖魔灵) is a 2015 Chinese-Hong Kong-United States 3D fantasy action adventure film directed by Peter Pau and Zhao Tianyu and starring Chen Kun, Li Bingbing, Winston Chao, Yang Zishan, Bao Bei'er, and Jike Junyi.[3] Production began on February 16, 2014.[4] The film was released on February 19, 2015.[5][6] Cast[edit] References[edit] External links[edit]

Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal

We Are Marshall. We Are Marshall is a 2006 American historical drama biopic film directed by McG.

We Are Marshall

It depicts the aftermath of the 1970 plane crash that killed 37 football players on the Marshall University Thundering Herd football team, along with five coaches, two athletic trainers, the athletic director, 25 boosters, and a crew of five. It also addresses the rebuilding of the program and the healing that the community undergoes (shown in a post-credits scene). Plot[edit] Southern Airways Flight 932 was a McDonnell Douglas DC-9 that Marshall University chartered to transport the Thundering Herd football team to Greenville, North Carolina, via Stallings Field in Kinston, North Carolina, and back to Marshall's campus in Huntington, West Virginia.

Coach Carter. A League of Their Own. In 2012, A League of Their Own was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".[2] Plot[edit] In 1988, Dottie Hinson attends the opening of the new All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL) exhibit at the Baseball Hall of Fame.

A League of Their Own

She sees many of her former teammates and friends, prompting a flashback to 1943. When World War II threatens to shut down Major League Baseball, candy magnate and Cubs owner Walter Harvey persuades his fellow owners to bankroll a women's league. Ira Lowenstein is put in charge, and Ernie Capadino is sent to recruit players. Dottie and Kit head out to Harvey Field in Chicago for the tryout. The Sixth Sense Trailer HD.

INVINCIBLE Movie Trailer. The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005) Official Trailer #1 - Shia LaBeouf HD. The Rookie (2002) HQ trailer. Rudy Movie Trailer. Friday Night Lights (2004) movie trailer. Remember The Titans [Official Trailer] Gridiron Gang trailer. The Blind Side (film) Movies About Geniuses Exquisite Minds: Creative and Gifted Children. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner. THE HOST LIVE Q&A #THEHOSTLIVE. Characters.