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Betta splendens

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Le Betta Splendens

Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Siamese fighters: Fins of fury! Home » Features » Tropical fish Copyright © Shutterstock If Bruce Lee had been a fish, it would probably have been a Siamese fighter!

Siamese fighters: Fins of fury!

Nathan Hill spotlights this fish from the Far East, which performs just like the martial arts icon - and shows no mercy in combat... The Siamese fighting fish is a dual-purpose animal. Depending on its audience, it might be brightly coloured with draped fins trailing. Both examples are of the same fish: the Far Eastern Betta splendens and one of the most contentious pets in the hobby.

Plakats, the true Thai fighters, have long histories. Official reports of fights began in the 1800s and the King of Siam — as the country was then known — licensed Betta fights as well as owning a collection himself. By the 1840s he gifted Danish zoologist Theodor Cantor some of the fish, which Cantor named Macropodus pugnax. Even this reflects a fighting heritage, being named after the Ikan Bettah people of Asia who were fearless warriors.

Temperature is open to debate. Bettadjax. Betta Splendens. Betta splendens - variations - The Free Freshwater and Saltwater Aquarium Encyclopedia Anyone Can Edit - The Aquarium Wiki. From The Aquarium Wiki Yellow Dragon PK Male Due to selective breeding, the ever popular male Betta splendens, or Siamese Fighting Fish, is now available in an enormous array of colours and tail types.

Betta splendens - variations - The Free Freshwater and Saltwater Aquarium Encyclopedia Anyone Can Edit - The Aquarium Wiki

Detailed below you will find the different terms put to these tail types, patterns and colours and how some of them have come about. There will always be some Bettas that break the rules and don't quite fit into any of the categories below! Tail Types Veil Tail (VT) The most common type of tail type you will ever come across in pet stores is the Veil Tail. Betta Tails & Colors listed here. Being edited by TFK TEAM I thought it would be a good idea to have a topic that shows the different tail types and colors of bettas.

Betta Tails & Colors listed here

Tails: Plakats are short tailed bettas. They come in all fin types except veil tail - round tail, delta, halfmoon, crown tail, comb tail, etc. Plakat(PK) The Plakat is a short-tailed Betta. Halfmoon Plakat(HMPK) where the tail has a 180 degree spread when flared but tail length is short Crowntail Plakat(CTPK) where the tail is either rounded or with a 180 degree spread and with elongated rays giving it a "spikey" appearance but the tail length is short. Veil(VT) This type of tail is long, with a long anal and dorsal fin also, and droops down from the caudal peduncle.

Double(DT) It is a genetic trait that causes the caudal fin to grow into two lobes rather than one. Double Veil(DTVT) Freshwater aquariums & more!

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Eleveurs de Betta. Betta Fish Photos and Care. Betta fish care. Visual Reinforcement in the Female Siamese Fighting Fish, Betta Splendens. Betta (Male), (Betta splendens) Species Profile, Betta (Male), (Betta splendens) Care Instructions, Betta (Male), (Betta splendens) Feeding and more.   Betta (Male) Aquarium Care, Feeding and Native Habitat Information The male Betta is one of those iconic fish species that is easily recognized to both aquarium hobbyists and non-hobbyists alike.

Betta (Male), (Betta splendens) Species Profile, Betta (Male), (Betta splendens) Care Instructions, Betta (Male), (Betta splendens) Feeding and more.  

Their bright coloration, long flowing fins and unique appearance have made them very popular for decades and arguably one of the most popular fish species among aquarium hobbyists. Bettas originate from shallow waterways, flood plains, rice paddies and streams in many parts of Southeast Asia including: Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and parts of southern China. Since Bettas come from shallow water environments, most hobbyists assume that they can stand low water quality and quick changes in environment. However, the part of the world that Bettas come from has very consistent warm tropical weather and plenty of rainfall to dilute even shallow water and keep the water quality high and temperature stable.

Betta splendens – Siamese Fighting Fish. Classification Order: Perciformes Family: Osphronemidae Distribution Described from the ‘Menam’, a former name for the Chao Phraya river, central Thailand.

Betta splendens – Siamese Fighting Fish

The precise type locality is unknown, but the species is widespread in the Chao Phraya watershed. It thus occurs throughout central Thailand, from Chiang Rai province in the north to the Isthmus of Kra at the top of the Malay Peninsula. Introduction of ornamental forms and other Betta spp. is known to be having an adverse effect on the purity of some wild populations, the species having been heavily line-bred for aggression in central Thailand, where it’s used in organised fighting matches, and for the aquarium hobby, with many different strains available.

Habitat Inhabits still and sluggish waters, including rice paddies, swamps, roadside ditches, streams and ponds. Habitat loss or modification across its natural range has increased significantly in recent years and is exerting a significant detrimental effect on wild populations. Diet. Betta Splendens.