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You are the anchorman/ anchorwoman: present the TV news

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Anchorman - Teleprompter. TV news report project. You are hired as a TV anchorman/ anchorwoman by the BBC.

TV news report project

Present a TV news report! Carte des compétences et connaissances à maîtriser pour cette séquence projet: Utilisez votre souris pour naviguer sur la carte Évaluation de la tâche finale: Tache-finale-bareme (format docx) Your teacher’s advice 1. A short introduction of the various news items (if possible with illustrations)2 news items (international and local)a live commentary (interview, news commentary…)cultural news or sports newsweather forecast 2. Who does what? 3. Write the script for each news item. ⇒You can watch TV news reports on the internet and write down expressions and sentences you can hear. 4. Microphone, prompters boards, slideshows*(=diaporama), and so on. 5.

As much as you can because Practice makes perfect. My radio News report.

Television news bulletins

Simple Past (training activities) Relative clauses. PASSIVE VOICE. How to report news. TV news vocabulary. Plantilla de WebQuest en español. You have also to choose four or five news, but in this case, “home news”.

Plantilla de WebQuest en español

To complete this objective, you must to research the main home news according the following resources related to national newspaper or news web web pages. You can also watch TV News at home and rewrite those news for your partners understand them. If you like, you can write them with your own words but without forgotten the specific vocabulary and expression related to television news bulletin.

After evaluating these newspapers and web pages you must write the selected news to introduce them in the te Television news bulletin for a time of 5-6 minutes more or less. You must choose the main sports news of the week, by researching of the following Internet resources and if You like, watching the TV Sports news at your home. Because this section must be more dynamic than the previous sections. And if you can an example of sports vocabulary, you can visit these web pages and use them how you like. day or the next week.

Past_perfect. 50 applications pour le journaliste/reporter sur tablettes numériques (Androïd et IOS) TraAM ac-martinique LV Sommaire: Le jeune reporter du 21ème siècle travaille avec de nombreux outils numériques dont les tablettes tactiles qui ont révolutionné les métiers du journalisme.

50 applications pour le journaliste/reporter sur tablettes numériques (Androïd et IOS)

Légères, petites mais puissantes, les tablettes facilitent le travail du jeune reporter en de nombreuses occasions, au bureau, à la maison, en mission. Vous trouverez dans ce dossier plus de 50 applications, organisées par type de tâches qui font partie du quotidien du reporter. Les grandes entrées de ce dossier sont : Veille (s'informer) ; Rédaction ; Géo-localisation ; Voyages ; Images fixes ; Vidéos ; Audio; Collaboration ; Langue ; Divers. Cette sélection propose des liens vers les stores suivants : iTunes Store, pour votre iPad, ou Play Store pour vos appareil sous Androïd. Toutes les applications sont proposées dans leur version gratuite. Nous ne sommes pas responsables du contenu des sites externes vers lesquels nous pointons. Prévisualiser la page Imprimer la page. Student News. NewspapersANDmags - 147106.article. EUN - News & Media - Paper Online.

BBC World Service. MODELE YVAN PERSO. Useful vocabulary about the Press - Complete using words from the list ( Corrigé en fin de page ) The radio, the television and the press constitute the .....................


In England newspapers fall into two categories: the .................... Papers (Tabloids) interested in scandals and the Quality Papers interested in more serious topics. A newspaper is different from a magazine. 'The Independent' is a British .................... . 'Time Magazine' is an American magazine; it's printed every week, it's called a ..................... 'Newsweek' is another famous magazine which sells more than 3 million ....................; it has a very large circulation.

In fact, the number of people who actually read it -its .................... - is superior to this number. Many people buy their papers from a ...................., but others prefer to receive it at home, that's why they .................... to their favourite paper. It includes various things such as : TV listings to know what's on etc. NewspapersANDmags - 147106.article. One-minute World News.