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Download. IBM defers New Coke financing. High performance access to file storage Launching a new server platform of any kind in this economic environment is never an attractive option - unless it costs a lot less money than the alternatives.

IBM defers New Coke financing

With mainframes, just being a lot cheaper than last year's model is progress, and with the System z10 Business Class entry mainframes announced this week, IBM has cut the price for the server as well as for main memory and specialty engines to support Linux, Java, and DB2 workloads. But the $100,000 price tag for an entry z10 BC is still a lot of money to ask, and IBM and its Linux partners have to do something to not only sweeten the deal, but to get customers to invest now rather than wait for 2009.

Magic Quadrant for North American Web Hosting, 2008. Overview Get your customer's attention with high impact audiovisual programs that combine your brand promotion, marketing messages and client testimonials with trusted Gartner research.

Magic Quadrant for North American Web Hosting, 2008

Generate leads and boost your marketing campaigns with strategic content that your customer's can see, hear and experience. Gartner Custom Multimedia. iTommy! Contents of Framework. FocalPoint Enterprise Application. IT Help Central. IBM's Big Push into Business Consulting. IBM biggest foray yet into consulting will try to tap into the one area of the tech market expected to grow this year: analytics When Riswan Khalfan, chief information officer at TD Securities, set out to improve the performance of the bank's options-trading system last year, he couldn't find ready-to-use technology suitable for the job.

IBM's Big Push into Business Consulting

So he agreed to let his company become a test subject for a research project at IBM (IBM) called "stream" computing. The technology, developed over half a decade by a team of 70 scientists and engineers at IBM Research, allows companies to analyze data as it's being received—rather than having to place it first in a database. In TD Securities' case, stream computing lets it handle 5 million pieces of options trading data per second, analyze them on the fly, and make automated trading decisions. That compares with the 1 to 2 million per second rate the bank typically handles on its current trading system.

Outsourced IBM Workers Denied Federal Aid. Department of Labor turns down bid for Trade Adjustment Assistance.

Outsourced IBM Workers Denied Federal Aid

The U.S. Department of Labor has rejected a request for assistance by a group of former IBM workers who claim their jobs were offshored to China. Huawei.