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Donor2donor is the only app which allows users to donate blood online. This app users can find the blood donor around them when ever they need blood. The identity of any party will not be reveled.

Dixit Sood helping Indians to enhance their lifestyle with ayurshakha & donor2donor - Inventiva. Our modern age proudly displays a lifestyle where work, communication, business and travel has been made extremely easy for man, with various gadgets and machines equipped with previously unheard-of electronic technology.

Dixit Sood helping Indians to enhance their lifestyle with ayurshakha & donor2donor - Inventiva

Still, in-spite of these comforts, life has become more complex and competitive. Man finds himself more under stress than ever before because with the modern technology and lifestyle, more is demanded of him. Families are breaking up because proper care and time for one another is becoming a rarity. Several diseases have sprung up and are increasing due to the basic factor of stress and aggressiveness, and are now frequenting at an early age. In this rut of life, each one is left to cater to one’s own needs causing a vicious cycle of stress and distress, threatening one’s very existence! Ayurveda is a branch of medicine which originated and is practiced in India for more than 5000 years.

Blood donation understanding common concerns. Blood donation has several myths associated with it as many people hold the misconception about it.

Blood donation understanding common concerns

All this makes it essential to clear and resolve these myths so that people donate more and more blood and demand of it can be met easily. One of the major concerns of few people relates to the arm bruising where needle is being inserted. Live blood donors and blood donation camp. All of us must have heard about various blood organizations and blood donation camps.

live blood donors and blood donation camp

Have you ever heard the name live blood donor? Live blood donors can be your neighbour and within your reach and you can meet such donors directly without any hassle. Here I am encouraging eligible blood donors to come forward as donating blood not only just a life saver for someone but there are several personal and health benefits that donors get from blood donation. Read on to know more about them. Free Medical Check Up: Blood donor must be healthy so before donating, they are asked for a brief health history. Lowers Risk of cancer: Regular blood donation leads to fall in the chances of cancer risks including liver, colon, throat and abdomen.

Lowers Chances of Heart Attack: Several physicians have noted that regular blood donation reduces the chances of heart attack. Blood Replenishment: Become a hero and donate more if you’re a Universal donor. Blood Transfusions for People with Cancer - Health and Fitness India. Cancer is a disease of the cells which are the basic building blocks.

Blood Transfusions for People with Cancer - Health and Fitness India

Cancerous cells are abnormal cells that multiply at a rapid rate and leads to several types of problems in the body. These abnormal cells do not function as they should and start replacing other normal cells in the body. Thanks to the research as cancer can be treated in different ways depending upon the type, size, location and degree of spread. Voluntary blood donation, blood donation app, blood donation website. Human body is a complex wonder machine which has everything in proportion and for its proper functioning, a competent fuelling becomes a necessity.

voluntary blood donation, blood donation app, blood donation website

Hence, the necessary elements to keep the body working comprises of the derivatives from the fuel which our body absorbs in the forms of vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals are derived from the food that we intake but with the passage of time, the choices have differed and so does the balance of the essentials in our body, while pushing us towards the regular doctor visitations. Among many factors in our failing health, the one which has caught the attention of the healthcare industry as well as medical world is an increase in the deficiency of Vitamin D, leading to the rise in the diseases like arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, osteopenia, skeletal mineralization effects and the list goes on. Find voluntary donor online.

Mission: The Journey we have chosen to tread upon is not to accommodate our interests but we find ourselves entrusted with the responsibility to bring an end to the problem of the scarcity of blood availability to the needy ones.

find voluntary donor online

The UP’s And Down’s of Blood Pressure. The term ‘Blood pressure’ is commonly used in our daily routines.

The UP’s And Down’s of Blood Pressure

There is nothing new about it, unless the prefixes -‘high’ & ‘low’ joins it and one can see the world going upside down with varied suggested changes, to be undergone to get the blood pressure free from these prefixes. Donor2donor, Free e-blood donation app @ android & IOS, blood donor.