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Donnelly Energy

Donnelly Energy is an energy efficiency firm dedicated to helping businesses throughout New Jersey take advantage of incentives offered by New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program in the lighting and HVACR categories.

Quick Energy Program Update. Benefits of Outdoor Lighting Solutions LED Upgrading. Energy Efficiency Program Transition. Let there be light - Donnelly Energy. Winter energy saving tips - Donnelly Energy. FY2021 Funding - Donnelly Energy. Introducing the new - Donnelly Energy. FY20 Direct Install - Donnelly Energy. NJSGA Partnership - Donnelly Energy. The NJSGA and Donnelly Energy are partnering to help educate members on energy reduction strategies and develop a preferred program for providing expert assessments, on-site energy reduction practices, and best-in-market supply services to all the association’s member clubs and member-owned businesses alike.

NJSGA Partnership - Donnelly Energy

How it works: Donnelly Energy will analyze your business’ current electrical equipment as well as your electric usage to determine the most cost effective plan for your facility. Next Steps: NJ SmartStart Buildings for Energy Efficiency. The SaveGreen Project - Donnelly Energy. Donnelly Energy - ‘Tis (almost) the season... October is Energy Action Month - Donnelly Energy. An Easy Way to Save Money This Summer - Donnelly Energy.

St. Patrick’s Day and spring - Donnelly Energy. Earth Day The New Jersey Way - Donnelly Energy. Newsworthy Jersey: April 2019 - Donnelly Energy. New Jersey Clean Energy Program Direct Install for Morris, Warren County. Direct Install from New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program™ Direct Install is an incentive program created to help upgrade commercial facilities and businesses to LED lighting and update their HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration).

New Jersey Clean Energy Program Direct Install for Morris, Warren County

New Jersey uses up A LOT of energy, so much so that it’s putting a strain on our electrical grids. With all of the commercial industry in the state, there is plenty of opportunities to help lower energy usage; so much so, that Direct Install will pay up to 70% off for eligible upgrades. While state utilities have been upgrading infrastructure and creating Microgrids since 2012, we can do our part in helping to lessen the strain on our grids by going Green.

Untitled — Looking for commercial Solar energy solutions for... Oil To Gas Conversion: To Do Or Not To Do. Making the decision to become energy efficient and move from oil to gas is a big one.

Oil To Gas Conversion: To Do Or Not To Do

For many people, the whole procedure seems a bit complicated and requires a lot of research. However, the biggest challenge is understanding where to start. NJ SmartStart Buildings for Energy Efficiency. Natural Gas Conversion New Jersey. Tax Credits on Solar Investments are better than ever before!

Natural Gas Conversion New Jersey

Federal Tax Credits Solar investors are entitled to a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) on the total project cost. The ITC is granted and can be used for the very first year the project is installed. If the investor cannot use all of the 30% ITC, the balance will roll over to the following year. Accelerated Investment Depreciation Tax Credit.