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Difabilities: A Self Advocacy and IEP Curriculum for Students - Home. Adult Education/ESL 4 - Mr. Matt's Website.


Difabilities a Self Advocacy Curriculum. Consulting Services for Autism Spectrum Disorders. Online Free Touch Typing Program. #mLearning. Arts & crafts. Literacy. Make Your Own Shrinky Dinks. Does everyone know that #6 recyclable plastic (usually clear take out food containers) is shrink plastic?

Make Your Own Shrinky Dinks

It is true! So, here is what I do. I save it up and trim it down (using my scrapbooking trimmer, scissors, craft punches, etc). I round the corners using a corner punch and punch holes using a hole punch. Reading Journals — Jimmie's Collage. I’ve started using reading journals with Sprite.

Reading Journals — Jimmie's Collage

It’s a way to encourage her independent interactions with the novels she’s reading. Lincoln Novel, Bookmark, and Journal I printed and laminated these bookmarks and made a simple single fold book for her Abraham Lincoln biography (shape template). It seems that the bookmarks linked there have disappeared from the web.