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Animation Inspirations

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Work - Illustration. DUCKSOFRUBBER. Simple Future. Walk Cycle Depot. Vid_asob. There she is: little and fragile, on her blue dress, as blue as her eyes.


It is cloudy, yet she is sitting on a bench at the park, watching the world around: the playground, the trees, the people passing by... Some butterflies start flitting around her, inviting her to play with them. She picks a glossy paper from her school case and folds it into another butterfly, this one bright and blue, to swing it among its imaginary friends. Woodwind. Ethan Fish's videos. I Met the Walrus.

Machinarium – Amanita Design. Machinarium is our first full-length adventure game in which players take on the role of a robot who has been exiled to the scrap heap.

Machinarium – Amanita Design

Players must use logic, collect important items, and solve environmental puzzles to get the robot back into the city of Machinarium so he can rescue his robot-girlfriend, save the head of the city, and defeat the bad guys from the Black Cap Brotherhood. Awards: IGF 2009, Excellence in Visual Art Award Nomination for 13th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards (DICE Awards) Gamasutra, Best Indie Game Of 2009, Best Indie Game Of 2009 PC Gamer, Best Soundtrack of 2009.