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Work - Illustration. DUCKSOFRUBBER. Simple Future. Simple Future has two different forms in English: "will" and "be going to.

Simple Future

" Although the two forms can sometimes be used interchangeably, they often express two very different meanings. These different meanings might seem too abstract at first, but with time and practice, the differences will become clear. Both "will" and "be going to" refer to a specific time in the future.

FORM Will. Walk Cycle Depot. Vid_asob. Woodwind. Ethan Fish's videos. I Met the Walrus. Machinarium – Amanita Design. Machinarium is our first full-length adventure game in which players take on the role of a robot who has been exiled to the scrap heap.

Machinarium – Amanita Design

Players must use logic, collect important items, and solve environmental puzzles to get the robot back into the city of Machinarium so he can rescue his robot-girlfriend, save the head of the city, and defeat the bad guys from the Black Cap Brotherhood. Play Demo Buy This Game PC / Mac / Linux Buy This Game Steam Buy This Game iPad, iPhone and Apple TV Buy This Game Android and ATV Buy This Game Windows Phone Buy This Game W8 & RT Buy This Game PS4, PS3, PS Vita Wallpapers Awards: