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Content based instruction. 3D Virtual Worlds List. The Ultimage Virtual World® Experiance and The Future of MMO's. Virtual World® is an interactive 3D world for members 12 and up with many great regions to meet new friends, featuring beaches, parks, skatepark, club with various musical genres/themes and more! Virtual World® MAIN STREET 3DSex's Main Resort is the most popular location of the Virtual World! New here at Virtual World®? Meet new people at the Virtual World® Main Street- it is full of new places to have a good time while meeting new members! SOUTH BEACH This beautiful beach setting features a lovely tropical environment with swimming, music and dancing, or just hang out and have a soda while watching the waves.

Virtual World® was built as a safe place where you can meet people from around the globe. Educational Frontiers: Learning in a Virtual World. © 2008 Cynthia M. Calongne. The text of this article is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License ( EDUCAUSE Review, vol. 43, no. 5 (September/October 2008) Cynthia M.

Calongne (“Lyr Lobo”) Cynthia M. Comments on this article can be sent to the author at and/or can be posted to the web via the link at the bottom of this page. Virtual worlds are engaging, stimulating spaces where students can meet online for normal class activities, including lectures, discussions, case studies, projects, papers, exams, and labs. After teaching nine university courses using the virtual world of Second Life as an educational classroom, I have come to the conclusion that successful virtual class experiences require a blend of technology, tools, content, student ownership, identity, engagement, course structure, risk management, mentoring, feedback, and a good orientation to using the tool. 20 Uses For Virtual Worlds In The Classroom.

You probably never thought you could attend a virtual lecture, discussion, exam, or lab in 3D. In fact, this is already possible. Virtual worlds have clear advantages over traditional classroom settings. I once had to teach high school students the importance of safety precautions for a welding class. I presented several powerpoint presentations, a safety exam, and then allowed those who passed the exam to begin welding. I trembled. Despite knowing I had prepared them well, I would have much preferred for students to interact in a virtual world first. I delved a bit further into the uses of virtual worlds and even created an avatar of my own (PiJustice) to see the current applications of virtual worlds in education. Virtual worlds are emerging as a meeting place for the most prestigious universities, non-profits, and academic institutions in the world.

Their uses are varied and can adapt to different needs. Communications scenarios. But not all virtual worlds are created equal. Virtual Reality and Education Virtual Reality | Virtual Reality Site. Education is another area which has adopted virtual reality for teaching and learning situations. The advantage of this is that it enables large groups of students to interact with each other as well as within a three dimensional environment. It is able to present complex data in an accessible way to students which is both fun and easy to learn. Plus these students can interact with the objects in that environment in order to discover more about them.

Virtual reality astronomy For example, astronomy students can learn about the solar system and how it works by physical engagement with the objects within. They can move planets, see around stars and track the progress of a comet. This is useful for students who have a particular learning style, e.g. creative or those who find it easier to learn using symbols, colours and textures. The use of virtual reality in medicine is discussed in a series of separate articles in the virtual reality and healthcare section. Is a safe virtual world online for children. Here they can play educational games, meet and chat with friends and, most importantly, have fun! Playing provides children with the opportunity to access and explore their own imaginary world, aids them in developing identity and personality, but also helps to achieve social recognition among their peers and to make friends. Social and verbal competence as well as consideration, working with others, active listening and agreeing on rules help children shape interpersonal relationships.

Many of the skills and abilities that are considered indispensable in our lives originate from experience gathered through play. Apart from social competence, children can also acquire school-relevant learning content through playing - at their own pace and without feeling pressure to perform. A sense of achievement gained through quick successes guarantees continued fun in gaming in learning. Navigating a virtual world additionally improves spatial orientation and perception. Games are fun and fun plays an important role in the development of a child. Game for science - Virtual world devoted to science, technology and free educational games online. For Parents -

3rd Planet presents | Wonders of the World. Second Life | Linden Lab. Virtual World Info - Online Virtual World Information and Ratings List.