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The Apollo LM was designed and built by the Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation. The LM is a two-stage vehicle consisting of an ascent stage and a descent stage. During descent to the lunar surface, both stages act as a single unit. Lunar Exploration Module Lunar Exploration Module
Lunar Science and Exploration
Lunar Exploration is 'in' Decadal Survey NASA unveiled it's 2013-2022 decadal survey for Planetary Sciences at the recent Lunar & Planetary Science conference in Houston on March 7, 2001, notes Clive Neal today from the University of Notre Dame. "The document, (downloaded as a PDF file) is very detailed! The Moon was dealt with as part of the Inner Planets Panel and is documented in Chapter 5 of the report. Lunar Exploration is 'in' Decadal Survey
Accessorize Your Cell Phone Cool Ways In a world where people progressively would like to protrude, having the up-to-date mobile phone has become the way to be watched keeping up with the... What is Mobile Phones in the Future? The engineering of mobile phones is perpetually undergoing switch. Lunar Exploration - Missions to the Moon | Welcome to Lunar Exploration - Missions to the Moon | Welcome to
Lunar Exploration Program|JAXA Space Exploration Center The purpose of the European Lunar Exploration Association is to contribute to the peaceful exploration of the moon and space, and support the effort to launch unmanned missions to the moon, for instance in connection with the Google and Xprize competition. Join us on our YouTube Channel, or on the GLXP blog! Help Euroluna get to the moon by joining our association, make a donation or buying an Embroidered T-shirt!! Buy a wonderful Embroidered white T-shirt with the Euroluna logo on the chest and the website name on the back! Become a member of Euroluna:
NASA 360: 21st Century Lunar Exploration - Watch the full episode now. Sorry, currently our video library can only be watched from within the United States Hulu is committed to making its content available worldwide. To do so, we must work through a number of legal and business issues, including obtaining international streaming rights. Know that we are working to make this happen and will continue to do so. NASA 360: 21st Century Lunar Exploration - Watch the full episode now.
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. Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter . . Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter . As our nearest neighbor, the moon is a natural laboratory for investigating fundamental questions about the origin and evolution of the Earth and the solar system. With the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), NASA has returned to the moon, enabling new discoveries and bringing the moon back into the public eye. LRO is a robotic mission that set out to map the moon's surface and, after a year of exploration, was extended with a unique set of science objectives.
Astrogeology: Apollo Mission Media Gallery Astrogeology: Apollo Mission Media Gallery Lunar Geologic Map Lunar Topography Mosaic of Io The Astrogeology Science Center's mission includes producing planetary maps and cartographic products which reveal topography, geology, topology, image mosaics and more, all made available to the international scientific community and the general public as a national resource. A selection of our more prominant products are listed here.
International Atlas of Lunar Exploration Bringing together a wealth of information from many sources, including some material never before published, this atlas is a comprehensive reference on lunar exploration. It tells the story of every spacecraft mission to the Moon since the dawn of the space age, illustrating each account with a unique combination of maps and annotated photographs. Many of the illustrations were created especially for this atlas, including panoramic photographs from every lunar mission. The missions are listed in chronological order, providing readers with an easy to follow history of lunar missions. Special attention has been given to describing the procedures involved in choosing landing sites for Apollo and its precursors. The atlas also includes missions that were planned but never flown, before looking ahead to future missions as the world's space agencies prepare for a new phase of lunar exploration. International Atlas of Lunar Exploration
Kennedy 2 Lunar Exploration Project - K2LX
Chinese Lunar Exploration Program Program insignia: a lunar crescent with two footprints at its center. Ouyang Ziyuan, a prominent Chinese geologist and chemical cosmologist, was among the first to advocate the exploitation not only of known lunar reserves of metals such as titanium, but also of helium-3, an ideal fuel for future nuclear fusion power plants. He is currently serving as the chief scientist of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program. Another prominent Chinese scientist, Sun Jiadong, was assigned as the general designer, while scientist Sun Zezhou was assigned as the deputy general designer. Chinese Lunar Exploration Program
on lunar exploration The history of lunar exploration began in 1959, just two years after the launch of Sputnik 1. In the space of just two months the USSR and the USA had both sent missions to successfully fly past the Moon (Luna 1 and Pioneer 4 respectively). On Lunar Exporation On Lunar Exporation
MoonViews - Providing Imagery and Data For Lunar Exploration End of day status, January 9, 2014. We made it through G4-051 today, though the problem with the rotary transformer dragging continues to reoccur. However, we just found that if we put our finger on one of the switching relays for read/write that are on the head assembly and push gently, the problem goes away. This is good in that we know that there is a mechanical problem NOT associated with the bearings.
Taking Lunar Exploration Online | X PRIZE Foundation A screencap of Red Rover's Facebook profile in beta. The social engine is not currently operating this profile. With the acquisition of a Falcon 9 launch contract, Astrobotic is embarking on an unprecedented commercial mission to the moon. In an age of abundant online access and social networking, the opportunities to share the mission online have never been greater.
Lunar Exploration Analysis Group (LEAG)
Orbiting about 50 kilometers (31 miles) above the lunar surface, NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) spacecraft will get a "front-row seat" to the total lunar eclipse on June 15, says Noah Petro, Associate Project Scientist for LRO at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. A lunar eclipse happens when the moon passes into Earth's shadow, and a total lunar eclipse occurs when Earth completely blocks the sun, causing the moon to darken and appear to change color. However, the moon doesn't go completely dark because Earth's atmosphere bends (refracts) indirect sunlight toward the moon, giving it dim illumination. untitled
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