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Printed Circuit Boards: The Heart of Every Device. In this day of fast-paced technological changes, almost every person on the planet already owns a cellphone that functions as an alarm clock, a mini game console, a mini-computer that has full access to the internet and can stream videos in a matter of minutes, and so much more.

Printed Circuit Boards: The Heart of Every Device

Nobody wants a cellphone just for texting and calling anymore because everyone knows that today’s phones are more than mere communication solutions. Types Of Services Offered By Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturing Companies. Whether it is a mobile phone, a laptop computer, a digital camera, a gaming console, or an MP3/MP4 player, your most loved device surely uses printed circuit boards as an integral component without which none of these devices will function.

Types Of Services Offered By Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturing Companies

Printed Circuit Board: A Nostalgic Recap On PCB Revolution. Science fiction movies and novels will never be complete without the fancy gadgets or biochemical created by technology higher than what is existent today.

Printed Circuit Board: A Nostalgic Recap On PCB Revolution

Usually, either of the protagonist and antagonist in the story holds the ultimate weapon unknown to other people.The same story can be seen in World War II when the United States of America national army used the early printed circuit board technology on a large scale to make proximity fuses in production of highly integrated explosives and communication equipment which gave them a great leverage to win against their enemies. Printed circuit board technology was not yet widely known by then and other nations in opposition are just starting to incorporate the new invention in their war weapons. It truly sounds like a Sci-fi movie especially when one will be able to put himself in the position of people living on that particular period. 1. 2. 3. 4. Why you need a PCB assembly service.

A printed circuit board or PCB first appears as a bare circuit board without electronic components assembled on it.

Why you need a PCB assembly service

When electronic components such as resistors, capacitors and semiconductors are soldered on the board with the required physical and electrical connections, the process is called PCB assembly. The process has to be done in the most painstaking manner possible and with utmost precision to guarantee proper functioning. For this reason, outsourcing PCB assembly to a professional and reputable electronic manufacturing service (EMS) is a must. The EMS of choice shall provide industry-leading services that include design and layout of the PCB, procurement of components and materials, populating the PCB with its components, and finishing and testing the electronic product.To know more information about the printed circuit board visit

PCB assembly can be preformed through various processes that are either leaded or lead-free. Various Materials Used In Manufacturing A Printed Circuit Board. Printed circuit boards are cheap boards that are mainly utilized in connecting electronic components.

Various Materials Used In Manufacturing A Printed Circuit Board

Circuit boards are manufactured in high volumes. Auto Market’s Competitiveness Backed Up Printed Circuit Boards. Posted by Gretchen Hill on February 26, 2016 in Electronics | Short Link The automotive industry is one of the largest sectors in the business world.

Auto Market’s Competitiveness Backed Up Printed Circuit Boards

But behind the high-end machines are the small printed circuit board systems serving as the data transmission’s core in equipment operation. PCBs are also installed in cars for specific functions to be carried out in the fastest, most reliable way possible. Testing and Producing New Cars Car production alone requires solid circuitry systems. Production also includes testing. Ensuring Smooth Information Transfer. Printed Circuit Board and How to Create Its Design.

Printed circuit board is known to be one of the most fundamental elements that make electronic machines and equipment work.

Printed Circuit Board and How to Create Its Design

To those who think that they have not yet seen one, it is the conventional card or board with holes and intertwined wires that may be found in different machineries and establishments. Some people may think that all those little and thin colorful lines are for its aesthetic purposes but it is not. Each wire in the printed circuit board is actually up to represent its component. This too, is to easily distinguish what the wire is for and at the same time, makes it easier to install the entire board. When mentioned “design on a printed circuit board”, some people may think that this electronic device my go with different shapes and designs that are all for aesthetic purposes. For those who would like to design their own printed boards, here are some of the tips that must be put into consideration: Printed Circuit Board Overview. Introduction Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are also called Printed Wiring Board or Printed Wiring Card.

Printed Circuit Board Overview

These boards are made of fiberglass covered with plastic and copper tracks. Repairing the Miniscule: How to Fix a Printed Circuit Board. Your laptop may be a Sony VAIO, an Apple Mac, or a Samsung ATIV.

Repairing the Miniscule: How to Fix a Printed Circuit Board

Your television may be from LG, Panasonic, Phillips. Your cellular phone may be a Nokia Windows phone, Samsung Android phone, or an iPhone that runs on iOS. What Every Hobbyist Needs to Know about the Etching Process of PCB Fabrication. Experts are often divided on the argument about which part of the PCB fabrication contains the highest level of difficulty.

What Every Hobbyist Needs to Know about the Etching Process of PCB Fabrication

Some say that creating the schematic diagram is the most difficult because it requires a lot of attention to the smallest details. This process has been made easy by the availability of various programs that can be installed on a computer. These programs contain all the necessary tools that PCB fabricators can use to create diagrams. However, some programs still require some manual polishing to ensure that the diagram is neat and the symbols are well-organized. The degree of polishing required for a computer-drawn schematic diagram depends primarily on its level of complexity. Important Facts You Ought to Know About Printed Circuit Board. The first printed circuit board was made-up by Paul Eisler in 1936 as a component of a radio set.

In 1943, the United States government started to use the technology on a massive scale to create proximity fuses (bomb detonators) in World War II. Today, PCBs are important components of almost all equipment such as cars, computers, mobile phones, and many more. Types of Printed Circuit Boards. Printed circuit board or PCB is composed of various conductive pathways or traces such as copper wires and fiberglass to support an electronic power system.

This is also called a Printed Circuit Assembly (PCA) or Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) because of the number of electric components it has. The printed circuit board has four different types, each having distinct features, complexity, and power levels. • Single-sided. Importance Of Printed Circuit Boards. The printed circuit cards or wiring boards [also called as printed circuit boards (PCB)] make electronic devices work. A PCB assembly connects the electronic device’s components, avoiding the hassles of setting up a complicated connection of wires together. A PCB assembly makes the electronic components work together, at the same time. You can usually see PCB assemblies in motherboards, mobile phones, calculators, laptops and other devices that use electricity to work. When Did It Start?

Bringing The Most Of The Benefit: Recycling Printed Circuit Boards. The life of electronic devices cease as soon as they cannot be used anymore despite repairs and replacement to their components. Usually, these devices end up being turned into scrap metal and then their parts are melted so that those can be used in making another device. Despite the loss, it is still good to know that the printed circuit boards, or PCBs, used by these devices can still be recycled and used in (or turned into) other devices. This suggests the idea that electronic devices may lose their life, but these boards that gave life to these devices can still be used to give life to other devices of their kind. However, this process can be quite challenging, because along with the recovery of these items comes the possibility of damaging another or risking the welfare of people. For instance, when computers break down, their parts may or may not be used, depending on the wear-and-tear that they went through, but their printed circuit boards can still be used by other computers.

Getting to Know the Materials Used in PCB Fabrication. There are several different materials used in PCB fabrication. The type of material used depends on the end use. Materials widely used include the FR4, standard rigid FR4, CEM-3, prepreg, Kapton, and special materials for Microwave, RF and high speed applications. The FR4 is among the most widely used materials; the FR stands for Fire Retardant. This material is made from fiber glass with epoxy laminate. Several layers of glass fiber are laminated together. Most manufacturers place their logo in the 4th layer during PCB fabrication. Standard rigid FR4 This material is specially designed for high density and multi-layered printed circuit boards. The behavior and function of this material is predictable and consistent, which makes processing tremendously easy.

The is an acronym for Composite Epoxy Material, which is very similar to FR4.