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21st Century Leadership

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How does the 21st Century leader learn, connect, communicate and exercise creativity.

SAMR Model. Calm - Meditation Techniques for Sleep and Stress Reduction. Facebook Page - JMS. Learn Spanish, French and other languages for free. Jericho MS (@JerichoMS) Jericho Middle School. BAM! Radio Network. Learning in the Snow @dmgately #satchat #edchat #ohedchat. Voxer. TweetDeck. High School Transition. Personal Best First Day of School: Checkin' In. In the middle of learning – by Donald Gately Ed.D.

About dfgately Middle School Principal Jericho, NY About Learning: On a snow day Recently Long Island experienced a heavy, snowy blizzard so we had a snow day.

In the middle of learning – by Donald Gately Ed.D

The Week at Jericho Middle School - February 5 & February 12, 2017 (with images, tweets) · dgately. Personal Best Parent Update. Device-free Wednesdays: The Shared Decision Making committee, in response to concerns from various stakeholders, is studying the impact of allowing students to use their phones in the cafeteria during lunch.

Personal Best Parent Update

Hence, Wednesdays are device free days during the lunch periods. I will keep you posted on how this study proceeds. As you know, over the past several years we have become increasingly open in our views towards students’ use of cell phones and digital devices. Many teachers have found appropriate, meaningful, and educationally significant ways to incorporate the use of personal electronic devices into their classroom instruction. Midyear Review of Code of Conduct.

Hangouts de Google. – one click video conversations. 6TH Grade Open House. Jericho MIddle School (@jericho_middle_school) Personal Best Day of Poetry. Remind. SAANYS Workshop - Connected Leadership by Donald Gately. INSTAGRAM - Jericho MIddle School (@jericho_middle_school)