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Love food? Property Find is a perfect place to know about the best Dine & Cuisine from around the world. Visit today to read all the latest news and information about the & festival, dine & cuisine.

Negative Effects of Some Favorite Drinks. Increase Brain Power with these Foods. Anyone can Fall in Love with Japanese "Manga Sushi" Skip the Excess of Sugar with Pomegranates. Candies and sugar have started invading into our lives once again. It all began innocently with a gingerbread house lingering with the red-and-green sprinkle cookies & then enduring with the classroom parties, the candy canes that are used to garnish every wrapped present, and the hot chocolate with marshmallows that lures the kids on these cold days. The children if keeping this pace would get spiral and sputter by the time Christmas arrives. Yet one doesn’t want to hijack all of the season’s treats. Rather fill their bellies with several vitamins and antioxidants from now on.

The idea is to counteract some of sugar’s negative effects with these nutrients. Antioxidants help in preventing oxidative damage caused by sugar. Magnesium regulates blood sugar and insulin, and vitamin C boosts the immune systems of children. To ensure they are consuming these vitamins and antioxidants, feeding them as many fruits and vegetables is the trick. Know more about TOFU & its Health Benefits. Must Have Foods for a Flat Tummy. Get International Food, Culture & Music in Dubai. Some Interesting Ways to add More Greens in Diet. Green vegetables and fruits are quite crucial for living a healthier lifestyle as these tends to be low in calories and offer plenty of fiber, which is a basic element to weight loss and its maintenance.

They also deliver a lot of nutrients which the body needs, from potassium & selenium to numerous vitamins. Half of your plate at each meal must be veggies and their goof food counterparts, fruits. Veggies are must to include in your diet, but if you have to eat more salad, you will run away. So what one should do? Follow these 10 innovative ways to have more greens.

Toss a smoothie Healthy smoothies loaded with greens are the tasty way to add more vegetables in your day. Juices Getting juicy with greens is a super nutritious method to consume those without the need to go for processed juices, which mostly are high on sugar and sodium content. Munching on chips Munching on veggie homemade chips of kale will help to satisfy the cravings. Amazing Easter Delicacy from Around the World. Its Easter time and it’s all about chocolate eggs after all, really? Well this year in the season of chocolate, flowers and bunnies, we will discuss some choicest sweet treats for you to try from across the world. Simnel Cake Picture Courtesy: It is generally prepared in United Kingdom. According to the legends, this delicious dish is the result of a couple fighting who were not agreeing over what to do with their left-over plum pudding and unleavened dough, and reaching a compromise.

Details about how the name came about are not found but it’s quite easy isn’t it? Haselnusstorte Picture Courtesy: This is particularly prepared in Germany and especially for Nutella fans out there. Choereg Picture Courtesy: This is usually made in Armenia & is made with special Armenian flavoured bread. Pacoca Picture Courtesy: Torrijas Picture Courtesy: Colomba di Pasqua Rosca De Pascua.