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The Epic Transformation of Trends in Local Fashion. The Unreachable Ethereal Designs Now In Dubai. Pakistani design is known for its dynamic quality and chutzpah.

The Unreachable Ethereal Designs Now In Dubai

Blending fine fabrics with delightful hues and streaming examples, Pakistani creators have been making waves in the design world by showcasing beautiful plans that reflect imaginative sensibilities and wonderful workmanship. Signature Studio, situated in Bay Avenue, Executive Towers, Business Bay, is one such store that offers the most recent patterns for ladies in Pakistani design. Among the top names you can discover Sammy K, Maria Rao, SNL, Agha Noor, Karishma Talreja, Zunaira, Nudrat Talha, Humayun Saeed, and Flairs accumulation here. Whether you favor prêt wear, adornments pieces, up-to-date grips, extravagance prêt, and formals or modified wedding wear, Signature Studio has something for each taste. Set up in 2012, the style house is controlled by Anna Shoaib, who is a graduate of the prestigious Indus Valley School of Arts in Karachi, and has a sharp eye for design and patterns.

Get Ready to Shop at the Best Textile Souks in Dubai. Elegant Resorts & Exclusive Luxury Comes To Haute Couture. Surprising Ways in Which Everyone Ruin Their Clothes. Some Money Tips if You Lose Your Job in the UAE. Is it Possible for Humans to Live More than Normal Age? According to a new study, there may be a limit to how long humans can live. A French woman Jeanne Calment was the oldest known person, who died in 1997 at age 122. Calment’s endurance record is unlikely to be broken, the researchers stated. The researchers wrote in their study, issued on Oct. 5 in the journal Nature; ‘ In contrast to earlier suggestions that human longevity can be increased ever further, our data strongly suggest that the span of life is limited,’ However, the new conclusions don’t mean that researchers know for sure that humans will never exist longer than 122 years, a professor of biology and aging at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Steven Austad said; ‘that scientists used to think that the limit to the human life span was 110 years until somebody lived to be older than that, which explains that it is tough to foretell what this limit can be for humans.

The scientists also examined to see how old the very oldest people were when they died. Some Really Bizarre Painters & Their Weird Techniques. We all somehow address Artists either creative or weird.

Some Really Bizarre Painters & Their Weird Techniques

It’s acceptable that all the artists’ mixture of both. Maybe it’s the cost they pay for being so amazingly talented, although that doesn’t justify all those art students who sneeze on a canvas and call it the height of art because they don’t actually know how to paint. Either way, it takes a huge effort for an artist to stand out as weird in a field that’s already viewed as offbeat. Some Exercise Tips for People with Diabetes. A professor of exercise science, Sheri Colberg-Ochs, Ph.D. at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va.

Some Exercise Tips for People with Diabetes

Studies show as few as 39 % of people with type 2 diabetes participate in the regular physical activity, compared with 58 % of other Americans. And that’s a disgrace because working out can help develop insulin action and keep blood sugars in check. Exercise also benefits you to lose weight and improve balance, important because many people with type 2 diabetes are at risk for obesity and for falls.

Here are six great workouts you can easily work into your daily routine. Unknown Facts about the Most Expensive Substance on Earth. The most precious substances on earth tend to be valuable because of their rareness or because of the trouble in producing them.

Unknown Facts about the Most Expensive Substance on Earth

However, some elements have an exaggerated value because of the illegal risk involved in purchasing and marketing these items. Over time, the worth of valuable substances frequently changes as the availability of unique materials rises, or the passion for them fades. Elements like helium are comparatively low-priced, but as the world’s supply ultimately dwindles as it’s foretold to, this elemental gas may encounter a surge in business value. Currently, the listing of the most precious materials on earth are controlled by rare earth elements such as precious gems like diamonds, platinum and high-level materials that are critical and difficult to produce.

This new Gorilla Glass helps Prevent Phone Smashes. Connecting Rural Economies to the Pace of Broadband. The Jebel Ali Port is ready for Hyperloop Trains. The declaration agrees with Dubai Future Foundation’s declaration of holding a global rivalry to plan a Hyperloop venture permitting individuals to go amongst Dubai and Fujairah in under 10 minutes.

The Jebel Ali Port is ready for Hyperloop Trains

DP World is good to go to move holders from boats docked at DP World’s leader Jebel Ali Port through the Hyperloop tube to an inland compartment stop in Dubai that is 29 km far from the port. The declaration was made after a reminder of comprehension the DP World finished up with the Los-Angeles-based Hyperloop One while dispatching an achievability study to investigate the likelihood of utilizing fast transport innovation – Hyperloop – to move holders from Jebel Ali Port to an inland stockpiling depot.

The declaration agrees with Dubai Future Foundation’s declaration of holding a universal rivalry to outline a Hyperloop venture permitting individuals to go amongst Dubai and Fujairah in under 10 minutes. The declaration of such a pioneer cutting edge venture has hit features of global media. Prynt Turns a Smartphone into Instant Photo Camera. Here's Google's Duo for Fast & Simple Video Calls. Video calling is the best thing and as same as being with someone in person.

Here's Google's Duo for Fast & Simple Video Calls

But often, it can be frustrating & daunting task. More than half of the people never make video calls on their mobile because of reasons like whether the call will connect or the person the call is made to uses the same device or not. There's an Interesting History behind Headphones to know!! Secret iPhone Features that are Really, Truly Hidden! The Biggest Tech Acquisitions of All Time! Learn How a Computer Virus could Hack your Personal Data. Sometimes a computer virus goes way beyond a simple inconvenience and starts cyber-security history as one of the dangerous bugs of all time and we will tell you five of the worst viruses which can be so harmful to your PC.

Learn How a Computer Virus could Hack your Personal Data

You might not be shocked to learn that most of these viruses came as innocent-looking emails, and relied on users clicking through on unfamiliar attachments and links. In different words, it was social engineering, where hackers manage us to act a specific way to let them in. The first virus in the list is Melissa, from 1999, it uses a Word document attachment, it could fill up with porn sites and forward itself to more email addresses through a macro, a small bit of code worked to simplify repetitive tasks in Word.

If you question why Word sometimes locks down attachments you get over email, Melissa is part of the reason why. Try these Cooking Apps for a Convenient Cooking! These days we manage all the things by technology and new high-tech gadgets. technology helps in almost everything in our daily life like handling office stuff including mail, appointments, meetings, video conferencing and others but it’s not limited to office stuff , nowadays it’s spread it everywhere through apps and many other websites or apps.

Try these Cooking Apps for a Convenient Cooking!

If we are talking about apps there are so many apps which can help us to learn new things like languages, music, dance and even cooking. Yes! Cooking too so if you love good food? We have tried to arrange very good food apps, this amazing collection of kitchen and recipe apps to satisfy the food expert in you. List of the Best Gadgets for Health and Fitness. Places to Watch Eid Al Adha Fireworks in the UAE. Best Ideas about Outfit & Fashion for a Week. Secret why Fashion Models Never Smile? Physical Activities for the Prevention, Treatment & Recovery of Cancer. Hilton Group is ready to give its Warmth of Hospitality in India! This will be one of the biggest dual-branded hotel projects in India and first, hold a 336-room Hilton Garden Inn brand hotel and second a 250-room Hilton Hotels & Resorts brand hotel.

Hilton Group is ready to give its Warmth of Hospitality in India!

Plus the full range of facilities and services, the hotel project will also present 46,000 sq/ft. of Meetings and Events space. Aimed to open in 2020, the dual-branded hotel plan will be part of a mixed-use construction that also includes 2 commercial towers and an expanded Food and Beverage Hub. It will be constructed and owned by the Embassy Group and operated by Hilton. Executive vice president, global brands, Hilton, Jim Holthouser, stated, ‘Sustainable expansion in India with a multi-brand and multiple partners plan is a strategic priority for Hilton. This incredible country remains to deliver strong economic growth and the implied of its hospitality industry is exponential. Some Unbelievable things that can be Purchased Online!! A List of the Best Beach Resorts in the World. Many people are booking their holidays as the season is getting hotter.

A List of the Best Beach Resorts in the World

Most people are concerned about the destination and opt for the hotels regarding where it is situated. Choose your hotel first and following is the top best beach hotel list:- Ocean House Hotel, Rhode Island Picture Courtesy: This hotel is registered in the Forbes five star hotel lists with the iconic New England resort seaside. Jade Mountain, St. Get Ready for Dubai Sports World 2017. This summer season, Dubai sports world is converting into the season of fitness. This year is the 7th consecutive edition of the largest indoor summer sports happening in UAE. It is organized in partnership with the sports council of Dubai and will remain open for three months full of action for athletes pertaining to every level to perform their training. Picture Courtesy: This year the amenities will consist of the following:- Four standard pitches for professional five-a-side footballsTwelve courts of badminton. Some Facts about Jupiter's Icy Moon Europa. In coming decade NASA will send its mission to the icy moon of Jupiter, so as to probe more about warm water ocean in the interior of the moon since its historic flybys back in 1973-74.

Scientists are eager to go beneath the surface and see what resides there. Picture Courtesy: NASA is building a seismometer which is specially designed for its use on Europa’s interior. This device will help scientists in determining whether the interior is favorable to life. This microphone is built for the robotic probe. Picture Courtesy: It will ascertain if the area has pockets of water like lakes and how often the water rises to the surface. Retailers Hope for Bundle Deals & Discounts at Gitex Shopper. Gold Loving Women should be Aware of these Facts! There’s an old proverb that women can’t have too many clothes or too many jewellery. It is true certainly! Women love their clothes and jewellery and always look for chances to display their best collection. Be it a friend’s marriage or sister’s engagement, we always want to look flawless with our best set of the jewellery collection.

As soon as a big jewellery brand launches the new collection, we are excited to stumble upon it and buy some beautiful piece of jewellery. It can be a neckpiece, a ring or earring, doesn’t matter. The popularity of gold has risen over the years and one can’t think a marriage without this metal. Discover Some Exclusive Wrist Watches for Men! Naturally, this is not the principles one would normally like to judge a complex mechanical wristwatch by. Retirement: It's a new start for life now!

How to Live a Purposeful Life after Retirement is a question somehow everyone thinks on, cause one day they’ll retire from their job or after certain age everybody wants peace and comfort life. Being Retired Doesn't Mean To Stop in Life! Today, many Americans are traveling much farther afield to enjoy a new life at a low cost. Numerous are migrating to Asia, South America, Europe and beyond to reach their retirement dollars. And foreign countries, excited for the increase to their economies, have taken notice.

Could India become the World's Largest Economy? In this time, in the world top, 5 largest economies are China, the United States, India, Japan, and Germany. Know What Girls Required in their Engagement Ring? It is thought that the engagement ring which is given by a husband or fiancé reflects his love of the women who gets it. Some Easy Tips to Show Care for a Girl. Dubai's New 'Discount' Shopping Destination. Don't Feel Lonely when you are Alone; Just be You. Tricks to Help Children Develop Healthy Habits. Discover how Introverts and Extroverts Are Different? Plan on How to Set New Year's Resolutions. The Happiness Park' Unveiled In Dubai. Most Important Things to Simplify in Life.

These Roads can Steal Hearts Right Away. Pre-Historic Burial Chamber with 17 Mummies Uncovered in Egypt. The archaeologists in Egypt have found 17 mummies inside catcombs in Minya province situated at the south of Cairo, as announced by the ministry of antiquities on Saturday, the 13th of May. Herbs & Spices for Sleek & Smooth Hair! Herbs and spices are the natural remedies to restore your damaged hair to its primary condition. The seasoning works wonder when taken with food or applied directly to the hairs. If beautiful locks are your wish, then set aside your wallet and search your cupboard rather because following spices and herbs stimulates hair growth and development, add natural shine and even fight frizz. Essential Tips for Saving on Home Insurance in Dubai. Benefits of Having a Sideboard at House. Jaguar has Launched its first ever Concept ‘Green’ Vehicle. Because there’s no transmission, there’s a smart 8-litre stowage area in the center console.

And no transmission means no regular gear lever, so there’s an extra stowage area where that would commonly sit. Jaguar calls the seats ‘luxury slimline’ pews and calls the driving position ‘sports command’. Higher than regular, but yet sporty-feeling. Jaguar’s using some beautiful contemporary materials within the I-Pace Concept. Some Tips for Buying Gold in Dubai. Vitamin E to Benefit Skin, Hair & Health. Destinations having great weather in Summer. Some Bizarre Glass Beaches across the World. Top Train Journey of India that you should Not Miss. Some Tips for keeping Kids engaged during a Long Trip. Have a Look on some of the most Dangerous Jobs! Factors for Deciding the best place to Settle. Birds that are just Too Beautiful to Look Away! Easy Steps to Design your Own Home. Bring Positivity to Your Life with these Feng Shui Tips!

Coolest Office Spaces in the World. The Best Places to Visit in Dubai. Amazing Places you won't believe Exist on Earth. The Earthquake Resistant Buildings around the World. Discover Future Airports in Dubai Airport Show 2016. My City, My Metro. Facts You Never Knew About IKEA. Know More about an Oldest Residential Area in Dubai. Life Is Measured by Shells that Missed In Border Villages of Jammu. This Halloween...Get Ready for Some Chills. Different Body Types & Their Effect on Weight Loss. Richest People of Earth Capable to Buy a Nation.

The Most Expensive Object on Earth - Property Find. Know Why Donald Trump's Victory Is A Shock Across Political Divide? Catch "Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them" this Weekend! How the Moon Affects the Human Behavior? Amazing Things to do this National Day in the UAE. Top Restaurants in Dubai for Emirati Food & Arabian Flavors. Never Seen Expensive Foods in Dubai. The best Hotel Brunch & Breakfast Dining in Dubai. Chill out this Summer in these Dubai Coffee Shops. Love Gold so Much? Now You Could Eat It! Amazing Ramadan Recipe. Best Places for Tea Time in Dubai. Best Rooftop Bars & Lounge in Dubai. Tips to Become & Remain Vegan Easily! Favorite Indian Restaurant in Dubai. Facts about the only Hindu Temple in Dubai. Historical Places in Dubai that Still Look the Same Even Today. Complete City guide for Solo Travelers to Dubai. Interesting Facts about the "London Eye" Dubai is now getting Crazy for Bollywood!

Breathtaking Places to Visit around the World. Lesser Known Facts about Indian Beaches. Travel Guide for First Time Travelers to Deira in Dubai. Travel Trends that will Thrill Tourism Industry. These Hotels to Open Soon In UAE! Some Cancer-Fighting Culinary Spices and Herbs.