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Social. Comparatif des banques : Banques, banques en ligne, changer de banque. Votre numéro de fax personnel. Webapp. Logiciel billetterie et logiciel inscription en ligne - Weezevent. IFTTT : automatiser des tâches courantes sur le web. "If This Then That" est un service web qui permet d'automatiser de très nombreuses actions courantes sur le web, en interconnectant près d'une trentaine de canaux sur le web : comme Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin, Gmail, Dropbox, Yammer etc.

IFTTT : automatiser des tâches courantes sur le web

Gains de productivité, facilitation du suivi d'une veille info ou de processus d'archivage, meilleure gestion de sa présence en ligne : IFTTT est un service très pratique pour les professionnels connectés qui cherchent à gagner du temps sur, et par le web. Présente Connec'table: la table ronde tactile multitouch. Connec'table, la table ronde MultiTouch par VirtualSensitive Un produit unique, qui vous plonge au coeur d'un univers interactif aux possibilités infinies!

présente Connec'table: la table ronde tactile multitouch

Convertisseur YouTube. Photo editor online - edit image.

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Presentations. About Us. What is Roozz ?

About Us is a very sophisticated technology that can convert the vast majority of existing software applications and PC games to run directly in any browser as well allows the owner of the title to set up payment exactly how they wish to - allowing them to rent out their software. Converting a title typically takes 48 hours where the only work involved for the publisher is to send the title on a CD or as download .zip package file and will take care of the rest - and we do not require access to source code. Very easy and entirely risk-free for the publisher to get started. Amendments.

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Diaporamas. Cloud. Syndication. Home - BeKnown. Yoowalk - Free virtual world to walk around the web and chat in 3D. Recherche. Cartes. Typepad. Share your passions with the world. Netvibes. Reddit: the front page of the internet. L'accélérateur de start-ups - Nurturing successful entrepreneurs. Piktochart. Fear not, help is at hand!


To make things easier for you, we’ve gathered the best tips & tricks, (e)books & videos to get you inspired and started in no time. Our Tutorial guide has 4 sections. ~Introduction How infographics can help you to tell your story and empower the data? Why they are so popular? ~Research How to find the right topic and content for your infographic? Glogster - join the visual communication network. Explore more. Web pages, photos, and videos. Simple Pricing from Square — Square. Accept credit cards with your iPhone, Android or iPad – Square.

FeedBurner. Remember The Milk: gestion de listes et de tâches en ligne. Dribbble - Show and tell for designers. - Your music. Your way. Build a Website - Squarespace 6. Codecademy Offers Python Courses for its "Millions" of Users. Codecademy, one of the shining stars in the “learn to code” movement, has offered front-end technologies like JavaScript, jQuery, HTML and CSS since August of last year.

Codecademy Offers Python Courses for its "Millions" of Users

These are, at least by my own standards, the absolute easiest languages to start off with, but don’t offer the same possibilities as a powerful server-side language. Now, to grow its education footprint, Codecademy is today launching Python courses to the public. According to co-founder Zach Sims, Python was the most requested language from the community, and the tech behind implementing it has undergone testing since the January launch of Codecademy Labs. The startup found that running Python and Ruby client-side led to endless problems, so it developed a way to run the code server-side, which supposedly has made expanding into additional languages, such as Ruby or perhaps PHP, much easier.

From the release: We’ve been hard at work on one of the most requested languages: Python! Mingly - Personal Relationship Management. Straw Poll. Silp - L'emploi de vos rêves viendra à vous. Yoowalk - Free virtual world to walk around the web and chat in 3D. VPN-Surf - Réseau VPN français pour protéger votre anonymat. Do It (Tomorrow) What deux yeux have teux deux teuxday? Pourquoi intégrer Facebook Connect sur votre site ? Facebook Connect est aujourd’hui la solution d’identification proposée par Facebook qui pourrait permettre à n’importe quel site demandant une identification de déléguer celle-ci à Facebook.

Certains sites l’ont mis en place comme, Digg et bien d’autres. Pinterest / Home. Seesmic. Twitter expliqué (enfin) même aux nuls. Créer un site internet - Jimdo. Flux public - Prezi - The Zooming Presentation Editor. Delicious - Discover Yourself! All Topics - The Latest News Headlines, Videos and Images - Digg. You Publish. Convertisseur YouTube.

Gestionnaire de Pages Facebook. Description.

Gestionnaire de Pages Facebook

TED-Ed. View full lesson: Everything in our universe has mass — from the smallest atom to the largest star.


But the amount of mass has remained constant throughout existence even during the birth and death of stars, planets and you. How can the universe grow while maintaining its mass? Todd Ramsey answers that question by unravelling the law of conservation of mass. Lesson by Todd Ramsey, animation by Vegso/Banyai.