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Domestic Security Services is a family’s first choice in Home Security Systems. It was established in 1979 by Mark Cliffordin Cork, Ireland to provide both supplies and unrivalled installation services of domestic security products. Since then, we have been relentlessly serving our customers all over Cork city and its county. From theinstallation of CCTVs, safes, Automatic Gates, Alarm Systems to Cameras, we cover a wide spectrum of services for both domestic and commercial properties. Our long-standing reputation and unparalleled customer service give us an edge over others in the industry. Licensed by the Private Security Authority, we abide by all legal norms set by the Private Security Services Act 2004 for all security guarding companies since 1stApril 2006.

The Definitive Guide To Hiring A Professional Finance Advisor. How Home Alarm Systems Cork Can Get You A Discount On Home Insurance - Domestic Security Services. In Ireland, homeowners have the facility to claim Insurance, if they experience a burglary at their home and if the burglar is successful to steal something, or damages any property or possession while escaping.

How Home Alarm Systems Cork Can Get You A Discount On Home Insurance - Domestic Security Services

But it is a typical scene that after going through the burglary, and getting the coverage, consumers have to pay an increased amount in insurance premium. This can be a cumbersome situation for a homeowner who might be facing a drastic loss because of the burglary. But there's a better way to control the risk of burglary, as well as having to pay a reduced insurance premium with residential security systems and house alarms in Cork. First of all, burglars are prone to avoid secured homes with alarms or CCTV cameras. Secondly, you can save money on insurance premiums afterwards. 5 Key Reasons behind Irish Residents Installing Home Security Systems in Cork. Legal Regulations for Domestic CCTV Installation Cork - Domestic Security Services. CCTV Cameras have become highly popular in Ireland as a functional technology for maintaining security, used, not only by offices and showrooms but also by homeowners and farm owners to extend better security for the property as well as for the family, pets and livestock.

Legal Regulations for Domestic CCTV Installation Cork - Domestic Security Services

Home surveillance systems are easily available, affordable and simple to install, but they also come with a legal liability that all users should comply with. How Are You Legally Liable For Using CCTV Camera in Cork While the soul concern for getting new security cameras installed into their premises is for their own safety, still, they are indirectly intruding someone else's privacy by possessing their "personal data". For example, sometimes within proximity, your camera can also cover footage of your neighbor's house through an open window, it may also record the face of your Amazon delivery guy, it may also capture the number plate of a car passing by the front of your house. Why Choose The Best Smart Home Security Services In Cork Ireland. Vigyaa - User Generated Content. The benefits of embracing a smart life by switching to smart home technologies are plenty.

Vigyaa - User Generated Content

The article here captures each of them to pique your interest. Go through them to draw insights. The biggest innovation till date - Internet of Things (IoT) has taken over smart home security today. Thanks to the technology up-gradation and the emergence of AI (Artificial Intelligence), interconnection between diverse components of the system and to that of the internet is now possible.

Controlled mostly through mobile devices or desktops, it makes remote monitoring effortless and cost-effective. Improved Control & Monitoring Processes Not only does one receive notifications from the refrigerator on the status of food spoilage and the list of items that are missing in one’s pantry but also enjoy monitoring home from a distance through .

Better Security A smart home security system powered by IoT combines security cameras, motion sensors, smart locks, smoke detectors and much more. Ensures Comfort. Summer Safety Tips from Domestic Security in Cork – Domestic Security Services. As Ireland is gradually adapting to the new normal and planning to reunite with friends and family, it’s not long when people shall again be a victim, not to the deadly virus but burglary.

Summer Safety Tips from Domestic Security in Cork – Domestic Security Services

Recent statistics confirm the same by establishing the fact that every 30 minutes, the country records a new case of robbery. Believe it or not, but it’s good to worry at times, especially when the matter concerns your family as this shall urge you to go the extra mile to secure your home. And, if you are one of them, who is willing to comfortably transition into the new way of living, but the anxiety of burglary is barring you from it, then go through this write-up. Exploring the Benefits of a Wireless Home Alarm System in Cork, Ireland. Technology is a boon in true sense.

Exploring the Benefits of a Wireless Home Alarm System in Cork, Ireland

Imagine those times when installing alarm systems at home required technicians, who would arrive with tools and dig up on walls to run wires around the house. Who knew these would soon get replaced by wireless systems! Well, advancements in technology made it possible and liberated homeowners from the earlier constraints. As wireless home alarm systems in Cork, Ireland evolved, people started witnessing benefits. Automatic Electric Gates in Cork Ireland. Automatic Gates Looking for professionals to install automatic gates to protect your family and property when you are away?

Automatic Electric Gates in Cork Ireland

We are happy to inform you that we can provide you with the ultimate solution and return your peace of mind. From sliding gate openers to overhead gate openers and further to swinging gate openers, we can deal with all sorts of installations and provide you with a high level of protection with just a push of a button. Reach out to us! Automatic Gate Installations from the Best Installers near you Automatic Gates are driveway gates,which operate automatically with the press of a button on a remote or from a digital keyboard or with the swipe of an electronic card. Home Security CCTV Camera System In Cork Ireland. Home CCTV System Home CCTV system installation is not easy.

Home Security CCTV Camera System In Cork Ireland

Doubts like “where to install them- inside or outside?” Are very common. To top it all, trivial things like running wires through self-drilled holes might just freak you out. So, leave it to the experts of Domestic Security Services. Install Automatic Electric Gates In Cork Ireland. The Evolving Applications of CCTV cameras in Cork. Security & Surveillance Camera System In Cork Ireland. Camera System We understand how much you value your property, possessions and more importantly your family, which is why we offer Security Camera System installation service to all Cork-based residents.

Security & Surveillance Camera System In Cork Ireland

With the boons of digitalised signals, HD quality cameras and of course our expertise in positioning surveillance cameras in the right corner of your home, you can now watch over your family or property from anywhere. Contact us for setting it up without encountering the complicacy and wiring glitches. Standard Security Camera System Installation Services by Domestic Security Experts With crime and theft cases reaching an all-time high, surveillance cameras are no longer a luxury and something meant for the cash-rich. However, none of this will hold true without professionally installed security cameras. Locksmith Service Provider In Cork.

Locksmith Services Domestic Security – The Best & Most Reliable Safe Locksmiths in Cork, Ireland Safes are an integral part of every home.

Locksmith Service Provider In Cork

Relied upon by households for guarding valuables and legal documents from flood, fire outbreak and most importantly the prying eyes of thieves, it offers one more than one reason to invest in them. Thanks to technology for upgrading them with more protective powers! Perhaps it’s a reason why safe ownership has risen at present. But, there’s nothing to feel stressed about now! House Security Alarm System Service In Cork Ireland. Alarm System A safe home starts with secure entry points like the doors and windows.

House Security Alarm System Service In Cork Ireland

A properly installed Security Alarm System ensures it and safeguards homes from burglars with top-quality features like motion detectors, window sensors, CCTV cameras and control panels. If you are a firm believer in its application and wish to protect your residence or commercial property most smartly, dial our number and schedule an alarm installation. We can bring you peace of mind in the next meet.