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The Factors That Determine Fresh Seafood. While gauging the freshness of seafood can be quite difficult when cooked in restaurants, it is possible to examine it on your own as you shop in the market. Factors Basically, there are four factors that determine the quality and freshness of seafood and shellfish: storage temperature, oil content, proper handling and a species’ unique characteristics. Without sufficient care as in cleaning or bleeding, the flesh and body will not only be damaged but will also facilitate spoilage. In addition to this, inconsistent temperatures or conditions that are set too high will also reduce the aquatic animal’s shelf life. Meanwhile, specific characteristics and the oil content also influence the duration of the fish’s life out of sea.

Seafood Seafood products derived from crabs, shrimps and lobsters that are alive and thrashing inside a clean tank indicate freshness. Frozen It’s a mistake to conclude all frozen products aren’t fresh. Must- Try Healthy Seafood Meals. Enjoy these exquisite seafood dishes by the sea in Monterey without worrying about your health. Smoked Salmon Ravioli – Salmon is a good source of vitamins B12, B6, and D. They also contain omega-3 and protein. Serve this with some ricotta cheese and you have a healthy and tasteful meal.Pasta Capri – Found at Domenico’s On the Wharf, a restaurant in Monterey, it has baby shrimps tomatoes, black olives, green onions, and served over linguini in a butter and clam broth.

This dish packs an explosion of flavors in every spoonful. Absolutely delightful.Sea Scallops with Fettucine pasta – Scallops are rich in B12. Protein, amino acids, and omega-3. You can eat this with some mushrooms, and you’ll have a light but satisfying dinner.Seafood Alfredo – If you’re looking a heavier meal that’s rich in vitamins and minerals, seafood Alfredo is for you. Seafood is generally healthy and nutritious, especially when prepared the right way. Like this: Like Loading... Eat Smart: Getting Fresh Seafood at Restaurants. Where do Spot Prawns Live? Among the many sumptuous seafood available in Monterey restaurants, Monterey Bay Spot Prawns is perhaps one of the most popular choices among food enthusiasts and casual diners alike. With a distinctive sweet taste and firm texture, spot prawns are considered the largest species of shrimp found along the west coast of the United States.

At times, however, these mouthwatering treats can be hard to find. Their Natural Habitat Spot prawns are usually found on various water depths and habitat types. Young spot prawns are seen along muddy bottoms, while adults can be found along crevices, rock piles, corals, sponges, debris-covered bottoms, and under boulders. It has been said that fishermen can catch more spot prawns at around 60 fathoms, but usually they can also be found between 2 to 250 fathoms. Around the World Aside from the west coast of the United States, spot prawns can also be found along the coasts of British Columbia and Alaska. Like this: Like Loading... Complementing the King Crab. Is your Crab Fresh? Simple Ways to Find Out. There’s nothing better than going to a great seafood restaurant and feasting on crab meat, particularly from an Alaskan Red King Crab, which is one of the most prized crab species in the world.

These are usually caught on Bristol Bay and Norton Sound, yet these may also be found along Monterey Bay. Dark burgundy in color, these crabs turn bright red when cooked, with scarlet red highlights along the top part of its shell. The taste of its snow-white meat is definitely something to remember.Eating this kind of crab fresh off the bay is definitely better than frozen crab meat, but it’s also very quick to spoil.

Luckily, there are a few simple ways to determine a crab’s freshness before it gets cooked to ensure that you’ll get a succulent dinner. Check it out Raw crab meat should have pure white flesh, with a hint of bright red where the shell meets the flesh. Smell it One telltale sign of spoiled crab meat is a rancid, sour, or strong fishy odor coming from it. Touch it. How to Enjoy the Alaskan King Crab. Why Crab is good for you. Facts about Your Favorite Oyster. Oysters are regarded as one of the sea’s best gift to humanity.

They can be cooked in multiple ways and however that is, they’ll surely give you a gratifying gustatory experience. Below are some interesting facts about this delicacy. Yes, they are aphrodisiacs. Oysters contain zinc, which aids in testosterone reproduction and, therefore, a key mineral for men’s sexual health. Researchers also discovered that oysters are also rich in amino acids that aids production of sex hormones in high levels. Good for the heart Oysters are high in magnesium, potassium and omega-3 fatty acids, making you less prone to stroke, heart attack and low blood pressure. Farmed oysters are the good guys. Oysters in offshore farms help enhance the quality of oceans and bays because they filter feed-on matters that might contaminate waterways. The “R” month myth.

According to the myth, it is best to buy and consume oysters during the “R” months (those with the letters R in them). Oyster for healthy gardens. Wharf Delicacies – Monterey Bay Spot Prawns. Know Your Seafood: A Guide to Monterey’s Finest. Dining Etiquette at Italian Restaurants. Why the fascination with Italian restaurants? Well, for many, Italian restaurants offer the best of both worlds—delectable and sumptuous food, all at a good price. Not everyone is aware, though, that there are certain etiquette rules when eating at a fine dining Italian restaurant. Here are some to keep in mind: Eat your pasta quietly Pasta is an Italian restaurant staple, making it quite unusual for anyone to head out to a restaurant without ordering pasta. Use the wine list Italian food goes great with either white or red wine.

Like this: Like Loading... Eating Al Fresco at Seafood Restaurants. From Deadliest Catch to a Sumptuous Treat. Simply put, the Alaskan King Crab is the finest in the world, enough for it to have its own award-winning reality show. A monarch among crabs, it is highly coveted for its rich and succulent taste. With the crab harvesting season lasting just a couple of months, and its demand in the global market being consistently high, a king crab meal is always a luxurious treat. With its snow-white meat and delicate texture that rouses the palate with a refreshing sweetness not found in other types of crab meat, King Crab dishes are, indeed, at par with the most exquisite culinary creations. Unlike other premier dishes that come in small portions, you don’t have to choose quality over quantity with the King Crab. Its massive legs and claws are filled with tasty meat, each tightly packed and yielding whole mouthfuls. The list of preparation styles and recipes are also copious, from steaming and boiling, to baking and grilling.