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Battery Management System DIY

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Traduction. EVD5 BMS - tumanako. View topic - Even Newer 4 to 24-cell Battery Management System (BMS) Something is definitely not right there.

View topic - Even Newer 4 to 24-cell Battery Management System (BMS)

It seems like the control circuit part is OK, because you can get it to go green when you short opto pins 7-8.Do the other channels above have 'normal' voltages? What would help is to measure the voltage across the shunt resistors on the affected channels. Measure those and let me know what you get. Also see which resistors (if any) are getting hot. There is just not a lot of circuit there, so not much else that can go wrong.Here's what should be close to your schematic: Here's a 2.3 diagram of the cell circuit test points. 2_3 Cell Circuit Test Points.jpg (46.23 KiB) Viewed 1435 times On the output side of the optocouplers: Ver 2_3 board Test Points.jpg (109.52 KiB) Viewed 1435 times One thing I did figure out about this and all similar boards (Ver.4, Signalab and others) is this:You can easily blow up the board if you make connections between the board and the cells and the charger is connected (even if it is turned off). Le BMS parfait ! LTC6803-1 and -3 - Multicell Battery Stack Monitor.

Rickygu/openBMS. Li-Ion BMS - BMS chips options. Li-Ion BMS - White Paper - Li-Ion BMS chips. This paper discusses the chips available today for a BMS design.

Li-Ion BMS - White Paper - Li-Ion BMS chips

Please also see a detailed spec comparison Designers of a BMS for Lithium Ion batteries may use one of the following in their product: Generic ICs that can be used to design the Front End of a BMS from scratch: Analog ICs, such as power supply supervisors, multiplexers, for "dumb" Front Ends with analog communications Microprocessors, to take analog readings, for "smart" Front Ends with didital communications Specifically designed ICs for Li-Ion BMSs ASICs - (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) Microprocessors or FPGAs that are pre-programmed / pre-configured for BMS operation Today, only a few ICs that are specifically designed for Li-Ion BMSs are produced.

Thay can be grouped as follows: ICs for small batteries ICs for large battery packs... The following ICs are generally unavailable: they are offered only to very large manufacturers, and by appointment only. Highlights include: Battery Vehicle Society. Open ReVolt/PCB Schematics - EcoModder. DIY open source lithium BMS (battery management system) - Fuel Economy, Hypermiling, EcoModding News and Forum. I've made enough progress with my lithium BMS that I think its time to post up what I have so far.

DIY open source lithium BMS (battery management system) - Fuel Economy, Hypermiling, EcoModding News and Forum

I am posting the info for others to use as well as get some feedback. Let me preface this all with the fact that I am by and far no expert in this. I know some programming and a little bit about electronics. That and a lot of googling and help from others has lead me to developing this. The BMS is currently setup to work with the plugin kit for my Prius. With that I'd like to go over generally how it works without having to dive into code: Charging protection is pretty simple. Discharge protection is taken care of via a current sensor. Balancing is currently not done with the BMS. Thermal protection is not currently done either.

Here is the schematic: And here is the code (NOT UP TO DATE): Code: Here is a list of the components: I've been using the charging protection for a few months with my plugin kit and it has worked great. Anyway, thanks for reading if you got this far.