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Why Moms With Boys Really Shouldn't Support Feminism. Yes, I'm a woman.

Why Moms With Boys Really Shouldn't Support Feminism

But I've had it with feminism. Here's why. I'm a wife, mother, sister, daughter, business owner, sports nut and beer lover, but I am not a feminist. Bavarian Key Case. The Isidore Tarot // A beautiful and whimsical tarot featuring illustrator J.J. Grandville's anthropomorphic characters in surreal Victorian scenes // . . . ..................................................................................................

Going underground: inside the world of the mole-catchers. Roger Page purchased his home in East Bilney, a Norfolk farming community, about 25 years ago.

Going underground: inside the world of the mole-catchers

For the better part of those 25 years, he bore no ill will toward the moles. He was fond of wildlife, or at least what little of it remained in the country. A family of deer foraged in the backyard. Donald Trump’s Nuclear Uncle. In September, 1936, a reporter for the Associated Press watched the unveiling of a new kind of X-ray machine, said to be able to generate a million volts of power.

Donald Trump’s Nuclear Uncle

The scientist operating the device was John G. Trump, a professor of engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Trump was working the controls and explaining how high-speed electrons ran along a porcelain tube to a “water-cooled gold target,” when suddenly “two of the high-voltage sparks hit him squarely on the nose.” And yet, according to the A.P. account, the direct strike caused him only “slight discomfort.” Lair of the Bastard: ONE HUNDRED NATZY SCALPS. Stream of consciousness incoming Yesterday, A.V.


Club, generally a great source of pop culture news with an occasional smartass twist (a natural consequence of being the rare non-satirical entity owned by The Onion), published an article titled "Metal music still has an unaddressed Nazi problem". It's been making the rounds in my internetical circles for obvious reasons, mainly being that I'm a metalhead who writes and talks about metal all the time and therefore associates with several likeminded people, and it's just gotten me thinking about a couple of things. So I figured I should impart some of my unearned and unwanted wisdom upon y'all, because there's a lot to address in that article, and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna lose my way and get introspective as it goes (I don't outline anything before I write it, sue me).

Dark Impulses: The Ghosts of Illinois. Ghosts of the Prairie: History & Hauntings of Central Illinois by Troy Taylor My rating: 5 of 5 stars I downloaded this book expecting it to be real heavy on narratives of peopke encountering ghosts or experience of people coming to haunted pkaces. what i got instead was an exhaustive history about various places in Illinois.

Dark Impulses: The Ghosts of Illinois

The author gives the reader an extensive history of a certain place ,even the history of the ghost who might be there. It is light on the ghost experience. At the end of the section the reader is informed that people report seeing an apparition that gives them the chills and then goes away. There is the usual drop in temperature, along with people being touched mysteriously along with items being moved without explanation.

The Amazon forest is the result of an 8,000-year experiment. Though the Amazon forest may appear wild and uncharted, a new comprehensive study has revealed that it's actually the result of some of humanity's earliest experiments with farming.

The Amazon forest is the result of an 8,000-year experiment

People have been living in the Amazon for more than 10,000 years, building some of the greatest civilizations of the ancient world. They also dramatically changed the Amazon forest in ways that are still obvious today. Wageningen University environmental science researcher Carolina Levis and a large international team of ecologists and archaeologists contributed to a study for Science that is bound to transform our view of the Amazon. "People arrived in the Amazon at least 10,000 years ago, and they started to use the species that were there. And more than 8,000 years ago, they selected some individuals with specific phenotypes that are useful for humans,” Levis told the Atlantic's Robinson Meyer.

Singing the Stars to Earth - Graham Hancock Official Website. Star.Ships A Prehistory of the Spirits Welcome to our March AoM, Gordon White, whose Star.Ships seeks to sing the stars to Earth.

Singing the Stars to Earth - Graham Hancock Official Website

White writes to question dominant narratives and places the restoration of context at the centre of concern. The Curse of the Bahia Emerald, a Giant Green Rock That Wreaks Havoc and Ruins Lives. After Larry Biegler realized the emerald was gone from the Commonwealth International storage unit, he called the Temple City police and told the officer on duty that his emerald had been stolen and that he’d been abducted and released by the Brazilian Mafia.

The Curse of the Bahia Emerald, a Giant Green Rock That Wreaks Havoc and Ruins Lives

This triggered the arrival of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department detectives Miller and Gayman. Soon, Ferrara and Morrison became suspects. The detectives took a few weeks to track them down, but by December 15, 2008, Miller and Gayman were in Eagle, Idaho, in the Boise foothills, staking out Morrison’s house. They set a perimeter and shivered in their rental car for two days. On the third day they knocked on Morrison’s door. March 2017 Monthly Forecast - The Power Path. A monthly support audio Mp3 with Anna and Lena will help you with further discussion, suggestions, exercises, shamanic support, icaros and guided visualizations.

March 2017 Monthly Forecast - The Power Path

This month’s Mp3 includes useful guidance and support for some of the important opportunities and challenges for the month. Click on the Buy the Supporting Audio above to purchase or for more info. Note: if you are reprinting or sharing any part of this forecast please include author and web information to comply with copyright law. The main theme for March is “SURRENDER” with subthemes of TRUTH and TRUST. SURRENDER is a word that tends to trigger a definition of failure as if we are surrendering to the enemy and as if we have failed in something we believed in and have been striving for. John Lilly, Ketamine and the Entities from ECCO by Adam Gorightly.

- by Adam Gorightly (exclusive to In the early 70's, John Lilly was introduced to the drug Ketamine by Dr.

John Lilly, Ketamine and the Entities from ECCO by Adam Gorightly

Craig Enright in the hopes of alleviating the pain associated with Lilly's chronic migraine headaches, which he had been suffering like clockwork — every 18 hours — for most of his often-adventurous life. Lilly, at the time, was at Esalen Institute conducting seminars when one of these massive migraines hit him. In situations such as these, Lilly withdrew into privacy, to suffer alone through the many endless hours of severe discomfort.

It was at this time that Enright suggested to Lilly that he enter into the Esalen isolation tank and receive an injection of Ketamine, in the prospect that it would in some way cure him of his affliction. DEEP STATE WAR? Media Silent As Six Top Russian Officials Die Mysteriously In Last 60 Days. Russia’s UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin has been found dead due to a sudden heart attack his death marks the sixth death of a Russian official in the last 60 days, and the mainstream media is completely silent. Churkin suffered from cardiac arrest while at the Russian Mission on East 67th Street, an anonymous U.S. government official said. He was being taken to New York’s Presbyterian Hospital when he died en-route to the hospital. Be a D**khead: the Philip K. Dick way of political resistance. “How does one fashion a book of resistance, a book of truth in an empire of falsehood, or a book of rectitude in an empire of vicious lies?”

–Philip K. Dick, Only Apparently Real I am a D**khead—a Philip K. VH1 - Get into the mind of The Smashing Pumpkins' frontman... Entering a dark age - and what to do about it - Calleman. Dark ages often lead to the downfall of civilizations. The reasons for the downfalls of civilizations have however often seemed enigmatic to mainstream historians, who have not been able to understand what causes them. For example, even when it comes to explaining the downfall of the Roman Empire, which after all we have fairly detailed records of, there is no consensus of what caused this.

Symptoms of the decline may often be identified, but not what caused these symptoms to appear in the first place. Similarly, the so-called disappearance of the Mayan culture has seemed inexplicable to archeologists. Facta non Verba: How to Own Your Enemies – INCERTO – Medium. Dead horse in your bed — Friendship via poisoned cake –Roman Emperors and U.S. presidents –A living enemy is worth ten dead ones The best enemy is the one you own by putting skin in his game and letting him know the exact rules that come with it.

You keep him alive, in the knowledge that he owes this to your benevolence. The Dawn of Aquarius. By Ray Grasse Imagine the world as it might appear from the perspective of an ant wandering on-stage during a performance of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night's Dream. All around you there unfolds a great drama, replete with exotic colors, sounds, and complex happenings; yet because of your limited perspective, the meaning of it all escapes you. You can’t comprehend the multi-layered significance of this drama, nor grasp how these diverse elements fit into the greater unfolding narrative being played out over several acts.

Only by understanding that larger context can you truly see how those transitory events are integral facets of a broader pattern of meaning, a greater story. In a way, our own predicament is rather like that. Augoeides: Let's Try That Again... The Hex Appeal of Activism – Mat Auryn. The fight to preserve King Records' legacy.