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A Country Is Not a Company. Carlo Giambarresi College students who plan to go into business often major in economics, but few believe that they will end up using what they hear in the lecture hall.

A Country Is Not a Company

Those students understand a fundamental truth: What they learn in economics courses won’t help them run a business. The converse is also true: What people learn from running a business won’t help them formulate economic policy. A country is not a big corporation. The habits of mind that make a great business leader are not, in general, those that make a great economic analyst; an executive who has made $1 billion is rarely the right person to turn to for advice about a $6 trillion economy. Why should that be pointed out? Many people believe that someone who has made a personal fortune will know how to make an entire nation more prosperous. I am not claiming that business-people are stupid or that economists are particularly smart.

Exports and Jobs Do those propositions sound reasonable? That is not an abstract point. VISUP. The Secret Sun: Secret Star Trek, Part 1: California Dreaming. You've probably heard (or seen) that the teaser for the new Dawson's Trek movie has James van der Kirk trying to save the primitive people of "Nibiru," whose planet is about to be destroyed by a supervolcano.

The Secret Sun: Secret Star Trek, Part 1: California Dreaming

In one of the seemingly endless chase scenes in the film, "Kirk" and the crew are chased by saffron-hooded* natives through a blood-red forest. "Kirk" slows down their pursuers by tossing up a sacred scroll that the Niburans fall down in prayer before. But that zany "Kirk"- he's always breaking the rules. Rather than let Spock die while trying to cold fusionize the volcano (or something), he orders the Enterprise out of its undersea hiding place so it can beam ol' Pointy-ears to safety. Unfortunately, all the effort made to hide their presence from the Nibiru primitives is all for naught, and they spy the NCC-1701 as it zooms off into space.

Why is this important? Scientology: Remote Viewing Timeline. Scientology/Remote Viewing Timeline Well Researched Timeline on Connection Between Scientology and Remote Viewing Important Note: Scientology has raised a lot of controversy over the years.

Scientology: Remote Viewing Timeline

We acknowledge the many who have had their lives transformed in a powerful way by this religion. Yet others, including a few of the church's top officials, have left Scientology after many years strongly disillusioned. We do not take a stand on this, yet we have found that Scientology has played an important hidden role in the history of our planet. The very well researched document with many footnotes below answers many of the previously unanswered questions that had been raised on Scientology and it's intriguing connection to remote viewing.

In a nutshell, this research suggests that U.S. intelligence agencies recognized the power and potential of L. THE PROBLEM(S) WITH SITCHIN...AND HIS DETRACTORS - Cosmic War. I often get asked the question "What do you think of Zechariah Sitchin?


" In fact, I get aksed that question so much that I am going to attempt to deal with it here. Throughout my ancient technology books I have referred to Sitchin a great deal. There is no denying his views have been influential both upon me and many others. That said, I do have problems with his work, and they are major, but in the main they may be broken down into three classes: (1) idiosyncratic translations; (2) his "big picture;" and (3) failure to follow up legitimate insights.

Hidden experience. Peter Levenda: Secret Space Program Conference Amsterdam 2011. The Secret Sun: The Secret War Against the New Age: None Dare Call it Dominion. The Secret Sun: Final Events: Interview with Nick Redfern. NOTE: More on the Collins Elite here Author and journalist Nick Redfern has a new book out called Final Events that's guaranteed to shake people up.

The Secret Sun: Final Events: Interview with Nick Redfern

It deals with a powerful secret society within the Intelligence community created with the intention of establishing a Christian Reconstructionist surveillance state. For what purpose? Well... in order to protect America from demonic UFO pilots. We're seeing a lot of this kind of thinking floating around out there. I interviewed Nick to get the scoop... Nick and the late Mac Tonnies Tell us about your book. Basically speaking, Final Events is a study of a think-tank group comprised of personnel from within the U.S. Rather, the group - which calls itself the Collins Elite - concludes that the "aliens" are, in reality, literal demonic entities that are trying to seduce us with a false lure of supposed alien technology, and to - quite literally - steal and farm our souls.

Since we're talking "demons" here is it safe to assume these are Christians? The Secret Sun: Wizards, Workings and Walk-Ins: On the Lam. Most UFO researchers point to the Barney and Betty Hill event in September of 1961 as the start of the modern "alien abduction" era, the same way that occult researchers point to Aleister Crowley's 1918 Amalantrah Working as the first appearance of a classic (or near-classic) Grey-type in the modern era.

The Secret Sun: Wizards, Workings and Walk-Ins: On the Lam

But what if I told you that the two events are connected in a direct and tangible way, as well as through some stunning semiotics? And what if I told you that Jack Kirby was picking up on all of this on whatever alien frequency he spent his life tuned into? First, let's cover the basic facts.... From Lee Spiegel's Huffpost column we read "Betty And Barney Hill UFO Abduction Story Commemorated On Official N.H. Highway Plaque": Late at night on Sept. 19, 1961, they were driving through the White Mountains of New Hampshire, returning from a Canadian vacation to their home in Portsmouth when they spotted an object in the sky with lights, which at first seemed like an airplane. Nick Redfern's World of Whatever... FINAL EVENTS: UFOs, Demons and the Government. Tony Topping Where Espionage Meets High Strangeness. US Intelligence Community.

Tony Topping Where Espionage Meets High Strangeness