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Screen sharing in Slack, made interactive. Where Work Happens Around the World – Several People Are Typing — The Official Slack Blog. Introducing Shared Channels: Where you can work with anyone in Slack. Slack: Be less busy. Guides – Slack Help Center. Getting started: Your first week in Slack. 11 Useful Tips for Getting the Most of Slack. 3.

11 Useful Tips for Getting the Most of Slack

Easily manage your unread messages When you want to come back to a message later, hold down the Option (Alt) key while clicking on it. That will mark it as unread and you can switch to another conversation with the peace of mind that comes from knowing Slack will keep your place. One “long press” (tap & hold) on a message in the mobile apps will give you a special menu that includes the option to mark as unread. You have options when it comes to the default way Slack manages unread messages. Best Practices From The Most Active Slack Users. Earlier this year, Slack announced that half a million people used its enterprise messaging service daily.

Best Practices From The Most Active Slack Users

The two-year-old startup, now valued at $1 billion, continues to attract a cohort of die-hard devotees who claim the internal communication platform has done everything from provide instant informal feedback to lift the burden of email, and become the glue that bonds workers in remote offices all over the world. For the still-uninitiated, Slack functions somewhat like Campfire or Yammer in that whole teams can join in to chat. Slack offers the ability to create many different channels for specialized conversations, and users can also private message each other and the Slackbot, which functions like a virtual notepad for jotting down ideas you want to keep track of.

Designing and formatting messages in Slack. Slack Tools - The best tools for Slack. Slack.