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5 Things Everyone Must Understand About Verbal Abuse. 10 Things to Say to Generate Good Feelings. 4 Ways to Stop Fearing the Judgments of Others. 15 Types of Verbal Abuse in Relationships. 5 Ways You Can Make Yourself Even More Attractive. How a Narcissist Can Derail You. A Better Way to Read People, and Trust That You're Right. Five Steps to Get Anyone to Open Up to You About Anything. 5 Keys to Getting Through Difficult Conversations. The Radical Thrill of Intimacy. Becoming close to another person is one of the most thrilling experiences in the human repertoire, both the bedrock of emotional security and a passport to self-expansion.

The Radical Thrill of Intimacy

If the relationship is a romantic one—and intimacy is as much the essence of deep friendship as of lasting love—it carries the added charge of desire. Although the term intimacy is often used as a euphemism for sex, anyone with a dear friend knows that physical attraction is not essential for any two people to create a true bond. Intimacy is what you share with another human being who truly "gets" you. OLIVIA & DAVID: "She's my best friend as well as my girl-friend," says David.