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Why It’s So Easy To Feel Off Track. Relative Deprivation, the Generalized Friendship Paradox, and Social Media Samuel Stouffer was a sociologist who performed a number of behavioral studies within the United States Army during World War II.

Why It’s So Easy To Feel Off Track

During the course of his research, Stouffer noticed something peculiar: In departments that offered more frequent and regular promotions, people were less satisfied with their promotion program. Wait―if it was easier to get promoted, why were people less happy? When Others Frustrate You. By Leo Babauta There’s a way of being that I’m trying to cultivate in myself — to let go of wanting others to be way.

When Others Frustrate You

Here’s the problem: we all get frustrated with other people. We want our kids to do certain things, our spouses to be less something or other, our friends to change their lives, our relatives to be healthier, other people to be less rude, etc etc. So what can we do about this? It can drive us crazy, but we can’t make it happen. The Secret To Never Being Frustrated Again. We all get frustrated.

The Secret To Never Being Frustrated Again

The guy in front of you is driving like an idiot. Your boss is being a jerk. A Guide to Dealing with Frustration & Disappointment in Yourself. By Leo Babauta One of the most common things I see in people who write to me is something we all share: disappointment in ourselves.

A Guide to Dealing with Frustration & Disappointment in Yourself

We all feel this, because we constantly fail to live up to our standards: We aren’t as disciplined as we’d like.We don’t stick to habits we’re trying to create.We aren’t as productive as we plan to be.We leave small personal tasks and large work tasks undone.We fail in exercising as much as we’d like, and eating as healthily as we want.We fail in being the best parent, partner, friend, as we think we should be. We should, we should, but we don’t.

How to Stay Calm in Frustrating Situations. “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

How to Stay Calm in Frustrating Situations

~Buddha Uh-oh, you did it again. You fell into the same trap as last week. Tim Harford: How frustration can make us more creative.