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Essentialism: Focus on Fewer Tasks to Get More Work Done. Essentialism: “Don’t Get Things Done, Get the Right Things Done” Source: PicJumbo In 1956, German industrial designer Dieter Rams and Hans Gugelot worked on the development of the SK4 radio and record player. [1] The norm at the time was to cover the turntable in a solid wooden lid or even incorporate the player into a piece of living room furniture.

Essentialism: “Don’t Get Things Done, Get the Right Things Done”

Rams and Gugelot abandoned the traditional wooden cabinet and instead, designed a player with a clear plastic cover on the top and nothing more. [2] Source: The Modernist. [3] Rams redefinition of design language was so revolutionary people worried it might bankrupt Braun because nobody would buy it.

However, rather than being repulsed by the sight of electrical apparatus, consumers considered it chic and transparent lids became an industry standard. [4] On his success, Rams said: “[People] should – and must – question everything generally thought to be obvious. Ram’s phrased his innovative design approach as Weniger aber besser. Why More Is Less 1. When people have no choice, life is almost unbearable.

Why We Humblebrag About Being Busy. We have a problem—and the odd thing is we not only know about it, we’re celebrating it.

Why We Humblebrag About Being Busy

Just today, someone boasted to me that she was so busy she’s averaged four hours of sleep a night for the last two weeks. She wasn’t complaining; she was proud of the fact. She is not alone. Why are typically rational people so irrational in their behavior? The answer, I believe, is that we’re in the midst of a bubble; one so vast that to be alive today in the developed world is to be affected, or infected, by it. The nature of bubbles is that some asset is absurdly overvalued until — eventually — the bubble bursts, and we’re left scratching our heads wondering why we were so irrationally exuberant in the first place. This bubble is being enabled by an unholy alliance between three powerful trends: smart phones, social media, and extreme consumerism. Not only are we addicted to the drug of more, we are pushers too. Across the board, our answer to the problem of more is always more. The Disciplined Pursuit of Less [Podcast] S03E12.

Welcome to Season 3, Episode 12 of the This Is Your Life podcast.

The Disciplined Pursuit of Less [Podcast] S03E12

In this twelfth episode, Michele Cushatt and I interview Greg McKeown, best-selling author of Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. We live in a culture that drives us to do, produce, and consume more—constantly. As a result, our schedules are packed, while our lives seem empty. Greg McKeown’s Essentialism, one of the best business books I’ve ever read, offers the perspective and tools we need to break free from this trap. Listen to the Audio Podcast: Subscribe in iTunes | Play in new window | Download Watch the Video In this episode, you’ll discover: Read the Transcript You can download a complete, word-for-word transcript of this episode here, courtesy of Ginger Schell, a professional transcriptionist, who does all my transcriptions.

Join the Conversation My favorite part of doing these podcasts is participating in the conversation they provoke. Binge on All 13 Episodes! Explore Additional Resources Ask Me a Question. Season 5, Episode 13: Trash Your To-Do List [Podcast] Welcome to Season 5, Episode 13 of the This Is Your Life podcast.

Season 5, Episode 13: Trash Your To-Do List [Podcast]

Stu McLaren is filling in for my regular cohost Michele Cushatt, who—get this—will be back with us next week. But we have a great show for you right now. In this episode, we discuss how you can achieve more by doing less. Can you have too many opportunities? Ask an overburdened entrepreneur, executive, artist, or parent. Listen to the Audio Subscribe to Podcast in iTunes Watch the Video In this episode, you’ll discover: The moment opportunity can become our undoing.Why we cannot afford to get our significance from an overpacked schedule.Seven realities that can help us do better with less, including the one power every one of us possesses.Why sometimes what earns your revenue costs you more than you think.The critical importance of how you wield the most powerful word in the English language.Plus how I personally put this into practice in my own life and business. Why You Should Flush 90% of Your To-Do List Down the Toilet.

It’s easy to confuse abundance with blessing, especially in our work life.

Why You Should Flush 90% of Your To-Do List Down the Toilet

But sometimes abundance is just another word for burden. And it’s crucial for our success and satisfaction that we learn to spot the difference. More opportunities cross my desk every day than I can manage, and I bet it’s the same for you—even if you don’t always realize it.