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Ships Captain's Medical Guide Ships Captain's Medical Guide The Ship Captain's Medical Guide The Ship Captain’s Medical Guide is intended primarily for use on ships where no doctor is carried and it is necessary for laymen to assess and treat injuries and to diagnose and treat ill health. The Guide can also be recommended for use in other situations where professional medical advice is not readily available, for example on expeditions.
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Are You Living in a Computer Simulation? Traditional philosophical skepticism and brain-in-a-vat arguments: Skepticism: A Contemporary Reader. DeRose, K. and Warfield, T. Are You Living in a Computer Simulation?
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[] The Daft Punk's Console by NAJLE.COM
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Always Bring Your Camera New! Every Step of Jurassic Quest New! Searching the Indian Ocean for a Plane Crash New! The Oatmeal Markup Always Bring Your Camera
Fucking. Awesome via A place to share photographs and pictures. Feel free to post your own, but please read the rules first (see below), and note that we are not a catch-all for general images (of screenshots, comics, etc.) Please mark spoilers like this:[text here](/spoiler) Hover over to read. No screenshots, or pictures with added or superimposed text. This includes image macros, comics, infographics and most diagrams. Fucking. Awesome via
Amazingly Creative Fresh And Free Fonts You Should Check Out Email Free fonts – Fonts have a main important role in website design. Designers always used creative and beautiful fonts in their websites designs to make projects more attractive. Fonts designers always looking for free fonts because client always can’t afford to put money on expensive fonts due to tight budget of some projects. Amazingly Creative Fresh And Free Fonts You Should Check Out
15 MORE Free Guides That Really Teach You USEFUL Stuff After releasing 15 NEW manuals resulting in hundreds of thousands downloads we thought it was about time to look back and review them. If you’re a long time reader you probably know that we did a similar roundup last year. Enjoy! Downloads are free, no strings attached. Even if you’re not a MakeUseOf subscriber you may easily download a PDF of your choice with a click of a button. Lots of work went into those manuals. 15 MORE Free Guides That Really Teach You USEFUL Stuff
NWS - National Mosaic Enhanced Radar Image: Full Resolution Loop
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3DD, the books of boobs… in 3D via
Google tracks you. We don't. An illustrated guide.
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What a Billionaire Does with a Sudden Windfall What a Billionaire Does with a Sudden Windfall This literally and thoroughly disproves the Republican argument about tax cuts for the rich. Cuban admits that, when given extra money, after paying down debt, he tucks the money away. Not spend it. Not put it into the economy.
Visit Mad Science near you Visit Mad Science Near You Our programs have been experienced by more than 6.5 million children in 25 countries across 5 continents. Mad Science Group - Sparking Imaginative Learning Mad Science Group - Sparking Imaginative Learning
Michelle Malkin Beware the left-wing-funded “Main Street” Republicans by Michelle MalkinCreators Syndicate Copyright 2013 What do George Soros, labor unions and money-grubbing former GOP Rep. Steven LaTourette all have in common? They’re control freaks. Michelle Malkin
The black parents wanted an explanation. Doctors, lawyers, judges, and insurance brokers, many had come to the upscale Cleveland suburb of Shaker Heights specifically because of its stellar school district. They expected their children to succeed academically, but most were performing poorly. Rich, Black, Flunking | Feature | Oakland, Berkeley & Bay Area News & Arts Coverage
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