From the constant advertising messages from beer, wine and liquor manufacturers to parties, weddings, and other social gatherings where alcohol is served to after-work happy hours with coworkers, the influence and presence of alcohol are inescapable in the United States. According to a government source, 50 percent of American adults identified themselves as "regular drinkers" (having at least 12 drinks in the past year). This encyclopedia presents an overview of the entire history of alcohol in America from the first colonies to present day, focusing on the often-marginalized and pop culture aspects of alcohol use and misuse. Entries illuminate topics such as the favorite alcoholic beverages in America; how they are manufactured; the role of alcohol in everyday life, special events, and across history; the impacts of alcohol consumption on society and health; and much more. Alcohol in Popular Culture: An ... - Rachel Black Alcohol in Popular Culture: An ... - Rachel Black
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Good Beverages for Fishing, Apple Jack, and other Fermentations of Must Good Beverages for Fishing, Apple Jack, and other Fermentations of Must Chucker: Quote from: fishryc on Oct 22, 2005, 10:40 AM Time to prepare our favorite fishing beverages! What are they?Well, I just got my first of three- 5gallon batches of New York State apple cider fermenting as the first step towards Apple Jack.
Fractional freezing Fractional freezing is a process used in process engineering and chemistry to separate substances with different melting points. It can be done by partial melting of a solid, for example in zone refining of silicon or metals, or by partial crystallization of a liquid, for example "freeze distillation", also called "normal freezing" or "progressive freezing". Partial crystallization can also be achieved by adding a dilute solvent to the mixture, and cooling and concentrating the mixture by evaporating the solvent, a process called "solution crystallization".[1] Fractional freezing is generally used to produce ultra-pure solids, or to concentrate heat-sensitive liquids. Freeze distillation[edit] Eisbock beer (12% alcohol) created via freeze distillation of doppelbock beer. Barrels of beer were originally left outdoors to partially freeze, then the ice removed. Fractional freezing
How to make Applejack How to make Applejack Slow Cooker Jalapeno Beer Cheese Dip Beer food knows how to party. Maybe it’s the inherent rebelliousness of throwing a pint into your pot, maybe it’s the pumped up flavors that go with that dance music, or maybe it’s just tasty for any time. This is … The Creamiest White Bean Hummus I used to think I didn’t like hummus.
Applejack is a strong alcoholic beverage produced from apples, popular in the American colonial period.[1] Applejack was historically made by concentrating cider, either by the traditional method of freeze distillation or by true evaporative distillation. The term "applejack" derives from "jacking", a term for freeze distillation.[1] The modern product Laird's Applejack is not produced by jacking. Applejack (beverage) Applejack (beverage)
Recipe -- Corn Squeezins