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DogExpress. Dog Health | DogExpress. News &amp; Cause | DogExpress<. Checklist Before Adopting A Dog: Here Is Everything You Need To Know. Guest post!

Checklist Before Adopting A Dog: Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Adopting a dog is both an exciting and frightening experience, but it doesn’t really need to be all that scary. If you follow this helpful checklist, you’ll be prepared and confident when facing all parts of the adoption process. So let’s get straight down to business and find you your new cute, adorable, and furry best friend. Are You Ready for a Dog? The first question you need to ask yourself is – are you ready for a dog? Talking to your family – This goes without saying, but you’ll want to make sure everyone is on board. Finding a Shelter A simple Google search will often pull up great results, but make sure to check out ASPCA’s national database if you need help.Also, make sure you know the difference between shelters and rescues. Adoption Requirements Adoption fees – Most shelters and rescues have a small adoption fee to cover food, housing, vaccinations, etc they spent on the dog. Questions to Ask Yourself and The Shelter Do you have a veterinarian?

Beating the Heat How to Keep Your Dogs Cool In Dubai. Guest post!

Beating the Heat How to Keep Your Dogs Cool In Dubai

Summer weather in Dubai is more of a staple than a seasonal effect. In the traditionally labeled summer months, Dubai experiences its hottest with the average temperature peaking upwards of 45°C (113°F). Even in the coldest of months, Dubai sits at around 19°C (66°F). For residents, Dubai’s tropical desert climate makes it the perfect destination to spend time outdoors. But for residents with dogs, such a tropical climate may spell disaster. When the mercury is rising, here are some cool ways to keep your favorite canine friend safe in the summer heat. 1. While exercise is an important part of a dog’s daily routine, when summer rolls around, consider altering your daily walk schedule to early in the morning or late in the evening. 2. If you are unable to alter the schedule of your daily walk routine, the best vets in Dubai advise taking plenty of breaks during your walk, and finding comfortable patches of shade so you and your dog can cool off. Dog Breeds For Lazy Owners - UltraIMG.

5 Things To Consider Before Bringing A New Puppy Home. DogExpress - Kerala government plans law for attacks by... 5 Dog Breeds For Lazy Owners. If you’re one of those people who just loves to stay in bed all the weekend, and looking to get a dog, we have got some amazing dog breeds for you to choose from.

5 Dog Breeds For Lazy Owners

Some dogs can adapt to our lifestyle and activity level quickly. These dogs are perfect for owners who are a tad lazy. They are easy to maintain, don’t make a lot of fuss, don’t require regular exercise and are not very high maintenance. These dogs love to stay at home and cuddle with their owners, which could be perfect for the people who love to stay at home. Dog With Travel Sickness-How To Continue Your Adventures. Guest post!

Dog With Travel Sickness-How To Continue Your Adventures

Travel sickness is a prevalent ailment in dogs. It is most commonly present in puppies. However, treating travel sickness can be easy, so there is no need to give up outdoor adventures due to your young buddy yet. Out of numerous joys, roaming around in serene areas is the remarkable one. The furry fellow is inquisitive and loves to explore as well. Things Dog Make You Learn When You Travel Together. Guest post!

Things Dog Make You Learn When You Travel Together

Travelling with your pets comes with a lot of responsibility. Quite recently, I was thinking to take my miniature German shepherd named Leo to Sydney. I had been doing a lot of research for the packing essentials, health issues, temperament problems, etc. Checklist Before Adopting A Dog Here Is Everything You Need To Know. 5 Things You Need To Know About Raising A Healthy Dog. Guest post!

5 Things You Need To Know About Raising A Healthy Dog

The idea of having a pet dog sounds appealing to everyone, but it is not everyone’s cup of tea to raise a healthy dog. It takes a lot of effort to make sure that your dog is healthy. How To Protect Your Dog From Lyme Disease? Guest post!

How To Protect Your Dog From Lyme Disease?

If your pup loves roaming in the long grass and bushes, there are high chances that it can pick up some disease-transmitting insects such as fleas and ticks. In case you have a golden retriever, you should be more worried. Golden Retrievers are tick magnets owing to their light color. Ticks and fleas are the smallest, creepiest crawlies. Canine Paralysis Symptoms, Causes And Treatment. Paralysis is the most common genetic disease in dogs that attacks the nerves in the spines of older dogs and leads to paralysis of the hind or all legs.

Canine Paralysis Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

It usually happens due to loss of communication between the spinal cord and the brain of the dog. India’s Biggest Pet Fed Festival Organized In Delhi. Pet fed, India’s biggest pet festival was organized in NSIC grounds Okhla, Delhi, on last Sunday.

India’s Biggest Pet Fed Festival Organized In Delhi

The festival was held for two days. On the first day, there were around 1000 dogs and 25 breeds welcomed. Pedigree breeds such as Huskies, Rottweilers, Golden Retrievers and Shih Tzus participated in the festival as well. Pet Fed festival The major attraction of the event was the stalls. 150 Stray Dogs Allegedly Killed In Karnataka. New Study Says Dogs Are Attracted To Smiling Faces. London, Nov 21: Dogs are attracted to smiling human faces, according to a study that shows oxytocin, the hormone associated with affection and trust, is a key factor in the interaction.

New Study Says Dogs Are Attracted To Smiling Faces

“It seems that the hormone oxytocin influences what the dog sees and how it experiences the thing it sees,” said Sanni Somppi, from the University of Helsinki in Finland. The study, published in the journal, Frontiers in Psychology, showed 43 dogs images of smiling and angry faces on a computer screen. Each dog was tested twice: once under the influence of oxytocin and once without oxytocin. The dogs gaze on the images and pupil size were measured with an eye-tracking device. Emotions and attentiveness guide the gaze and regulate pupil size, making eye tracking a window into the dogs minds.

Dogs typically focus on the most remarkable aspect of each situation, such as threatening stimuli in a frightening situation. Dog Abandoned By Owner At Airport Dies Of Broken Heart. A dog has reportedly died of a broken heart after she was abandoned by her owner at Columbian airport. The dog was named “Nube Viajera” which means a “Wandering Cloud” – by the vets who treated her. She spent months wandering around the Columbian airport, waiting for her owner to come back and take her home. Sadly, that day never came. According to workers at the airport, she was quite hopeful, cheerful and healthy initially. She used to roam around the airport sniffing people she met at the terminal, trying to find her owner.

5 Urinary Diseases In Dogs. Sometimes it’s hard to determine whether your dog is feeling well or not, but urinary problems in dogs have a way of getting your attention. If you see a change in your dog’s urine habits such as strain during urination, producing too much or too less urine then there is something wrong with your dog’s health. Here are 5 urinary diseases in dogs that you should know about. Urinary tract infection Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are most common in female but can occur in any dog. Bladder infections are relatively common but the situation is more serious if the infection involves a dog’s kidneys. Frequent urinationBreaking housetrainingBlood in the urineCrying out while urinatingStraining to urinateFrequent or obsessive licking at the genital area. Petex India In Hyderabad from November 11.

International expo of pets, ‘Petex India’ is going to be held on November 11 and 12 in Hyderabad. The expo brings together pets and pet lovers from across the nation. It will be showcasing various breeds of pets, pet foods and pet accessories. There will also be several interesting pet shows and competitions. “Mondio Ring dog sport, Meetup Zone for pets, Hycan Championship Dog Show, International Cat Show and others will be highlight at the pet expo.

The expo will not just showcase more than 500 dog breeds and more than 100 cat breeds but will also feature true bred horses, rabbits, exotic birds, fish and other pets. Sisters Beaten For Feeding Stray Dogs In Mumbai. Two sisters were assaulted and molested by residents in their building just because they rescued and fed puppies in the society premises. On Tuesday, Kiran Ahuja, 29, and her sister Shilpa, 28, were gheraoed by 20 members of their society, who brutally attacked them. “They tore our clothes and beat us. Around 20 people were in a circle around us, thrashing us. We had to run for our lives,” Kiran recalled. The police have arrested three residents for molestation, assault and rioting. Japanese Airline Allows Passengers To Travel With Their Dogs. Recently, a Japanese airline, ‘wan wan jet’ launched a special domestic flight service that allows passengers to fly with their dogs in the main cabin.

Wan wan jet’s basic package includes travel, stay and sightseeing which means the owners and their dogs get to stay together in a hotel and go sightseeing in rented cars. A 41-year-old, Toshihiko Kai who was traveling with a four-year-old miniature dachshund, shared his experience. Training Your Dog to Come to You at the Park: 5 Tips You’ll Need.

Chow Chow A bear and a lion in a dog suit! Life Span-13 to 14 years Availability-Rare About Chow Chow: Chow Chow or Chow as they are popularly known are one of the most beautiful and admired dogs in the world and are considered a bona fide head turner. Australian Terrier Excellent playmate for a child! Life Span: Up to 15 years Availability:Rare. Dog Breed Chihuahua Information, Pictures, and more. Life Span-11 to 12 years. Dog Breeds with Price & Pictures. Tibetan Mastiff -The Most Expensive Dog in world. Life Span-13 to 14 years. 5 Urinary Diseases In Dogs. Basenji the oldest natural breeds in the worlds. 4 Stray Dogs Allegedly Burnt Alive And 16 Poisoned In Pune. A shocking incident of animal cruelty has come to light from Pune.

Four stray dogs were allegedly tied with a rope, dragged and burnt alive, while 16 others were poisoned in Pune’s Baner locality. During the investigation conducted by the members of NGO AaCT India (Action for Animals against Cruelty and Trauma), they found decomposed bodies and remains of other dogs strewn in bushes. The bodies showed indication of poisoning. 4 Stray Dogs Allegedly Burnt Alive And 16 Poisoned In Pune.

Chandigarh Municipal Corporation To Frame Compensation Policy For Dog Bite Victims. 6 Dog Breeds That Easily Get Along With Kids. How Training With Your Dog Will Strengthen Your Bond. Guest post! Indian Dog Breeds Up For Adoption In Panchkula. 11 Fun Facts About A Dog’s Paw. India Bans Import Of Pedigree Dog Breeds. Cute Pet Dog Grooming Basics-Dog Express. 21 Cute Pet Dogs With Trendy Hairstyle-Dog Fashion. Labrador Retriever Dog Information and Photos. Pug Dog Information. German Shepherd Dog Information, Facts, And Photos. Pomeranian. Goldador- Loving, Devoted, Energetic! Rottweiler Dog Breed Information, Images, Price.

Top 5 Indian Dog Breeds List. Indian Dog Breeds. Top 5 foreign dog breed in India. Hyderabad MC Launches ABC Programme To Curb Stray Dog Menace. Dog Nail Clippers vs. Grinder, Which One Is Ideal For Trimming Dog Nails? PETA Pays 31 Lakh For Wrongfully Euthanizing A 9 Year Old’s Pet Dog. 3 Men Brutally Killed A Stray Dog In Delhi. Owning A Dog Can Change The Lives Of Older Adults. Dogs With Blue Fur Spotted On Streets Of Mumbai. 7 People Allegedly Poisoned A Pet Dog In Amritsar. Only 45 Pet Dogs Registered In Amritsar. How To Choose The Best Dog Food For Pugs. Police Investigate About A Woman Hitting Her Pet Dog On A Subway In Toronto. How To Celebrate Friendship Day With Your Pet Dog. Microchips Inserted In 400 Dogs in Thiruvananthapuram. Heat Stroke In Dogs: 5 Tips On How To Avoid It. Did You Know That Our New President Ram Nath Kovind Loves Dogs? Dog Saves Baby Deer From Floating In Waters Off Long Island.

Practicing Doga: Yoga With Your Dog. Bacterial Infection In Dogs. 6 Facts About German Shepherd Dog. A Short Love Story Of Two Dogs. Animal Lovers Feed Around 200 Stray Dogs In Pune. Pet Paralysis Cure. Dog Sitting And Dog Walking Service In The Tricity. Write For Us. 70,000 Dogs Killed In Bali Each Year & Fed To Unaware Tourists. Hygiene Ignorance In Shelters Lead To Health Issues Among Dogs.

Top 3 Muscle Building Exercises For Dogs. Dog Flu Symptoms And Treatment. Neosporin And Dogs, Can They Go Together? How to Remove Tartar From Your Dog’s Mouth. Dogs Squad Assist CISF At IG International Airport Delhi. Each One Feed One. Great Dane Dog Information. Rottweiler Dog Breed Information. Top 7 Misconceptions About Pitbulls. Stealing Of Pet Dogs Rises In Delhi. These 9 Tiny Puppies Will Surely Melt Your Heart. Girl Helps Find A Missing Dog & Refuses 2 Lakh Cash Reward.

How To Clean Your Dog’s Ears. Do’s And Don’ts Of Adopting A Puppy. The Book Of Indian Dogs By S. Theodore Baskaran. Stray Dog Adoption Program In Hyderabad. Injured Stray Dog Saved By Animal Aid Unlimited. Indian Railways Planning To Set Up Dog Breeding And Training Centre. Careless Dog Owner Leaves The Dog Stranded On The Balcony. 13 Dog Bite Cases Reported In Mohali In 2 Days. Indiana Dog Loves Its Tiny Bed, Goes Viral On Twitter.

Couple Starts Taxi Service For Strays And Pets In Pune. Delhi University Students Promote Desi Dogs For Adoption. Firefighters Saved A Small Dog’s Life In California.