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Spend Network : Open Purchasing Data. Welcome - OpenSpending. List of national and international statistical services. The following is a list of national and international statistical services.

List of national and international statistical services

Central national statistical services[edit] Nearly every country in the world has set a central public sector unit entirely devoted to the production, harmonisation and dissemination of official statistics that the public sector and the national community need to run, monitor and evaluate their operations and policies. This central statistical organisation does not produce every official statistic as other public sector organisations, like the national central bank or ministries in charge of agriculture, education or health, may be charged with producing and disseminating sector policy oriented statistical data. The statistical legislation and regulation generally attribute responsibilities and authorities according to statistical domains or functions in addition to those of the central unit. The table below lists these central statistical organisations by country. Africa[edit] Investigative Reporters and Editors. The following is a list of databases available for purchase through NICAR.

Investigative Reporters and Editors

Click on a database name to see a more detailed description of the database or (if you are logged in as a member) to purchase the database. For each, a record layout is available as well as code sheets, when they are required. You can also download a 100-record data sample. Note: For some databases we offer state slices and archived data that are not available through the website. If you would like to order a database offline, a state slice, or archived data you can do so by calling 573-884-7711 or emailing If you are an academic institution that would like to purchase our data for research purposes, please contact Liz Lucas at (573) 882-1982.

Read more about the Database Library here. Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program. U.S.

Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program

TRI Program: A Leader in International Chemical Release Reporting The Environmental Protection Agency's TRI Program was established in 1986 as the first Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) in the world. Since then, environmental agencies across the world have been increasingly implementing their own PRTR programs using TRI as a model. Currently, at least 50 countries have fully established PRTRs or have implemented pilot programs. Many more PRTRs are expected to be developed over the coming years, particularly in Central and South American countries.

The TRI Program works closely with international organizations to: International Committee of the Red Cross - ICRC. Weather Underground. International Programs - International Statistical Agencies. <p>This Javascript allows the page in IE to resize to the minium width of 783 pixels and no less.

International Programs - International Statistical Agencies

</p> Skip top of page navigation You are here: › People and Households › International Programs Main › Related Sites › › International Statistical Agencies [MSWord] or the letters [doc] indicate a document is in the Microsoft® Word Format (DOC). To view the file, you will need the Microsoft® Word Viewer available for free from Microsoft®. Indicates a link to a non-government web site. Public Data Explorer. International White and Yellow Pages.

International - Infobel - Telephone Directories. • WHO IS JOHN DOE -- and where to get the paper on him John Doe. . . . . .


>>> leaves a trail in the deep Web >> searches by name, email, username and telephone >> searches social sites. >>> was born, or married, or died >> A comprehensive directory to free public records at >> Fee service for some birth, death, marriage and death records (~$15) DocumentCloud. Access Data. Featured Products World Ocean Database The World Ocean Database (WOD) provides access to scientifically quality-controlled global ocean profile and plankton data that includes measured in situ variables gathered since 1773.

Access Data

Coastal Water Temperature Guide. VesselFinder : Free AIS Ship Tracking of Marine Traffic. Search the Original Resource Worldwide. United Nations confidential reports. From WikiLeaks January 14, 2008 Wikileaks staff writers Wikileaks has released 70 United Nations investigative reports classified "Strictly Confidential".

United Nations confidential reports

The reports expose matters from allegations of hundreds of European peace-keepers sexually abusing refugee girls [1] to generals in Peru using Swiss bank accounts to engage in multi-million dollar frauds against the UN. The bulk of the reports were released today with 17 reports relating to Kosovo having being released on 24 Oct 2008. Since the number reports exceeds the ability of the world press to digest them, we ask that journalists and other investigators take responsibility for those reports immediately before and after the month and day of their date of birth before considering the material at large. ↑ UN finds 217 sex abuse claims against blue helmets.

Ited Nations Office of Internal Oversight Services. Activities Internal Audit Investigations.

ited Nations Office of Internal Oversight Services


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APIs. List of national and international statistical services. World Health Organisation Data. UNdata. The World Bank. OECD Statistics (GDP, unemployment, income, population, labour, education, trade, finance, prices,health,debt...)

Welcome - OpenSpending. China National Office of Statistics Data. Google Constitute: search the world's constitutions. Data Marketplace. It takes a lot of data of all kinds to add up to Big Data.

Data Marketplace

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