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Timeline Tools. Mapping Tools. Data Cleaning Tools. Social Data Visualization. Text Visualization. Video Data Viz Tools. Colors. Javascript Visualisation Libraries. PhiloGL: A WebGL Framework for Data Visualization, Creative Coding and Game Development. Infomous. Ejfox.github. The Data Journalism Handbook. Open Science, H1N1, Processing, and the Google Spreadsheet API.

I’ve recently been working on a project with my friend Jennifer Gardy, whose insights into epidemiology and data modeling led me to build Just Landed.

Open Science, H1N1, Processing, and the Google Spreadsheet API

Jennifer is currently working at the BC Centre for Disease Control where, among other things, she’s been looking at data related to swine flu genomics. She came to me with an interesting idea for visualizing data related to historical flu strains, and I thought it might be an interesting project for several reasons. First, I’ve been doing a lot of reading and thinking around the concept of open science and open research, and thought that this project might be a good chance to test out some ideas. Similarly, I am very interested in the chance to use Processing in a scientific context (rather than an artistic one) and I hope this might be a way to introduce my favourite tool to a broader audience.

The project is just getting started, so I don’t have a lot of results to share (a screenshot of the initial stages of the tool is above). Data Visualization and Infographics Examples and Resources. Things wordy, geeky, and webby Since taking a class that discussed Edward Tufte‘s work, I’ve been fascinated by turning information into visual data.

Data Visualization and Infographics Examples and Resources

His site contains many examples that you could easily spend hours on the site. I have. Data Visualization. 20 Useful Visualization Libraries. Humble finance - html5 visualization. HumbleFinance is an HTML5 data visualization tool written as a demonstration of interactive graphing in HTML5.

humble finance - html5 visualization

It is similar to the Flash tool on The tool itself is written entirely in JavaScript, using the Prototype and Flotr libraries. Protovis. Protovis composes custom views of data with simple marks such as bars and dots.


The 6 common-sense steps that have been shown to ... Natural Language Toolkit. The top 20 data visualisation tools. One of the most common questions I get asked is how to get started with data visualisations. Global Forest Watch. Graph Viz Software. Ngram Viewer. Data Voucher - Technology Strategy Board Innovation Vouchers.

Do you have an early stage business idea that can take advantage of open data?

Data Voucher - Technology Strategy Board Innovation Vouchers

Do you need access to particular skills, expertise or technology to prove your idea or further develop and accelerate the development of a working prototype? This Innovation Voucher is available to support SMEs, entrepreneurs and early stage start-ups who see value in using open data to invent new propositions, develop ideas to proof of concept stage or innovate on existing products and services to find new value. Please make sure you read the guidance carefully on what open data is and how you can use it - this is not an 'open call' for projects in any topic area. You need to show us how your idea will make use of or generate open data as a business opportunity. Visage - Beautiful, Branded Reports. Projects - Internet Population. Visualization and tools. Visualization and tools UNdata Processing, Calc Data Pilot - Import into GIS Gothos, a Geospatial Librarian's World, offers some tips on how to process data downloaded from UNdata.

visualization and tools

In many cases when users download data they get multiple records for each country; one record for each year for each data point. In order to bring this data into GIS, the data set needs to be re-arranged, so that there is only one record for each country with multiple columns for years. Link: The growth of internet use Based on the Key Global Indicators from the UNdata, ''DrasticData'' calculated the number of internet users per country from 1990 to 2005.

Link: Progress: A Graphical Report on the State of the World "Progress: A Graphical Report on the State of the World" is published by FlowingData using UNdata as a source. Link: Progress: A Graphical Report on the State of the World Thematic Mapping Engine for UNdata Link: Thematic Mapping Engine UNdata plugin for Firefox Link: Firefox plugin.

Visualize any Text as a Network - Textexture. Vega: A Visualization Grammar. SVG Crowbar. A Chrome-specific bookmarklet that extracts SVG nodes and accompanying styles from an HTML document and downloads them as an SVG file—A file which you could open and edit in Adobe Illustrator, for instance.

SVG Crowbar

Because SVGs are resolution independent, it’s great for when you want to use web technologies to create documents that are meant to be printed (like, maybe on newsprint). It was created with d3.js in mind, but it should work fine no matter how you choose to generate your SVG. The Bookmarklet After you’ve installed the bookmarklet, you can execute it on any page. Go ahead and try it out on this crazy map. (You can click on the link instead to test it on this page immediately.) Update Some users reported that styles were not stored with the SVG files, so we added a new version that should work everywhere. Notes Pixels will map to points when opening in Illustrator. Dimensions of the document will be the same as the dimensions of your SVG element. Gotchas It only works in Chrome.

Home - Recline Data Explorer and Library. Raw. Quadrigram. Protovis. Interactive information visualization toolkit. Progressive <svg> pie charts. Peity (sounds like deity) is a jQuery plugin that converts an element's content into a <svg> mini pie 2/5 donut 5,2,3 line 5,3,9,6,5,9,7,3,5,2 or bar chart 5,3,9,6,5,9,7,3,5,2 and is compatible with any browser that supports <svg>: Chrome, Firefox, IE9+, Opera, Safari.

progressive <svg> pie charts

Download version 3.2.1 Uncompressed 8.7Kb jquery.peity.js Minified 3.6Kb (+gzipped 1.7Kb) jquery.peity.min.js Source Pie Charts Call peity("pie") on a jQuery selection. Meet NodeBox. NVD3. Mister Nester. The Miso Project. Charts. Gephi, an open source graph visualization and manipulation software. Data Visualization for the Web. Envision - demos.

Dancing with Data « Quasipartikel. Last Sunday I gave a small workshop at the MapBox office, where I showed new findings I’ve discovered while working on my last visualization project.

Dancing with Data « Quasipartikel

We turned a collection of countries into a dance of dots, each dot referring to a country in the collection. In other words: We created a simple animated Scatterplot. The goal was to implement a data-driven visualization where the output image is determined by the data and visualization state, such as filters and selected variables. Once users modify either the state or the data, the visualization gets updated accordingly using smooth transitions between states.

We applied fundamental concepts such as Data Joins (a technique introduced by D3.js), Scales and Animation. Cytoscape: An Open Source Platform for Complex Network Analysis and Visualization. Introduction to Circos, Features and Uses // CIRCOS Circular Genome Data Visualization. Data Visualization, Information Design and Infographics. Data Visualizations, Challenges, Community. Information aesthetics - Data Visualization & Information Design. Original Content Marketing for Brands. Training & Tutorials. Skip to main content Tableau Training & Tutorials Tableau provides a variety of training options to help you get the most out of your data.

Training & Tutorials

Quickly improve your Tableau performance and skills through traditional classroom learning, live-online training and self-paced on-demand courses. Our training programs help you master our software and learn how to put it to work for you and your organization. Learn from our experts, and get the most out of your investment in Tableau. Before you begin learning, make sure to download a free trial of Tableau Desktop so you can follow along with the training exercises.

The R Project for Statistical Computing. Create infographics & online charts. Information Is Beautiful. Datawrapper. Google Docs. Google Fusion Tables. Bust your data out of its silo! Get more from data with Fusion Tables. Fusion Tables is an experimental data visualization web application to gather, visualize, and share data tables. Visualize bigger table data online Filter and summarize across hundreds of thousands of rows. Free Data Visualization Software. A visual exploration on mapping complex networks. Pictures of Numbers. Piktochart: Infographic and Graphic Design for Non-Designers. Visualization.