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Mortise and Tenons

Saw Sharpening. Kicking off a Tung Oil Marathon. I am on a mission to build a very durable and nearly waterproof tung oil finish.

Kicking off a Tung Oil Marathon

I am using 100% pure raw tung oil and will be applying a thin coat every three of four days for the next month. While searching around the web for examples of tung oil procedures, I could find very little which I found useful. I read a number of descriptions which seemed to contradict my first hand experiences, so I figured I would post the process here. Before I can begin building the finish, I need to seal the pores of the wood. You can do this a number of ways but in keeping with the theme, I will be using tung oil. Over the course of about 10 days the finish went from silky smooth to rough and textured. To begin building the finish I pour a liberal amount of oil onto the surface and work it into the wood with a neatly folded soft cotton cloth. Close Grain: Four-Stroke Tenoning Exercise. I did this exercise on pine, walnut, African mahogany, cherry, and oak.

Close Grain: Four-Stroke Tenoning Exercise

The African mahogany was the fussiest due to reversing grain (which is different from South American Mahogany, right Shannon?). How to Sharpen a Card Scraper - Fine Woodworking Video. Dovetail Toolbox by Tim Killen - Woodworking - Furniture - Digital Project Plan - Taunton Store. Ever wish you could get a digital project plan that allowed you to customize the design to suit your own needs?

Dovetail Toolbox by Tim Killen - Woodworking - Furniture - Digital Project Plan - Taunton Store

Here they are! Digital project plans in SketchUP, the free Google drawing program. Are there any other advantages? For starters, you'll get your plan immediately. Your digital plan will consist of drawings in PDF format, with detailed, measured drawings and a cutlist. Available free from Google by clicking here, SketchUp allows you to manipulate the drawing and make as many changes as you like to fit your needs -- or make more substantial changes to the design. If you need help using SketchUp, visit our blog Design.Click.Build. hosted by Tim Killen and David Richards. Best of the Best - Books. Mortise & Tenon Index. Online Reference of Disston Saws. 41 Saw specialists have devoted a great deal of thought and time to the matter of hand saw practice.

Online Reference of Disston Saws

The saw is a unique tool in many respects. It performs its functions by a method that is different from that of any other tool. Because of this, and because proper use is necessary to get good work from a saw, a short discussion of the theory of sawing seems desirable. Grasping. -- Consider first that the handle of a saw is a much more important part than is the case with most tools. Online Reference of Disston Saws. How Bad Axe Tool Works Creates and Sharpens a Toothline That Works for You. "I Can Afford Only One Saw Right Now--So Which One Should I Buy to Suit My Needs the Best, and What the Heck is Your Hybrid-Cut all About?

How Bad Axe Tool Works Creates and Sharpens a Toothline That Works for You

" (How Bad Axe Creates and Sharpens a Toothline that works for you) It's early Thursday afternoon, and your PowerPoint presentation for the three o'clock meeting is done as it's ever going to be. You're surfing the web on your lunch break, sick of the virtual reality grind of your job, and frustrated by those who answer to you or to whom you answer, because these people--coworkers and clients alike--do not share your ethos that excellence is simply not an option.

Everywhere, it seems, people beg the question: "Who is John Galt? " They don't actually say it, because they have no clue what the phrase even means; they just live the question, day in, day out, apathetic slapheads all, with an unearned sense of entitlement. Welcome to the dark world of Bad Axe, and the various saws I offer.

Disston saw rehabbing-Part 2-Sharpening, testing and adding to tool kit. Disston Backsaw Rehab-2-Sharpening I’ll be honest.

Disston saw rehabbing-Part 2-Sharpening, testing and adding to tool kit

The thought of sharpening all those little teeth, with their attendant geometries has always intimidated me. But so did tuning my first Stanley Bailey Type 11 smoother. Saw restoration and sharpening. I guess it's been a while back now when I first fell in love with old hand saws.

Saw restoration and sharpening

There were a couple hanging out in my father's shed in rural Illinois that were rusty, dirty, the handles had dried out age cracks and the horns had even been chewed by mice. Woodworking Masterclass S1 EP2. Beeswax Recipes. Creamed beeswax A softer and easily buffed version that's good for leather.

Beeswax Recipes

Can leave a residue in the pores of open-grained bone or wood. 5oz beeswax, melted in the double boiler. Remove from heat and stir in 1 pint of turpentine in a large vessel. Mix 1 tablespoon of ammonia with 1 pint of water. Add the ammoniated water to the wax and stir hard. Pot it while still warm. (These ingredients will create approximately 2 ounces of polish.) Recipes for Encaustic Wax Medium. Wax dissolves in turpentine, mastic, balsam and oils, but not water or alcohol.

Recipes for Encaustic Wax Medium

It's non-yellowing and forms an emulsion in lyes. The Greeks and Romans stored their pigments in small covered containers and called them "waxes", pigments in wax and mastic. Add a little turpentine with your brush and paint away! These ancients were pretty clever also. They painted with pure melted encaustic wax and pigment too, this was probably the wax Pliny talked about, the punic or eleodoric wax. Finish Wax Formulae. Beeswax Recipes. Wax polish recipes. Simple beeswax polish Hot melt 1 part beeswax in a double boiler and add 3 parts turpentine (genuine turpentine, not petroleum spirit based substitutes).

Wax polish recipes