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Canoe Sailing

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Home Built Boat Rally at Barton Turf. Hi Ian, sounds like the rig is working better now.

Home Built Boat Rally at Barton Turf

This is why I think the clip-on leeboard is better suited to someone steering with a paddle as apposed to using a rudder. The clip-on leeboard can be moved which allows you to fine tune the weather helm, whereas a pivoting leeboard doesn't. Depending on conditions and the type of tack your on, the position of the leeboard changes.Sticking a rudder into the water miles behind the rig and leeboard cancels out the need to fine tune the leeboard position.

Jim Michalak's Boat Designs/The Index. LEEBOARD ISSUES THE VERY BASICS...

Jim Michalak's Boat Designs/The Index

I've covered sizing and placing of leeboards in previous issues that you can find down in the Way Back Issues link. Rig advice for MacGregor sailing canoe: Probably the most tricky part about the lug rig is getting the battens right, and expect that it may take some experimentation.

Rig advice for MacGregor sailing canoe:

Their function on this sail is not really to pre-shape the camber under tension (as they would on something like a Hobie Cat or sailboard) but rather to simply support that big mainsail roach, which would collapse without them and hopefully, do it without screwing up the rest of the sail's shape. To a somewhat lesser extent, the full battens can also make reefing the sails easier.As far as reefing goes, the basic style of these old fully battened canoe sails is a throw-back to the old cotton sail days.

Pointing up wind. You may want to adjust your leeboard angles or the position of the leeboard bracket so that they tend to produce a little bit of weather-helm (boards moved forward just a bit).

pointing up wind

This may help increase your pointing angle through hull/water interaction a bit and it's also a pretty good idea from a safety aspect. Lines recomended for Old town rig. No, you aren't crazy.

Lines recomended for Old town rig

You're actually on track toward a system that works much better than the typical mid-boom sheeting. The halyard on a lateen doesn't really matter much. It can be run either fore and aft through the masthead or crosswise through it. SKINNY HULL Vol 1 No. 1 by Edward Maurer. Foil FAQ. The basic NACA section profiles are "symmetrical" so they are good for rudders, especially, but also leeboards, daggerboards and centerboards.

Foil FAQ

These are called the "four-digit" series and are identified by the name "NACA 00XX". Look at your board end-on (in other words, a fish-eye view from underwater). The Y dimension is measured in both directions from an imaginary centerline through your board. It gives you both thickness and curvature. Connect the dots with a flexible batten (for example, 1/2-inch PVC tubing works for large foils.

Building Belle: Making the birdsmouth mast and more. Update: See my post on Westlawn for important news about plans for BELLE.

Building Belle: Making the birdsmouth mast and more

One of the fun things about boatbuilding is next: spars! For this boat, I'm making a solid-wood boom and gaff plus a hollow mast (to save on weight aloft). Ross Lillistone Wooden Boats: Getting a Consistent Taper when Shaping Spars. Mike has attached a comment to my last posting, which I will answer very briefly.

Ross Lillistone Wooden Boats: Getting a Consistent Taper when Shaping Spars

He is Mike's comment: - Thanks for sharing these insights into boat building Ross. Ross Lillistone Wooden Boats: Assembling a "Bird's Mouth" Hollow Mast. Most of the masts that I make are built hollow using the so called "Bird's Mouth" technique.

Ross Lillistone Wooden Boats: Assembling a "Bird's Mouth" Hollow Mast

This is just a development of a vast range of similar methods used over many hundreds of years, but it is particularly suited to this day and age - mainly because of tilting-arbor table saws and power routers being readily available. In this series of photos, I'll just show some basic steps in the assembly process. Fenwick Williams Caboat in Cedar Strip - Michael Storer Boat Plans. The performance and building stuff in a moment, but some lurve for the builder and owners first.

Fenwick Williams Caboat in Cedar Strip - Michael Storer Boat Plans

David Wilson, who mostly works at Duck Flat Wooden Boats is about the best boatbuilder I know. A strong sense of aesthetics plus a practical streak. It means that every individual detail of the boats he builds are perfect to look at and usually work very well too. This particular project was undertaken as a partnership between David Wilson and Winemaker Rob O'Callaghan of Rockford's Winery (champion of old vines in the Barossa and the wonderful Basket Press Shiraz).

The catboat has taken several years in the building as more urgent work kept being put to the top of the queue, but this is a real "Gold Plater" as Phil Bolger would say, or a special vintage in Rob O'Callaghan's language Everything is simple, which is appropriate given the workboat background of Cape Cod Catboats, but it all works very well indeed.

Q&A Birdsmouth Masts - Michael Storer Boat Design. Birdsmouth masts are a really neat method of making a hollow round or elliptical mast. The mast is made of staves which have a 90 degree notch cut out of the stave's side with a router or using a table saw. For a round mast, identical staves are made up then held together with cable ties, plastic tape or hose clamps while the glue sets up. Bird's Mouth Spars revisited. Introduction A few months ago, an interesting article on bird's mouth spars was published right here, at Duckworks. The author, David Farless, presented a series of equations to accurately calculate the size of such a construction. This has inspired me to study this subject in greater depth. In this article, we will explore some of the limits and potentials of bird's mouth spars. You will also be provided with tools to let your computer do the size calculations for you.

Duckworks Magazine. ... and Other Wooden Masts and Spars From time to time we are asked make masts, spinnker poles and the like. Our largest spar set to date was for an Italian Schooner that hit trouble when en route to Cape Town along Africas East Coast. The yacht was some 70 feet long and in a heavy Carvel Planked timber construction, so quite a large boat.  SMALL CRAFT WARNING: The Matinicus Double Ender- Part 21.

Fair warning- This is a longish post. I waited much too long to write this stuff up, so there is a lot of material to cover! As always, to start at the beginning, click HERE. My latest chores on this boat project have been to complete the rudder assembly, including tiller, tiller extension, and rudder blade, plus the daggerboard which I glued up and shaped as well. Canoe/Kayak Rudder Gudgeons. Brass Flat BAR 25 4mm X 1 59mm X 300mm Long. Practical Canoeing - Tiphys: Chapter 4. Stowe Canoe Restoration. A customer brought a 1959 Stowe canoe to the shop for a restoration which included fixing a persisitent leak in the bow.

Stowe canoes are now built by Merrimack. This canoe is essentially the same as the Merrimack Osprey but 15 feet in length. . There were some fiberglass patches over the inner stems and the external keel. These were the first items to be removed. Items removed were: Outer stems, keel, stem caps, outer rails, inner stem at the stern, and some trim pieces that had been added to the stem caps. When I was removing the outer stem from the transom, the inner stem fell out of the boat in powder and small pieces. Once everything was removed from the canoe, I began to rebuild which started with bending in a new white oak inner stem. Dragonfly Canoe Works Sailing Canoe Hardware. Many folks are surprised to hear that a canoe can be sailed. Indeed, it was quite popular, and canoe sailing has seen a resurgance in popularity in recent years.

Goat Island Skiff (GIS) - systems for lug sails and rigs - Michael Storer Woo... The picture above is of Peter Hyndmans GIS "Gruff" which is now 12 years old. Everything is original too - showing how cheap lug rigs are to run. Hiawatha Sailing Canoe. Open Canoe Sailing Group. Subscribe to our mailing list for news of upcoming meets and events. Enter your details below: Making Balance Lugs faster 2013 – setting up sails, spars and rigging. WIKI for setting up and tuning Lug and Sprit Rigs.

Lug Rigs for Small Sailboats. By John C. HarrisApril 2012. Caledonia Yawl Sailing. Side Boat Loader - How It Works. Sailing Canoe Spraydeck. My sailing canoe and its features. Location: Langebaan, South Africa Approximate lagoon crossing route: Fuji saiko part1. The "Any Canoe" Sail Kit from SailboatsToGo on Old Town and Coleman Canoes. John Floutier Sailing Canoes. Canoe and boat building : a complete manual for amateurs... : Stephens, William Picard. eBook and Texts > California Digital Library > Canoe and boat building : a complete manual for amateurs...

View the book (~282 pg)Read Online (10.7 M)PDF (8.8 M)B/W PDF (795.8 K)EPUB(~282 pg)Kindle(~282 pg)Daisy (454.4 K)Full Text (5.7 M)DjVu All Files: HTTPS Torrent (2/0) Help reading texts Resources Bookmark. Practical Canoeing : "Tiphys" Fullscreen. A thousand miles in the Rob Roy canoe on rivers...